Lacy Secret

mens lace briefs 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which male celebrity – who is known for his work on TV but has also played Broadway – was recently » Continued

Liar Liar Fanny On Fire

woman and dog 3[Broadway Buzzard] What Broadway starlet has been calling in sick while secretly » Continued

Star Actress Bailed From Caberet

cabaret[All In Spare Time] What film star was set to make her Broadway debut as Sally Bowles in the upcoming revival of Cabaret » Continued

Broadway Guy Had a Sordid Past

broadway 2[New York Post] Which late theater person had a past that was about to catch up with him?

It’s a poignant moment at the Tony Awards when Broadway takes note of its own who died this past year, drawing applause and perhaps tears, as well.

But if the Tony crowd knew the full story, they’d » Continued

Oscar Winner Gets Dissed Backstage

stage lights 2[Village Voice] Which Oscar winner tried to take her kids backstage to meet the stars of a show they’d just seen, but was completely unrecognized by security, who told her she could just wait by the stage door like everyone else? (She huffed and replied, “Well, it’s just that I’m an actor, too” before actually announcing her name in hopes of gaining quicker entrée. Yes, she went there. Still, no dice.)

Her Assistant Only Lasted 10 Days

diva 3[Village Voice] Which movie star who was recently on Broadway is such a challenging diva that when an assistant of hers quit after 10 days, she got a call from another former assistant saying “Congratulations!”?


Broadway Show:

Punch Positive

[Village Voice] Which really old Broadway legend—not the free-dinner one—tells friends that she only got pregnant because her ex-athlete husband punctured holes in her diaphragm? (Her offspring isn’t thrilled about it, believe me.)

Why She Is So Perky

[Village Voice] Which perky Broadway type is partly so perky because she simply adores the coke when it’s offered? (And it’s offered!)

Ultimate Diva Outsourcing

[Village Voice] Which Tony nominee is such a diva she wouldn’t even put her own fingers down her throat to vomit? (She’d have her dresser do it. Talk about outsourcing.)

TV Personality And Hubby Are Both Having Affairs

[NationalEnquirer] This respected TV personality and her producer/ filmmaker husband have both had same-sex affairs throughout their long marriage. She’s been hooking up with a famous female author, and he’s been linked to many openly gay Broadway actors and dancers. Who are they?

TV Personality:



Broadway Diva Rearranges The Plane

[Gawker] According to a tipster, this famous Broadway diva committed a folly yesterday while flying to Miami*. After arriving on the plane with a VIP escort she was upset to find that she wouldn’t be sitting alone in her row. She had the flight attendants move the other passengers so she could sit by herself. The other passengers were so upset, they » Continued

Behind The One Way Mirror

[VillageVoice] Vintage Gossip: Which award-winning theater producer was way more likely to give a guy a job if the guy » Continued

No One Recognizes Her Altered Face

[VillageVoice] Which star on Broadway doesn’t get entrance applause because no one recognizes her altered face from the old days (though at least she doesn’t wave and run when she sees her surgeon)?

Spiderman Audience Member Was Juggling Women

[NewYorkPost] Which high-flying audience member at the opening of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was juggling two babes as his dates, neither of whom was his wife?

Flaky Rapper Down Under

CDANThis B list rap star who also acts in movies and even on Broadway was scheduled to do a tour of Australia. The thing is he told the promoter one thing who went out and sold a bunch of tickets and then two days before the show said he was not going to be able to make it and could the promoter reschedule the entire festival for our rapper. Umm, no.

Our rapper has his tour rescheduled to fit his new dates. The problem is he decides he does not want to get on the plane in the US so the dates are postponed again and again and again. A few of the shows which had to be postponed are charity concerts that the rapper wanted set up in the first place. Meanwhile, our rapper did find time to dance on stage with Prince in New York. When the rapper finally did make it to Australia he would show up late despite strict instructions he must be on time because of curfews. He also canceled random shows and has just been the biggest pain in the butt ever and caused the promoter of all these shows to shut down his business.

She May Be Heading to Broadway

BlindGossip – This performer is getting her act together, but has not announced what she will be doing next. One possibility she is seriously considering is Broadway. Here’s the » Continued

Tony Winner’s Odd Behavior

VillageVoice – Which Tony winner has a lot of cynics speculating that she was c*ked out of her mind –  judging from her behavior all season – although there’s no hard evidence of that?

BG Note: Whoops! This is a VV item, not a BG item. That’s what happens when you post at 1:00 am. Our apologies to the fabulous Michael Musto!

Actress Admits to Affair with Pop Star

BlindGossip – While filming a TV pilot a few months ago, this actor and actress chatted between takes. He is openly gay and is best known for his work on Broadway. She is a comedic actress and a closeted lesbian. She asked him if he knew of any lesbian bars in the local area. A nearby staffer overheard them talking and chimed in. “Hey, I didn’t know you were gay! Did you bed [name of pop diva]?”. The actress shot him a threatening look and replied “Yes, but that information better stay right here or you’re fired.”

Name the TV Pilot, the actor, the actress, and the pop diva.

Party Girl Scores a Broadway Role

BlindGossip – Theatergoers are still wondering if this actor-cum-producer was high when he was casting an award-winning Broadway musical. It’s not that his choice wasn’t qualified. She does have plenty of musical experience. She also has a reputation as a party girl and managed to uphold that reputation by arriving to rehearsals both late and drunk. A little bribing by her publicist and several threats by her agent convinced the producer not to replace her.

Broadway Actress' Husband is Unfaithful

Downfront2 – This TV/movie Actor is not being faithful to his Actress wife, who regularly appears on Broadway. This guy loves the groupies.

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