Unexpectedly Expecting

[BlindGossip] There have been many false reports about this actress in the past… but this time she really is pregnant!

She is not married to her Significant Other – and we are assuming that he is the baby’s father – so the couple will need to make a decision in the next few weeks. Since she is over the age of 30 » Continued

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Troubled Actress Tries To Buy A Baby

[BuzzFoto] This troubled actress is looking around her for solutions to her problems. She is trying desperately to win back the hearts of the public, but so far nothing is working. She has seen how adoption has helped the public perception of some of her colleagues and has decided that might be the avenue for her… except she isn’t going about it in quite the right way. She » Continued

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Raising Her Own Brother

[NationalEnquirer] Which actress/TV personality is trying to raise the baby of her aging father? The 40-some­thing funnylady has children of her own, but she doesn’t think her dad’s baby mama can care for her 2-year-old half-brother as well as she can. Who is she?

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Sisters Competing For Perfect Family

[NationalEnquirer]  Which former child star – her actress sister has a newborn – recently got pregnant, but is keeping the baby news on the down-low? The sisters love each other madly, but they always seem to be competing, and now they’re even in a race to see who can create the perfect family the fastest!

Child Star:

Her Actress Sister:

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Why She Is Having A Baby

[BuzzFoto] Which C list actress that recently announced her pregnancy, told friends that she was only having a baby so she would never be alone? 646

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Pop Star Plans Wedding And Baby Shower

[NationalEnquirer] Which blonde female pop star, who’s busy planning her wedding, might just be planning a baby shower first?

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Daddy Ignores The Baby

[Hollywood Dame] What celebrity father hasn’t seen his kid since she was born? He showed up for the birth and wrote a big check to keep the mother happy, but has been too busy dating models almost half his age to spend time with the tot. It seems cruel, but at least the child support checks still show up.


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In Tears Over Mr. Wrong

[NationalEnquirer] Which actress/single mom, who’s never revealed the identity of her baby daddy, is currently in an ab*sive relationship with a new guy? The unlucky-in-love star was in tears during a girls-only lunch after receiving a barrage of vicious texts from Mr. Wrong!

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Rewrite The Baby Carriage Song

[BlindGossip] Add one more celebrity pregnancy to the list! This one is a surprise because their relationship was designed to be just a PR set up. They were scheduled to break up later this year. But they wound up becoming friends with benefits, and before you know it, she wound up pregnant. Although they definitely » Continued

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Two Babies In One Year

[CDAN] This former A list tweener has had two ab*rtions in the past year. Hopefully it does not add to her personal demons.

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A Team To Fix Her Body

[BuzzFoto] This big-time celebrity who just had a baby is loving motherhood, but is having all sorts of trouble with her body. She’s frustrated her figure didn’t magically snap back into shape and she’s hired a team of experts to help her look even better than before her pregnancy. Her doctor’s are concerned about her diet and plans (which involve surgery) but she is determined. 620

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Singer Thinks Baby Will Complete Her Family

[HollywoodDame] This singer, who has been focusing on her other business ventures in lieu of music, has a new project in mind. She wants another child. While she spends her time with her kids and has no doubt that another baby would complete her family, her husband is busy » Continued

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Singer’s Husband Hasn’t Changed His Spots

[Celebzter] This singer appears to have the perfect marriage, despite the initial controversy that surrounded her union. A baby, a doting husband….oh, wait, he isn’t so committed as it would appear. In fact, he still secretly hooks up with his ex. If more proof is needed that a leopard never changes its spots, then this would be it. Hint: She has recently, recently been in the spotlight.


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The Worst Parents In The World

[CDAN] I never thought I would find a celebrity parent who was worse than C*ke Mom. This couple is giving C*ke Mom a run for her money. He is a B list actor. Good looking. Generally television and very well known. His wife is probably a C list actress who used to be bigger a few years ago but has struggled with » Continued

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New Mom Makes An Unusual Choice In Nannies

[BuzzFoto] Which B list actress, who recently entered motherhood hired a nanny for her baby? The blind here is that the nanny is a former lover of her partner, and she knows and has no issues with it. 696

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Top Celebrity Couple Separates

[CDAN] This A list celebrity couple is taking a break. Apparently the new baby in their life has caused some » Continued

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Baby Is Here

[BlindGossip] The arrival of a new baby is always a blessed event. This beautiful baby was born this week.

The baby was swaddled in a gender-neutral white blanket and was wearing a white cap. While there was some last-minute chatter about it being a boy, we believe it is a girl, and will refer to her as such.

She appears to be of average height and weight, and, most importantly, is healthy. She has light skin, brown eyes, a good patch of dark hair on her head, and is eating well. Her eyes were a bit puffy at first, but she opens them when she is held upright. She has some sort of skin issue (a rash or stain), but it does not affect her overall health. » Continued

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Four Announcements Coming Up

SOLVED! (Partially)

[BlindGossip] You already know that the New Year will bring the arrival of a little Princess for this floppy and humpy celebrity couple who are both in the same business. But there are big announcements coming up for some other celebrities as well. » Continued

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I Want Olives

[NewYorkPress] Which sister of pop royalty, an aspiring DJ herself, had to remove her auntie Janelle from the premises at a store opening where she was spinning? The DJ sis, soon to be an aunt to the world’s biggest celeb baby since Suri, noticed her aunt wobbling around after 2 martinis, causing small scenes and crying out, ‘I WANT OLIVES!’

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Daddy Cut And Run

[BuzzFoto] This celebrity just gave birth not too long ago and is suffering from horrible postpartum depression. Unfortunately for her, the baby’s father is no where to be seen. Luckily for her, she has a good support system but she is upset that the father (a well known player in Hollywood) has cut and run. 647

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