Shafterella Leaves the Evil Conniving to Others

[EOnline] Shafterella Shoshstein and Cruella St. Shackles really should make a movie together. After all, these two mega-manipulators are made for each other!

A new version of Thelma &  Louise, maybe? Nah, a remake of Black Swan would be better, with Shafterella playing the crafty Natalie Portman part, and Cruella going for Winona Ryder’s tragic, aging diva character.

But, dolls, we are way off topic here, which is to report that real-life power manipulator Shafterella has been corralling her friends to… » Continued

Swallow These Lies

BlindGossip – We’ve provided you with some juicy details about the hot, hot, hot affair between these two celebrities. Well, after our last post, their agency/agencies decided to grill a bunch of employees who had witnessed the couple’s meetings and phone conversations and sneaking away to private bedrooms. They quickly realized that there was way too much specific info out there, as well as way too many witnesses. They were going to have to get serious about putting these stories to bed. The agents decided on a strategy and held separate Come-to-Jesus meetings with each of the celebs.

The female celeb was instructed to » Continued

Republican Comments on Donald Trump

NewYorkPost – Which high-ranking Republican was heard saying, ‘Donald Trump is a jackass,’ to his table at the White House Correspondents Dinner?

Producer’s Assistant on Lockdown

NewYorkPost – Which heavy-hitting Hollywood producer locked his assistant in the bathroom for two hours on a recent business trip?

How She Copes in Her Gilded Cage

BlindGossip – This award-winning actor has always led a double life. He married his beard, but it was never a real marriage. Just a business partnership. Then he got a new » Continued

How to Succeed in Public Relations

NewYorkPostWhich junior publicist at a management firm p*mped out his well-connected boyfriend for $10,000 a pop? The executive offered access to his mate’s Rolodex and publicity power to prospective clients, promising exposure to fashion’s elite for a five-figure price.

He Sparked a Lot of Love at Sundance

NewYorkPostWhich high-ranking entertainment executive got Sundance off to a flying start by offering free ecst*sy — “the good stuff”– to partygoers, sparking a lot of love in the room?

Chubby Funnyman is A Bottom

PopBitchWhich chubby funnyman got his wires crossed when a prospective business partner emailed him? He replied saying he was » Continued

He Lives Without Plumbing

VillageVoice – Which troubled ex-club owner now sadly lives in his shuttered club (sans plumbing), which he can’t seem to sell to anyone who can make a go of it?

Billionaire Juggles Multiple Women

NewYorkPostWhich extraordinarily wealthy jet-setting businessman has a wife and two girlfriends on different continents but refuses to be seen in public with any of them for fear that the others will go crazy with jealousy and sue him for his billions?

Princess Powder Puff Betrayed by Mom

EOnline – Poor Princess Powder-Puff, the put-upon young star hasn’t exactly had an easy time of it with the fame game. Dr*gs have been a staple for the talented girl, let’s be honest. If you had her high-pressured life, you’d probably resort to chemical add*ction, too, right?

Well, that combined with your mom scr*wing your friends » Continued

Weight Loss Demands Were Too Heavy


[BlindGossip] A well-known weight loss company wanted to hire this multi-hyphenate beauty. She was interested, but her manager ruined the deal by making ridiculous demands of the company.  Of course, the manager requested the usual star treatment for his client. Beyond that, though, he absolutely refused to let the company meet or speak with the star before the first photo shoot. He also insisted that the company lie about her starting weight and Photoshop the “Before” photographs of the star so that she would appear less chubby than she actually was. The company refused and dropped her as a spokesperson before the campaign even began. » Continued

CEO’s Boy Toy Brings in the Bucks

NewYorkPost – Which female CEO uses a younger male travel companion to hide expenses? He puts in for reimbursement, and no one in accounting questions them because they don’t want to be fired.

They are Plotting a Mutiny

BlindGossip – The other cast members have finally gotten wind of the direction that the show’s leadership may be going, and it’s not pretty. They are threatening a full-scale revolt. Not only do they not want this replacement as their boss, they don’t want her as part of the cast at all. So the rest of the cast is teaming up to force her out. Now that all the cards are on the table, it will be interesting to see if there are any obvious shifts in the cast dynamic that we, the viewers, will be able to detect. The crew may even be planning some split screens so that we can view every angle of every upcoming battle.

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Breakup Affects Bedroom and Boardroom

BillyMasters – Could it be that one of the most venerable relationships in Hollywood and points south has hit the skids? True enough – the partnership has been dissolved and while the public may focus on the star leaving the boardroom, the golden boy has been moved out of the bedroom. » Continued

Beauty Gal Moves for Lesbian Hospitality

NewYorkPost – Which facialist to the stars has disappointed her A-list Hollywood clients by moving east? She fell in love with a businesswoman in the New York hospitality industry who had never before experienced lesbian love, and whose clueless family will be rocked to the core when they find out.

The Real Reason She Moved Out of LA

BuzzFoto – This A/B list actress moved her family out of LA and into a town not so populated with paparazzi. We assumed it was to let her kids have a more normal life and get out of the Hollywood scene. Now we’ve realized, it was only to throw her husband off the scent of her affair with her agent. Sources report that whenever she flies in to town for work, she and her agent get down to more than just business.

Hip Hop Star Seeks a Vert Discret Man

BlindGossip – Here is an ad from the Personals M4M section that was posted on Craigslist Los Angeles on Saturday. Yes, even hip hop stars need a little love.

I’m More Than Just An Option (Beverly Hills, Los Angeles)

I am in town for a few days on business looking to find someone to hangout with and just be myself with. We can have lunch, drive the cost, play games, or sit and talk. I don’t have pics because I gotta watch my back, cause I’m not just anybody. I will say that I’m in my early 20’s, 6’2″,bi-racial, decent body, nice smile. You must be ages 25-40, masculine, good head on his shoulder, vert discret. If you like what you hear, send me a Pic and Stats.

Treated Like a King but Tips Like a Pauper

HuffingtonPost – Forbes magazine determined this entrepreneur’s net worth to be over $4 billion. When he ate at a popular Hollywood eatery he loved every minute of the experience and had servers surrounding his party to make sure he was taken care of like a king. Even with all this attention, this eccentric billionaire only laid down a 10% tip.

This Boss Harasses Men at Work

Gawker – Which media gossip mogul is » Continued

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