A Face Full Of Spare Ribs

[New York Post] When a hot-tempered Frank Sinatra wanted to break it off with a beautiful woman, he would order loyal valet Tony Consiglio, a high-school buddy from Hoboken, to do the dirty work. » Continued

Crooner Wanted Three In Atlantic City

[NewYorkPost] Which R&B crooner asked a waitress and another blond babe for a threes*me during a recent trip to Atlantic City — an offer they declined?

In The Back of A Limo

NYPost – Which former supermodel who has a long-term boyfriend was spotted getting hot and heavy with a gorgeous, leggy female blonde in the back of a limo on the way to Atlantic City, causing blushes from the driver who politely “raised the partition”?

Pop Star Wanted Publicity

threesome-2NYPost – Which pop star/reality-TV hostess and her husband tried to lure a hottie publicist into their Atlantic City hotel suite for some fun? When the singer suddenly got naked and got into bed, the terrified flack made her excuses and fled .