He’s Going to Need His Own Grid

BlindGossip – This story is going to sound very familiar: A supposedly really nice famous guy cheats on his beautiful and classy and loyal wife. People are appalled – nay, shocked! – that he could do such a thing. Just wait, though, because this story is going to get much better (or much worse, depending on how you look at it). » Continued

He May Bite You if You Touch His Hair

BlindGossip – This hot young actor has all the girls swooning over his good looks, his cool manner, and his gorgeous hair. Too bad the latter isn’t all his. Yes, even men have their hair enhanced to make them always look like they’re a few weeks late for a trip to a barber. Don’t run your fingers through this guy’s hair, though. If you get caught in the Virgin Indian Remy, he might bite you.

Dating a Sista to Avoid Bad Press

Downfront2 – This Oscar Winner wants his private life to remain private. He doesn’t want his fans to know that he doesn’t date black women. At the moment, he is being seen with a hot African American Actress. She’s gorgeous, but he is only being seen with her to avoid bad press.

What She Looks Like Under the Extensions

BlindGossip – It’s not uncommon for women these days to get hair extensions to rapidly change the length and style of their hair. One multi-talented star, however, relies on them as more than just a beauty enhancement. For her, they are a necessity. A bout with an eating d*sorder caused her hair to fall out in great clumps. While her locks look thick and luxurious in print, her real head reveals thin, sad, irregular tufts of hair. The good news is that she is eating again and the extra nutrients are believed to be leading to a much healthier body and scalp.

Musician’s Manager is Arranging New Girlfriend

BuzzFoto – This musician who recently had a breakup is eyeing a new, younger and more beautiful celeb than his last girlfriend. He’s already talked to his manager and they have set up a meeting. He’s hoping to have at least a hook-up, but in the next couple of months, if all goes well, look for him to have a new beauty on his arm to help his image. Again, not John Mayer.

You’ll Have to Pay Me to Stay Married

BuzzFoto – If this is true, it’s just plain crazy. We hear that this ‘married couple’ is involved in more of a business arrangement than a romance. It’s not that unusual, since people have been using marriage for many things throughout history. We just think it’s sad there are actual transactions involved here » Continued

This Action Star’s Crow’s Feet Are Gone

man plastic surgeryPageSix – Which action star was lying when he said recently he’d never have plastic surgery? The actor has obviously had his eyes done in the last year or two, judging by the way his crow’s feet magically disappeared?

He Wants to Run Away From Her Insecurities

tom cruise katie holmes runningBuzzFoto – This popular celeb couple has an image problem. It being that the female REALLY cares about how she and her partner are perceived and the male couldn’t care less. The female is so obsessed about the PR side of their relationship, about looking to be secure and in love, that it is driving the male to resent her. He is starting to want out, because the harder she pulls the further he pushes away. We hear although she is super famous and beautiful, she is incredibly insecure. Her whole focus of the relationship has long ago moved away from passion and more about appearance. Over the holidays, the male tried to do some normal activities that a family would do and the female was determined to turn it into a PR event. The two ended up in a very heated argument, and the male left and spent the night with another woman. This happens more and more frequently. The female claims she doesn’t care, as long as the male shows up when she needs him to. We fear the relationship is doomed, which will break a lot of hearts- and not just those of their fans. Not Tom and Katie.

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» Continued

Changing Religions Just for The Publicity

BuzzFoto – This very gorgeous and very voluptuous singer is thinking of switching religions. She thinks her music isn’t getting enough hype and that by subtly declaring she is joining a spiritual group quite popular in Hollywood, she’ll get some more press. Hey, it beats fake relationships and breakups! Not Beyonce.

Unique Hair Style was Not On Purpose

strange haircutCDAN – This female singer has a very unique hair style. She said she came up with the idea on her own. I’m sure she did after the fact. It was necessitated though by the fact she got into a fight with her idiot A list singer/producer boyfriend who took a pair of scissors and cut huge chunks of hair off our female singer’s head.

She Could Extend Her Hair But Not Her Fame

hair extensions 2BlindGossip – A few years ago, it seemed this actress was cast in nearly every project. However, after an initial burst of fame, she wasn’t very discriminating about which roles she picked. » Continued

Supermodel has a Skin Care Secret

woman face 3NYPost – Which still gorgeous ex-supermodel doesn’t use her own skin-care line, which she hawks on TV? She secretly uses Somme Institute’s MDT5 regimen instead.

Her Face Looks Longer and Leaner

woman round faceBlindGossip – Although this actress has always been in good shape, her face was always a little too round for her liking. You may notice that her face looks a little different now, but it’s not because she lost any weight. She had some fat sucked out of the hollows of her cheeks, and something else – perhaps restylane – injected into the high part of the cheek. Compared to the plastic work done on other actresses, this is definitely more on the subtle side. Her face now looks a little longer and leaner, but not in a bad way.

Horsey Girl has a Special Assistant

horse-3VillageVoice – Which slightly horsey yet sexy young actress is a lesbian, gamely accessorized with one of those perennial girlfriend-slash-assistants? What does that say about her boyfriend?

What the Well-Groomed Man is Collecting

man-pluckingBlindGossip – This actor has some interesting grooming habits. Every Sunday, he methodically clips his fingernails and toenails. He then plucks his eyebrows and clips his nose hair. » Continued

Nose Problem Results in Hair Problem

hair-extensions1BuzzFoto – This Actress, because of all her bad living, is losing her hair like crazy. Not only has she lost tons of weight, but now she is trying to cover up her bald patches with bad hair dyes and extensions. Those around her are afraid to tell her how terrible she looks, but we hope she turns things around soon, so she can restore her beauty. Cocaine doesn’t do a body good. Not Tori Spelling.

Reality Girl is Nearly Bald Under Hair Extensions

bald-girl-2NYDailyNews – Which hard-partying reality starlet is nearly bald after years of abusing hair extensions? The gal’s actual locks are only 2 inches long!

Actress Cries About Her Face

monster-1BlindGossip – This actress peaked in the 1990s. Everyone knew her name, and her beautiful face was on the cover of every magazine. Looking to make a comeback, she has approached several directors and producers about roles that are really » Continued

This Celebrity Has Lousy Eyebrows

eyebrow-1HolyMoly – Which stateside shambles of a celebrity brought more than a suitcase with them on their recent trip to London. The woman was found to have nits in her eyebrows by a make up artist on a shoot. GROO!

Pregnant Women Should Avoid This Designer

woman-facial-1NWMagazine – Which aging designer is said to be getting so crazy in her mission to retain her quickly fading looks that she’s now asking her flunkies to look into the beauty benefits of human placentas?

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