His Six-Pack Abs Get the Girls

Star Magazine - This chiseled hunk’s fab abs may ring a bell - he loves getting snapped shirtless, and there’s no denying he looks hot! So why does he rely on his bodyguards to get him dates? "If he sees a pretty babe out in the crowd that he likes, he’ll have his man go tell her [More...]

Actor Keeping Quiet About Surgery

CDAN - This up and coming known for his very good looks C list actor with B list name recognition who is right on the verge of becoming huge, has a major medical issue he is facing. Apparently he needs to have some oral surgery to remove a growth on his tongue. It could impair [More...]

She Won’t Be Calling Jenny

BlindGossip - Which celebrity has turned down an offer to be a spokesperson for Jenny Craig? She knows that her weight is out of control, but has no confidence in her ability to stick to anything that involves diet or exercise. Despite this, you should see her lose a lot of [More...]

Closet Catfight


Which celebrity fired her stylist after a screaming match? She was furious that all her money had failed to land her a place on even a second-tier Best Dressed List. She called the stylist and let loose a string of obscenities. The stylist then made a comment about how the [More...]