Catwalk Queen Caught Kissing Grammy

[NationalEnquirer] Which former supermodel’s friendship with her husband’s single rock-star pal is causing some major difficulties for the couple? The catwalk queen and mother of two has been caught kissing the long-haired Grammy winner in the past – and recently the duo was spotted together on a romantic “date” in Malibu!

Not The Happiest Dad On Earth

[BuzzFoto] When this D List actor dad from a popular, mostly 90′s show couldn’t cut the line on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, he shoved the kid attendant and told him to “F**k off!” He then » Continued

Emmy Girl Embraces No On H8

[NationalEnquirer] Which ’70s Emmy winner from a classic TV comedy who is now in her 80s has embraced California’s anti-Prop Eight movement? Turns out the actress jumped on the marriage-equality bandwagon after her adult daughter came out of the closet recently?!

We’re Going to Disneyland

NationalEnquirer – Which TV and film star took the ashes of a dearly departed relative to the Magic Kingdom?  The woman spread some of the loved one’s ashes without permission throughout the California theme park – and even around The Haunted Mansion!

White Beverly Hills

BuzzFoto – This foreign born star who made it big in a movie last year was contemplating a move to Los Angeles to be closer to more roles and opportunities. When she put down the cash on some real estate in a posh Beverly Hills neighborhood, this C list Actress (who really hasn’t done anything but cameos lately) gave her a phone call that went something like this, ‘We’re sooo glad to hear you’re moving here… but I should probably warn you that you’ll be the only person in the neighborhood who isn’t white, except for the help of course. You might be more comfortable somewhere else.'”

This Chihuahua Won't Have to Swim For His Life

chihuahua 1CDAN – I don’t know if you have read the reports from California but our animal shelters are overwhelmed with Chihuahuas. I blame Paris Hilton. In the last 12 months just in Los Angeles, 4700 of them have been taken in by shelters. Anyway, there has been an idea to ship some of the dogs to other shelters around the country to even things up. This usually annoying B list movie and television actress who is on/off/on a hit network drama and who has been doing nice things lately paid for the cost of flying 25 of the dogs to shelters in New Hampshire with another 45 to follow. Shelters in New Hampshire have waiting lists of people who want the dogs so this is a very good thing.

SOLVED! » Continued

Why She Kept Identity of Father a Secret

teen girl 2NYPost – Which actress had a good reason for never naming the father of her teenage daughter? » Continued

Oscar Winner in Search of Powder

oscar-trophy-redPerezHilton – What two-time Oscar-winning actor was looking around to buy » Continued

She is Partying It Up at Coachella

coachellaPerez Hilton – What recently rehab-ed wacktress was spotted boozing up a storm at the Coachella music festival near Palm Springs on Friday? Here’s a hint: She’s very blonde!

He Thinks He Still Looks Like a Teenager

teen-boy-2BlindGossip – Women aren’t the only ones who are occasionally in denial about their age. This West Coast actor in the forty-ish range is planning on playing a teenager in his next film. No, it’s not like one of those “Big” or “17 Again” scenarios, where the character knows he is one age but is pretending to be another. This actor really thinks he can still pass for a teenager.

Those around him won’t tell him to his face that they think he will look like a fool trying to play a character twenty plus years younger, but they sure are talking about it behind his back. Dude, get a clue.

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Update: No, It’s Not Jenson Ackles. We just like the photo!

Tween Needs to Tend to Her Dogs

puppy-sadBuzzFoto – This tween-pleaser is not making any buddies in Toluca Lake. She enjoys taking her doggies out for a walk, like any responsible doggy owner does. Is she allergic to latex though? Because she never picks up, and people are getting pissed about the mess. And this girl doesn’t need any more unpopular points from real life folk, trust us.

It’s not Hillary.

His Biggest Fans are Attorneys

Which young actor is finding it hard to stay out of trouble? This celebrity is young, handsome, and parties too much. So far there’s been an incident with his car, an insurance fraud investigation, and an accusation of destruction of property at one of the hotels at which he has stayed. Most of these incidents have not made the headlines. California criminal defense lawyers must be lining up outside his door anticipating the lucrative stream of income this troublemaker will provide over the next few years. bg