Arrogant Aussie Actor Aggravates All

green mandm[] Cheryl Cecchetto has crafted the biggest parties in show business over the past 25 years, including official celebrations for the Oscars and Emmy Awards, and a host of famous weddings.

[One year at a major event] she came face-to-face with an Aussie actor who » Continued

Phones Bad Milkshakes Good

chocolate shake 4BG Note: This report from that hotel employee in Australia focuses on a blonde pop star who was struggling with mental issues.

[]  “Her minders demanded that she didn’t have access to » Continued

Wifey Has An Aussie Beau

[New York Post] Which Hollywood wife isn’t as long-suffering as she appears? While everyone gossips about her philandering husband, she is secretly seeing a handsome Australian.



Aussies Split Up House And Jewels

[DailyTelegraph] From Australia: She is a household name, he was once a high flyer in the financial world.

The power couple were in the Family Court yesterday warring about how to divide their assets, including their five-bedroom Sydney home worth $3.2 million and her extensive jewellery collection.

On day three of the case, the court heard it wasn’t just the husband who was a big earner during their six-year relationship – although he was currently unemployed.

The court was told the wife, who cannot be named, had secured a 60 per cent pay rise in November when she moved to a rival company. She was now earning $800,000 a year, with scope for more through endorsements. The wife was in such demand the chairman of her former employer had emailed her in a last-ditch attempt to get her to stay.

“You have been a great asset,” the chairman wrote, commending her on the “fun you brought to everything”.

The woman’s manager told the court her decision to change jobs would be seen in the industry as a betrayal » Continued

Aussie Girl Gives Up Singing

[NationalEnquirer] What Aussie pop star recently got help for her drinking problem and is now back in Hollywood taking acting lessons? The tiny entertainer, who got her start on soaps, says she’s given up singing and wants to go back to her acting roots.

Flaky Rapper Down Under

CDANThis B list rap star who also acts in movies and even on Broadway was scheduled to do a tour of Australia. The thing is he told the promoter one thing who went out and sold a bunch of tickets and then two days before the show said he was not going to be able to make it and could the promoter reschedule the entire festival for our rapper. Umm, no.

Our rapper has his tour rescheduled to fit his new dates. The problem is he decides he does not want to get on the plane in the US so the dates are postponed again and again and again. A few of the shows which had to be postponed are charity concerts that the rapper wanted set up in the first place. Meanwhile, our rapper did find time to dance on stage with Prince in New York. When the rapper finally did make it to Australia he would show up late despite strict instructions he must be on time because of curfews. He also canceled random shows and has just been the biggest pain in the butt ever and caused the promoter of all these shows to shut down his business.

Mel Gibson is Not Alone

PanacheReport – There’s another Australian actor who downright despises blacks. He’s also an alcoholic and when he drinks, he lets loose on his racist views … directed towards blacks.

Aussie Athlete Gets Cheap with Alimony

30 dollars – Fresh from a broken marriage, one wealthy international Aussie sportsman has challenged the $80 a week his estranged wife demanded for visits to restaurants plus $40 for entertainment and $50 a week towards holidays. » Continued

Aussie TV Star’s Trashy Behaviour – A high-profile former television presenter has been accused of dumping household rubbish on a Lilyfield building site.

The personality, no stranger to controversy and a known hoarder, » Continued

She Got Pregnant by an Aussie

kangarooNYDN – Which beauty’s marriage dissolved when she was caught having an affair with a man Down Under? Her husband wasn’t bothered that she was pregnant with the other man’s child – just that she was indiscreet.