Coco Does Pizza and Beer and Bathroom

EOnline – If anyone’s been wondering why the very funny Coco Crack-Head, who used to have a most natural figure, has recently become bone-thin, we have a pretty good clue as to why: » Continued

How Plastic Girl Stays Thin

StarMagazine – Which plastic surgery-loving actress stays thin by purging after every meal? During a recent dinner party in the Hollywood Hills, she kept excusing herself to go to the powder room. Everyone at the party knew.

TV Star Needs Hygiene Help

TheGloss – What actor from an award-winning ensemble TV show might need some help in the hygiene department? When a reporter showed up at his LA home to interview him, she wasn’t sure if the stench was from the actor’s lack of bathing or copious weed smoking.

She’s Just Starting to Share The Truth

BlindGossip – This multi-hyphenate endured some very dark years of emotional and physical abuse (including beatings) from her cheating spouse. Stressed and lonely, for a time she even turned to » Continued

Director Wants You for Your Feet

CDAN – This A+ list director with A list name recognition has always been a little out there. It seems that he goes through women very quickly. The reason? He has a foot f*tish that is way over the top and most women run fast fast away as soon as he tells them what he wants to do.

Veronica Bee-Stings’ Plastic Secret

EOnlineWe were expecting to induct Veronica Bee-Stings into our exclusive Blind Vice club when one of her flirt fests with a certain married costar went too far. See, V. is a knockout, that’s for sure, and she loves that men want her—especially hunky ones who are already spoken for. And they do, surely. But we’re not here to discuss her femme fatal ways. Rather, today’s secretive lesson is about all the money that’s gone into » Continued

He is a Clean Super Freak

StarMagazine – Which Hollywood movie star funnyman is hooked on colonics?  He’s such a freak about health and hygiene that he has a specialist come to his LA home two to three times a month to perform the body-cleansing procedure.

Bring Your Own Magnifying Glass

CDAN – This C+ list actor who made his fame on a hit cable show turned movie franchise has a penis so small that he only hires people to have sex with him and they have to say how large he is.

T&A’s Lover Isn’t Loyal

BuzzFoto – Today’s Blind is brought to you by the letters T & A and a rising star who represents both quite well. The only sad thing is, she’s being cheated on by her supposed loyal lover. At least one time that we know about, although there could be more. Stay tuned for press to follow when he slips up again. 435

Ashamed of Her Skin Color

BuzzFoto – This pretty, 30-something actress may profess to be proud of her heritage in the press but we know this: several years ago she » Continued

He Studied the Brett Favre Playbook

BuzzFoto – Recently ‘let go’ from this television show, this star is now desperate to make money and is complaining to anyone who will listen about being out of a job. Aside from all of his other behavior that led to his firing, maybe he shouldn’t have » Continued

All She Wants for Christmas

CDAN – This C list television actress, who has been in this space before for her bad behavior, is on a hit ensemble network show. Not a singing show. Anyway, she was on set last week and lost two of her teeth. That m*th use must be getting out of hand.

Weight Loss Demands Were Too Heavy


[BlindGossip] A well-known weight loss company wanted to hire this multi-hyphenate beauty. She was interested, but her manager ruined the deal by making ridiculous demands of the company.  Of course, the manager requested the usual star treatment for his client. Beyond that, though, he absolutely refused to let the company meet or speak with the star before the first photo shoot. He also insisted that the company lie about her starting weight and Photoshop the “Before” photographs of the star so that she would appear less chubby than she actually was. The company refused and dropped her as a spokesperson before the campaign even began. » Continued

Tucks and Lifts and Implants

HolyMoly – Which ex-Rolling Stone wife’s much lauded fragrant looks are nothing to do with healthy living, positive thoughts and all things organic and everything to do with 2x tummy tucks, 1x breast lift and implants in her arse?

More Tasty Seafood Chatter

BuzzFoto – This show for teens and made up of teens mostly (think younger than Gossip Girl) has more than just rumors of romance flying around the set. The cast and crew are dealing with an outbreak of crabs, and although several of the teen cast has it, so do some of the adults. 414

Girl Hedges on Trimming Her Bush

LaineyGossip – Young star of the moment was getting some action once and things were progressing along nicely until the boy headed down there and discovered that her situation was so unkempt, “like even more than the 70s”, he had to tap out. It was how she learned the importance of grooming. On a personal note though, let’s make this sh*t fair: maintenance goes both ways. It’s not just a female responsibility, male deforestation is a requirement too. Carry on then with your guesses now.

Her Hairy Face Cost Her a Job

LaineyGossip – When you don’t eat, when you deprive your body of essential nutrients, it reacts in ways to protect itself. One of the side effects of excessive thinnification is the fuzzy hair growth, a soft downy layer as the body tries to keep itself warm. » Continued

The Answers Are No No No

BlindGossip – This girl’s life is both charmed and complicated. We’ll make it easy for you: The answers are no, no, and no. She was so self-conscious with the way her body looked after gaining a few pounds that she dropped out of a high-profile gig. She wasn’t too worried about it though, because she thought she had another job lined up right behind it. That didn’t work out either. So, no baby, no movie, no television. Maybe she should try singing.

Thin and Exhausted Girl is Cracking

BlindGossip – This actress, who is the star of a very successful television show, has become completely obsessive about her weight. » Continued

That Snot Nice

DailyMirror – Which grotty celeb was snot on his best behaviour when doing a photoshoot at a swanky store? An onlooker told us he was constantly “picking his nose and wiping it on one of the most delicate designer pieces on display. Urgh!

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