Two Actresses Share a Weight Loss Plan

skinny-jeansCDAN – This current reality star and former B list television actress has a new diet. Coke and more coke as she gladly shared when she was discovered at one show indulging in her “lunch.”

It’s too bad she doesn’t share the same dealer as this current C list television actress on a hit television drama who has B+ name recognition because they » Continued

He Likes Big Butts and He Can Not Lie

big-buttNYDN – Which crazy comic tells everyone about his, ummm, taste for booty whenever he’s trashed? Talk about TMI!

Doctors Say No to Nose

mans-noseNYDN – Which aging rock star attempted to have a rhinoplasty — but was deemed an unsuitable candidate because he’s still frequently using Colombia’s finest?

Soft Shoulder Ahead

shoulderCDAN – Well, well, well. Let the rumors begin anew. This B list film actress with A list name recognition was spotted last night getting her shoulders rubbed and her hand held by this B list television actress from a network drama.

She Gets Artistic During Rehearsals

anatomy-drawingDaily Mirror – Which star has been drawing nude pictures of herself and other people’s private parts during rehearsals? The blonde in question is unstoppable.

His Six-Pack Abs Get the Girls

absStar Magazine – This chiseled hunk’s fab abs may ring a bell – he loves getting snapped shirtless, and there’s no denying he looks hot! So why does he rely on his bodyguards to get him dates? “If he sees a pretty babe out in the crowd that he likes, he’ll have his man go tell her he’s interested,” a former employee confides. “An he usually gets the girl!”

Actor Keeping Quiet About Surgery

tongue-1CDAN – This up and coming known for his very good looks C list actor with B list name recognition who is right on the verge of becoming huge, has a major medical issue he is facing. Apparently he needs to have some oral surgery to remove a growth on his tongue. It could impair his ability to speak properly and permanently derail his career. For now he is keeping the upcoming surgery quiet, so as to not jeopardize any further opportunities from coming his way while at the same time hoping it doesn’t cost any lasting damage.

Fashion Designer Nixes Chunky Hunk

man-eatingThe Daily Mirror – Which hunk was lined up to be the new unofficial face of an Italian fashion house – until he put on so much weight over Xmas he couldn’t get into the designer suits?

She Won’t Be Calling Jenny

weight-lostBlindGossip – Which celebrity has turned down an offer to be a spokesperson for Jenny Craig? She knows that her weight is out of control, but has no confidence in her ability to stick to anything that involves diet or exercise. Despite this, you should see her lose a lot of weight very quickly. Why? Because she is having lap-band surgery. However, expect any public statements to focus only on how she has simply adopted a healthy lifestyle.

Closet Catfight

Which celebrity fired her stylist after a screaming match? She was furious that all her money had failed to land her a place on even a second-tier Best Dressed List. She called the stylist and let loose a string of obscenities. The stylist then made a comment about how the clothes would have looked better if the client hadn’t gained a few pounds. The client then fired her on the spot.

Why He Looks Ten Years Younger

A year ago, this film star looked bloated, wrinkly and just plain old. Although he strikes you as an egomaniac who couldn’t care less what other people think, he was really genuinely hurt by the negative press. So, he has spent the past year or so buffing up his body. However, since he face was still looking old, he finally succumbed to the scalpel. Something called a thread lift to his face, a neck lift, plus some collagen in his laugh lines and just a touch of botox. Result: his body is in top physical shape again, and his face is far and away the most natural plastic work we’ve seen in a while.

Smoking More Than Cigarettes

Which celeb is struggling to give up cigarettes but can’t give up smoking drugs? TheDailyMirror

Competitive Skeletons Love the Attention

Which two female entertainers are actually competing to see who can weigh the least? They are both looking scary skinny, but lie about the reasons why. They say that they never diet, or that they are into fitness, or that they are naturally thin, or that they find it difficult to keep weight on because they are working so hard. Not true. Food is never near their mouths unless someone films them. They are both publicity hounds, and absolutely love all the attention a shrinking body brings, including magazine covers. The girls compare weight on a daily basis. They are actually competing to see who can weigh the least. As long as their weight keeps them in the news, expect the madness to continue. bg

Singer’s Weight Halts Concert Tour

This former A list R&B female singer was a really big thing back in the day. Well after she stopped performing so much she gained weight. Well, more than a few pounds actually. So, when she finally came back and did a new CD, she was a little concerned about the photo on the cover of it. The record label offered to airbrush the photo and make her look as skinny as she wanted to be. Well, she said no, and that she would just go ahead and get some photos taken on her own. A few weeks later the label got some photos of her in the mail. They were great photos. The problem was they had all been taken fifteen years and fifty pounds earlier. She insisted that the photos were taken all in the past week or so and those were the ones she wanted on the cover of the CD. With no choice in the matter, the label did as she said. Then she also decided that she couldn’t do any concerts because if she did, people would see she looked nothing like the cover photo, so she did no promotion for the CD at all.

Smoking Little Girl

Who could say no to this blonde moppet? Not her bodyguard who is often tasked with providing her with her favorite brand of cigarettes, American Spirit. So what’s the problem? This smokin’ little girl is only 15! sm

Scar Truth versus Scar Lie

So the truth about Tina Fey’s scar is that a stranger slashed her face while she was in her front yard when she was just five years old. No wonder she doesn’t like to talk about how it happened. This other celeb, on the other hand, loves to talk about how he got his scar. His story has changed a couple of times, but it’s usually about him being macho. Too bad he’s not telling the truth. The truth, according to a close relative, is that he tripped and fell when he was drunk one night. Not exactly macho. bg

Cut Against Mother’s Wishes

BlindGossip – Which celebrity had himself circumcised after his mother died? Tradition in his family dictated that he be circumcised at birth. However, his mother thought the procedure was barbaric and refused to have it done. Shortly after his mother’s death, though, he had himself clipped. It is a little surprising that he went against his mother’s wishes, though, given how close they were.

Cocaine Mends Her Broken Heart

Daily Mirror – Which US actress has been trying to mend her recently broken heart with a two-month cocaine bender? Her entourage fear constant sniffing and weight-loss will lead to grief.

She Traded Baby for Bling

This B- list R&B singer just had her second abortion that her A list producer/singer boyfriend made her get. He says he doesn’t want anymore kids and that if she wants to be with him then she needs to stay childless. I don’t know if she is on birth control or not. I just know the details of what happened. She did get a nice $200,000 piece of bling after the first abortion. No word on what she got after this most recent one. cd

Talking and Farting

NY Post – Which  talk-show host has a flatulence problem so bad, he’s said to have an assistant follow him around with an odor-vaporizing spray can?

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