Guess He Didn’t Read Her Book

book 4[Downfront 2] This lady wrote a nice book for women and their committed relationships with men. One problem: » Continued

Esteemed Actor Beat Up A Paparazzo

[BlindGossip] Long before his first statue, this award-winning actor once beat the sh*t out of a paparazzo. The actor was enjoying some intimate company at a private NYC men’s club when he was surprised by the photographer. The actor – who normally is known for being a laid-back kind of guy – went absolutely berserk. He » Continued

A Fake Complaining Mom

[NationalEnquirer] Which soon-to-be divorced superstar is fond of complaining of the rigors of motherhood, but in fact has recruited  full-time baby sitters? The all-around entertainer rarely holds her tots unless a camera is nearby ready to capture the moment!

Cosmetic Surgery On Camera

Which formerly high-profile reality star is trying so hard to get back into the spotlight that she has agreed to undergo cosmetic surgery on camera for her next TV gig? The thin blonde was recently spotted with a film crew in tow as she underwent Botox injections.

She is Old Enough for Playboy

Which hugely popular reality star is desperately trying to get onto the pages of Playboy? The barely legal gal » Continued

Big Attitude with The Little People


LaineyGossip – Bad with people: Maybe we’re not his species. But he broke hearts recently on a promotional tour and sh*t on all the little people in his way. Of course he turned it on for cameras, of course he was super nice to those with a higher profile, but » Continued

How He Lost His Virginity

BuzzFoto – We don’t want to ruin the magic for you, but this D list star claims to our source that he lost his virginity on a ride at a very popular and famous theme park. » Continued

Actress Cares About The Cameraman

CDAN – This A list movie and formerly television actress (and it pains me to call her A list), did something really nice on the set of her most recent flop (although it was supposed to do much, much better). On the set, she met a cameraman who spoke to our actress about the fact that » Continued

The Screaming Fight Before the Red Carpet

BuzzFoto – This young, glamorous couple showed up together on the red carpet this weekend. They held hands and smiled and posed for fans. What the cameras didn’t see, was the huge fight that left the female hysterical and in tears. The male found an old flame whom he agreed to have lunch with this week and it started a huge argument in front of several other stars. This left his lady love so upset, she threw her drink on him, screamed and stormed off to call her publicist. Not Zac and Vanessa.

SOLVED! » Continued

TV Actor Made Secret Video of Girlfriend

CDAN – This great looking C list actor from a huge hit network ensemble show had a high school girlfriend. Well one time our actor decided to make a tape of the two of them » Continued

Actress is a Monster Behind the Scenes

BuzzFoto – This popular show, filming in New York has an actress that is a huge diva. She pretends to be kind when the cameras are snapping, but when she’s out of the limelight, she’s a real monster to those around her. She » Continued

Fake Family Will Gather Round the Tree

family christmas treeBlindGossip – This a traditional “shopping” weekend for this established celebrity couple. She will likely be combing the aisles of every exclusive store, looking for that perfect flat panel TV or watch or digital camera or set of golf clubs for him. He will be busy too, but not in the way you think.

» Continued

Reality Star Pulls a Britney

britney spears  bald shaving headStarMagazine – Which fading reality starlet recently pulled a Britney? She shaved her head and was involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital in early December, but cameras missed the whole thing.

Country Singer Can't Talk Real Good

country singer  2CDAN  – This A list female country singer was hired to shoot a video of her just talking. She was given the script ahead of time and had cue cards at the ready. She came in the morning after a concert in a nearby town and was put in hair and makeup. A room was especially decorated for her to shoot the video in. The building was cleared for only essential people and the camera started rolling. And rolling. And rolling. Because for all of her posturing and songs of “I am a strong, smart woman” our singer couldn’t even read her cue cards right. Also, “uh” is one of the main words in her vocabulary. The crew, ever the professionals, stuck it out waiting for her to get her few lines right. After a few hours, the director called it a day and said they have what they need and proceeds to try to edit those few lines into something passable. He had to use a lot more video of her singing then he thought he would but he made it work.

Famous Brother Behaves Badly at Party

prince harryHolyMoly – Speaking of Prince Harry, which lesser famous brother and son of a showbiz family turned up at a party with his mate dressed as a » Continued

Actor Calls Up the Paparazzi to Stage Pics

paparazziStyleList – Which reasonably hunky yet under-employed actor, married to a model-turned-actress made good, is pimping himself out to the paps? A recent “gotcha” moment with a roving camera crew took place because he called up and arranged it.

Actress Chases Singer Behind Boyfriend’s Back

vanessa-hudgens-1BuzzFoto – This star known for her good looks more than her acting ability has a celebrity boyfriend. They’re on and off for the cameras all the time, but let’s say for today’s sake, that the two are very much together. We wonder what he would say to the fact that she is » Continued

Celebrity Claims Discovery of Michael Jackson

michael-jackson-diana-rossBlindGossip – This music celebrity is well past their prime, yet still seems intent on ingratiating themselves into the Michael Jackson story. They managed to score a ticket to the Michael Jackson Memorial Service. While there, they started grabbing every camera crew in sight, introducing themselves, and claimed that Michael Jackson was » Continued