Bad Behavior at a Nice Hotel

BuzzFoto – Another weekend Blind with plenty of good gossip. Which D List Reality star was invited to stay at a nice hotel this weekend on the hotel’s dime but ended up, according to our source, spending most of the night in the car of some stranger in the parking lot after a late night c*caine bender? 377

Hamptons Guy Exhibits Trashy Behavior

NYPost – Which Democratic Party fund-raiser, who’s been seen at many parties with his ambitious wife, is cutting corners with his household budget? The gentle man recently was spotted driving up to Southampton Main Beach, where he got out of his car, dumped the garbage from his nearby estate in the trash bin, and drove off. It looks like he’s saving some dollars by not paying for garbage pickup.

Hammered in the Parking Lot

CDAN – I don’t really have a caption for bad » Continued

Diva is a Paranoid Control Freak

BuzzFoto – Why is it that so many singers always seem to live up to the name of Diva? This B list performer is so wasteful, she’d make Al Gore cry. Among her crimes: She is known to leave her car idling for at least a half an hour before she gets into it so it is just the right temperature. She is paranoid about germs so she has her staff clean her toilets twice a day. Her refrigerator is stalked [sic] with fresh food every day and the food that is over a day old is thrown out. She also takes up to three showers every day. Not Christina Aguilera.

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TV Actor Pays Off A Photographer

CDAN – This B list television actor on a very hit ensemble cable show got caught by a pap doing a line of c*ke off the trunk of his car last week. He paid the pap $50K for the pictures. The pap agreed to the deal but only after finding out the pictures would only be worth about $10K from the tabloids.

Celebrity Kids Heading for Juvie

BuzzFoto – We’ve officially decided that celebrities should not set up play-dates between their children, no matter how old the kids are. Why? Maybe this blind will illustrate our point. The children from these two celebrity families seem to have egos that mirror their famous parents. The two families got together over the last week, two of the oldest decided it would be a good idea to » Continued

The Friendly Wait for a Limo

TheGossipBoy – Which prim and proper had a little too much alcohol at an event last night and was seen getting a little too friendly with another female?  Not at the event of course, it was out front while they were waiting for their limo.

He Really Loves His Car

BlindGossip – In the spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. Especially when he is in his car. In his driveway. Alone. Being seduced by the sultry voice of turn by turn instructions. That’s the position in which this current television actor found himself recently. His better half couldn’t figure out why he » Continued

Erik Estrada Would Have Let Her Off

BlindGossip – This popular young actress is probably used to charming her way out of difficult situations. That’s why it is not surprising that, when she was pulled over for speeding recently, she tried to sweet talk her way out of a ticket. However, she made the unfortunate mistake of telling the officer that she’s been pulled over for speeding in the past, and if this was LA, he would probably know who she was and would probably let her go with a warning. “Well, this isn’t LA and I’m no Erik Estrada,” he said. “Who?” she replied. He wrote her out the ticket.

Shaky Brain Ruins Shaking Hands

CDAN – This B- list movie actress with A- list name recognition who sometimes dabbles in television has always been a little goofy and has done c*ke pretty much her entire adult life. She might want to reconsider that doing coke thing before meeting directors though. Our actress went into a meeting with a director, reached out to shake his hand, and her vial dropped from her hand to the floor. She had forgot to put it away after taking a line in her car.

Her Limo Driver had an Accent

CDAN – This B list actress from an NBC drama was at the Golden Globes on Sunday. It turns out she had forgot her little bag of white powder in the limo. So there she was after the show started wandering around on her phone trying to find her limo. When someone tried to help her all she could remember was her driver had an accent. Out in the rain with an umbrella, getting splashed she spent 30 minutes looking before having success.

It’s Spy Versus Spy in This Relationship

spy versus spyBlindGossip – Their relationship is pretty on the outside, but totally ugly on the inside. This Hollywood couple doesn’t trust each other as far as they can throw each other (which isn’t far). He suspected her of having an affair, so he put a GPS tracking device on her car. » Continued

She is Spending Daddy's Money on Boy's Toys

sports car 2Downfront2 – It’s hard being a dad, especially when you are a Rich Superstar with a beautiful daughter. The young lady is a stunner like her mommy, but she is spending her father’s money on her rapper boyfriends. She just brought her latest boyfriend a sports car.

Coke Mom Spends Quality Time with Her Kids

coc womanCDAN – Coke mom doesn’t get to spend all that much time with her child/ren. You would think what time she does spend with her child/ren would be quality. Well, nothing like this lesson. Coke Mom has her child/ren with her last week when she decided to » Continued

His Wealth is Just an Illusion

money 5PanacheReport – He’s a ladies man and he’s known to lavish his women [with gifts,] but when the newness of the relationship wears off, he’s abrupt and kicks them to the curb. He gives the impression he’s a big time baller and he’s had some recent big paydays. This is nothing but an illusion. Allegedly, four of his luxury cars have been » Continued

Singer Plots to Dethrone Beyonce

beyonce knowles 2PanacheReport – We’ve reported in the past on female singers being jealous of the success of Beyonce, the following female singer is no exception and wanted to dethrone Beyonce and become the baddest chick in the game! » Continued

This Actress is Driving Him Crazy

ferrari redBlindGossip – We hope this young actress is handling her love life better than she is handling her car. She purchased a beautiful new automobile » Continued

Star Needs to Do Right by Jeeves

chauffeur 2BlindGossip – Since this young star has had a little problem in the past when driving his own car, we were glad to hear that he had hired a driver to » Continued

Star Undermines Obama’s Socialist Agenda

showerBuzzFoto – This star is very conservative in their political views. They’ve even (allegedly) donated some of their own funds to help right-wing candidates. In order to ‘spite’ Obama and his so-called ‘socialist agenda’ this star bragged to friends of our source that they plan on ‘using as many plastic grocery bags’ as they can, leave their ‘car idling every chance’ they get and take ‘some extra long and hot showers.’ We’re not sure how this politically thwarts the democrats, but it does prove a point that our celebrity is a moron. Not Heidi and Spencer.


» Continued

Rocker Spends a Lot of Time in Traffic School

traffic light 1BillyMasters – Could it be that a certain rocker of yesterday has traded in life on the stage for life in traffic school? His inability to tell green from red has landed him in hot water twice in the past couple years and has most certainly not filled him with glee. It’s not always about the destination. Sometimes it’s about the journey.

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