The Room Where She Obsesses

BuzzFotoThis actress (who can sing) had some publicized plastic surgery a while back. Sources tell us that she » Continued

No More Brazilian Waxes for CBS Actress

CDAN – This B- list actress from a CBS comedy had to stop getting a Brazilian wax done professionally because » Continued

Top Actor is Having A New York Affair

NYPost – Which longtime married A-list actor is having a secret affair with a former foreign beauty queen who now works at a top New York restaurant?

Cosmetic Surgery On Camera

Which formerly high-profile reality star is trying so hard to get back into the spotlight that she has agreed to undergo cosmetic surgery on camera for her next TV gig? The thin blonde was recently spotted with a film crew in tow as she underwent Botox injections.

Pretty Boy Plays Kissy Face

StarMagazine – Which prettyboy TV actor got everyone at NYC club SL gossiping when he was spotted in a dark corner locking lips with a young blonde » Continued

Ashamed of Her Skin Color

BuzzFoto – This pretty, 30-something actress may profess to be proud of her heritage in the press but we know this: several years ago she » Continued

Girl Hedges on Trimming Her Bush

LaineyGossip – Young star of the moment was getting some action once and things were progressing along nicely until the boy headed down there and discovered that her situation was so unkempt, “like even more than the 70s”, he had to tap out. It was how she learned the importance of grooming. On a personal note though, let’s make this sh*t fair: maintenance goes both ways. It’s not just a female responsibility, male deforestation is a requirement too. Carry on then with your guesses now.

Her Hairy Face Cost Her a Job

LaineyGossip – When you don’t eat, when you deprive your body of essential nutrients, it reacts in ways to protect itself. One of the side effects of excessive thinnification is the fuzzy hair growth, a soft downy layer as the body tries to keep itself warm. » Continued

Pop Star Goes Plastic

BlindGossip – This pop star recently had some facial work done. It wasn’t a huge secret, but it was assumed that she had done it on her own initiative. Turns out that » Continued

Socialite Wants an Eight Ball and a Midget

NewYorkPost – Which sexy socialite happily loaded up on Vitamin Water, Tulle, Linea Pelle, Vintage Revolution jeans and other freebies at Robert Verdi’s “Fashion Weekend Retreat” gifting suite? After getting a free manicure and filling up on snacks, the dark-haired beauty declared, “Give me an eight-ball and a midget and I’m in heaven!”

Beauty Gal Moves for Lesbian Hospitality

NewYorkPost – Which facialist to the stars has disappointed her A-list Hollywood clients by moving east? She fell in love with a businesswoman in the New York hospitality industry who had never before experienced lesbian love, and whose clueless family will be rocked to the core when they find out.

Boyfriend Nixes Actress’ Drastic Change

BuzzFoto – This young and talented actress is going to star in a movie where the role requires she do something drastic to her appearance. She refused to do it at first because it requires » Continued

She’s a Natural and Healthy Beauty

BlindGossip – When you watch interviews with or read articles about this actress, she likes to talk about she stays slim and beautiful. Of course it’s all about her incredibly healthy lifestyle! She claims her body is the result of nutritious – preferably organic – foods, wholesome cleanses, and body-strengthening exercises. So we wonder when she’s going to give us the scoop on some of her lesser-known beauty tricks: » Continued

Her Face Lift Was a Little Too Tight

NYPost – Which reality-show diva just returned from what she said was a trip to France looking fresher than ever, leading to whispers she had a face-lift? “Her face is so tight, it’s smoother than her teenage daughter’s,” said our spy.

This Couple Buys Botox in Bulk

CDAN – This A list couple, which consists of a B list movie actor who used to be A++ and his B- list movie actress wife have a secret for keeping young. Or at least they think it does. Apparently they buy in bulk, botox in a bottle. The bottles which cost $600, are meant to last a year, but are used by the couple at the rate of about one a week.

Movie Star has a Beard and a Hair Stylist

StarMagazine – This big screen leading man is dating one of the most beautiful women in the world — and having an affair with a male hairstylist at the same time. Insiders say the gorgeous gal knows all about it — she’s posing as his lover to advance his career.

Actor is a Serious Manscaper

BlindGossip – It isn’t unusual for male stars to occasionally have their backs and chests waxed in preparation for a scene in which they will be shirtless. This one star carried it even further. He insisted that the beauty technician also wax his butt and do some serious manscaping on his nether regions, neither which was going to be included in the film. He picked up the habit from a well-groomed ex who was disgusted by his naturally hirsute body, and who would block any intimate physical contact with him until his body was completely hair-free. No It’s Not:  Alec Baldwin or any of his brothers.

He Likes His Women in Full Bloom

BuzzFoto – This celebrity with a kitschy fan base, has a f*tish for pregnant women. We hear it’s nothing p*rverse, he just thinks they are beautiful. Whenever he sees a pregnant woman, he can’t help himself and starts chatting her up. He told our source he’s never seen anything so lovely as a woman “in full bloom.” Not Hugh Jackman.

Photo Credit: BuzzFoto

We've Always Wondered If She Vajazzled

Crushable – Which A-list pop singer gave her pedicurist an eyeful during a a recent appointment?

A source close to said pedicurist tells Crushable this world-famous singer called an emergency treatment last month in New York, and opened the door » Continued

Rapunzel Gets a Lot of Help

BlindGossip – This movie actress is known for her beauty: piercing eyes, full lips, shapely legs, gorgeous hair. Oh, wait. Better scratch that last one off the list. She has been dieting so strictly that her hair has started falling out in clumps. She has a new project filming soon, so she’s been trying out hair extensions. We’re sure she’ll credit the extensions for the sudden increase in length, but when you see her, you’ll know that longer hair wasn’t the motivating factor for her new hairdo.

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