New Yorker Festival

new yorker festival 2014 2SOLVED!

[New Yorker] Can you guess The New Yorker Festival participants described by these blind items? » Continued

Two Book Bitches

woman reading 4[Lainey Gossip] Two women at different stages of their career, both were recently promoting books, both behaved like assholes.

She was » Continued

TV Personality And Hubby Are Both Having Affairs

[NationalEnquirer] This respected TV personality and her producer/ filmmaker husband have both had same-sex affairs throughout their long marriage. She’s been hooking up with a famous female author, and he’s been linked to many openly gay Broadway actors and dancers. Who are they?

TV Personality:



Why You Won’t See The Sex List

[CDAN] What C list television and movie actress had » Continued

She Hasn’t Had Any In Two Years

[CDAN] What former talk show host and now reality star/producer/author said the other day that she has not had sex in almost two years. She said she just is not that interested but does enjoy time on her own if you know what I mean.

He Screamed at Her to Leave Party

NewYorkPost – Which New York book agent screamed at a literary lioness he loathes to leave a private party in front of a gob-smacked crowd? He then upped the ante and told her to leave New York City.



Singer Made a Kid’s Dream Come True

CDAN – Despite not having the hits he once did, this male singer still plays big arenas and is permanently on the A list. Anyway, our singer read a book he really liked and invited the author to come hang out for a weekend. The author told the singer that he had a teenage son who was a musician and also a big fan of the singer. The singer said to bring the son along. So, off they went. Over the weekend, the singer took the son around and brought him to a concert, took him backstage, introduced him to the members of the band and even let the teenager play with the band during a show. Totally made every dream of this kid come true.

She’d Rather Write Than Sing

BuzzFoto – Which famous singer is in the process of penning a children’s book? Although she’s made her money, her secret dream from childhood was to become an author. No word if it’s any good. Not Celine Dion.

Author Doesn’t Write His Own Novels

NYPost – Which best-selling, but slow-writing, author had some help finishing his latest novel? A translator for one of the potboiler’s foreign editions noticed from the shifting syntax and sentence structure that the book was penned by at least two writers.

Her Husband Spoiled Her Book Party

miley-cyrus-bookVillage Voice – Which hubby didn’t want to pose for photos with the wife at her book party because, as he mouthed to her, “It’s your book”?

No It’s Not: Miley Cyrus

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