She Really Wants You To Think She’s Perfect

[BlindGossip] This woman, who is rather thick to begin with, has always been very weight conscious. After plumping up a little recently, she wanted to sport a flat tummy at an upcoming awards show so you could marvel at how amazing and perfect she is. So she » Continued

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Handsome’s Hideous Habit

[NationalEnquirer] Which handsome movie star is hiding a hideous habit that’s turning his pearly whites a dull yellow? The 30-something’s dentist has warned him to lay off the chewing tobacco or his sexy cover boy image will be ruined!

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Still Checking Up On The Dancer

[BuzzFoto] When this actress was preparing for a role for a movie that has already come out, she had to do a lot of hours of dance practice. While doing so, she met a dancer who was struggling so much with body image issues she had to be hospitalized. The two developed a friendship and to this day, the actress still calls her and checks up on her treatment. 689


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Surprising Medical Sheik Up

[VillageVoice] Which sheik went for medical help when his test*cles were impacted, only to learn that » Continued

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Get The Hose

[VillageVoice] Vintage Blind: Which movie ‘throb indelicately tells people that the gal he lived with two relationships ago has bad personal hygiene and needs to hose out her private region?

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Child Star Can’t Cope With Her Weight

[BuzzFoto] This overweight child actor on an ensemble kids show is encouraged to continue to maintain an unhealthy weight because it fits her character. Unfortunately for her, she feels very isolated from the rest of the cast because of her weight. The rest of the cast hang out, date one another and have a variety of social gatherings, all of which she isn’t invited to. The exclusion is making her extremely depressed and resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms. 686


TV Show:


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A Very Private Tattoo

[BuzzFoto] This C List actor from a cable thriller recently got a tattoo in a very private area of his body. What did he get? A Lady Gaga tattoo. 677

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Nature Girl Is A Lie

[BlindGossip] This actress claims to be a natural girl. She eats a clean, mostly organic diet, cares about animals, and dabbles in homeopathic remedies to treat most ailments. She claims that her enviable figure and flawless complexion are the natural results of healthy living and lots of exercise. The truth is that » Continued

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Brains And Body Can’t Compete With This

[BuzzFoto] Which Latin star with a great intellect, an amazing body, and lots of talents has a partner who is cheating on her with a very old, unattractive waitress? The star has no idea of the extent of the affair but has been suspicious ever since » Continued

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What To Expect When Floppy’s Expecting

[BlindGossip] Well, this certainly has been the most incredible pregnancy ever! Bellies growing and shrinking! Breasts swelling and flattening! Prosthetics flopping and popping!

Frankly, all this trickery is exhausting, and hasn’t been nearly as convincing as she hoped it would be. Therefore, Floppy will be keeping a low profile for the next month.

So, she’s not really pregnant, but there will be a baby soon.  And Floppy has been very busy behind the scenes » Continued

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