The Drippy Drag

[Blind Gossip] This actress is under 30. Her biggest project ever will be released this year. So you would think that she would be bursting with enthusiasm » Continued

Watching Himself

man watching television 1[Blind Gossip] This music star was at last night’s Golden Globe Awards. Here’s a weird story we heard about him yesterday from an industry insider.

During his last tour, he performed at a large venue. His rider » Continued

Sick But Not In Bed

man sick in bed[Blind Gossip] This talented actress’ male significant other was with her at the Golden Globes, but not with her at the pre-parties. » Continued

The Hypocrite’s Moment Of Happiness

happiness 1[Blind Gossip]  Although our big star did not take home a Golden Globe herself last night, someone else from her project did, which made her happy. When that happened, did she turn to her handsome significant other » Continued

BG12345: Monday

michael keaton sonGood Morning, Blinders!

Did you watch the Golden Globe Awards last night? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did a great job hosting (as usual), and the room was packed with many of your favorite TV and film stars.

We’ll have some fun blind items about what was going on behind the scenes. In the meantime, enjoy your Monday morning coffee with Michael Keaton, who took home a well-deserved Golden Globe for Best Actor (Film/Comedy) for Birdman and gave a touching speech about his son. Michael’s been making movies a long time, so it was nice to see him win his first major award. Congratulations, Michael!

Love, Ace

Shove Them

woman behind man[Blind Gossip] This female presenter at last night’s People’s Choice Awards was annoyed that she didn’t get as much attention » Continued

Sweetheart Is Heading To Rehab

wine glasses heart[Janet Charlton] This Oscar winning actress is considered to be one of America’s » Continued

Grammy WTF

wtf girl[Blind Gossip] This under-35 music artist just found out that she will NOT be receiving the Grammy nomination she really wanted… and boy is she » Continued

From Baby Daddy to Mayday

mayday[Hollywood Street King] This femcee may claim to be a Queen but that doesn’t exactly mean she’s acting like one » Continued

She Went Pro As A Child

thewrap 2

[The Wrap] Our next guest on TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars” went pro at age 7.

Destined for awards » Continued

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