Music Star Is Scarily Obsessed

woman looking in mirror 4

SOLVED! [Village Voice] She's a successful music star. Her image involves lots of love and light. But on a shoot, she smokes pot all day, is abusive and mean, and is scarily obsessed with looking pretty. Guesses? [More...]

Bleach Blanket Baby

tamar braxton young

SOLVED! [Hollywood Street King] Today’s blind item has finally landed a security blanket. Know why? Because insiders say she’s knocked up by her husband — who’s worth $10 Million. Now, she’s reportedly being advised by a doctor to stop [More...]

Fifty Shades Of Bleach

woman bleaching skin

[Hollywood Street King] This diva is the youngest of five singing sisters. She also may not see her hubby as being up to her extreme clean-cut standards — [and is] said to have held back on giving it up to Vinnie for the past several years – because he “grosses her out“. That [More...]

No Mustache

woman mustache 2

[National Enquirer] Which out-of-control reality star pops into a fancy salon every two weeks to have her mustache waxed? The bad-tempered brunette – she loves picking fights with her co-stars – is terrified that her bushy upper lip will be visible on high-definition TV! [More...]