Married NBA Superstar Is Doing Rocsi Diaz

rocsi diaz[Hollywood Street King] Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Former Hornet?

HSK Exclusive – Bowling, Basketball and Broads seem to be this now Los Angeles mystery man’s favorite things to do. Don’t believe me… Just ask Gilbert Arenas, who once begged our blind item to “stop f*cking my maid“.

In 2011, he » Continued

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Run Away No Pay

soccer ball 3[The People] Which footballer is refusing to pay his child maintenance to his ex after running away with a much younger woman?

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Baller May Be Bailing

man leaving 1[Downfront 2] Are a hot shot Baller and his longtime fiancee ready to call the whole thing off? She’s been M.I.A. during some major events. Hmmm…

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How Faker Got Her Groove Back

how stella got[Hollywood Street King] She’s a Basketball Wife most recognized for her false fronts. Though she may be one of the very few ratchet reality stars who actually bagged an NBA athlete, she’s said to not exactly be honoring her wedding vows.

That’s because our mystery lady seems to living her own true Hollywood version of “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” – as reports of our blind item cheating with » Continued

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Half This Couple Is Living In A Hotel

hotel room 5SOLVED!


[Celebzter] This couple’s apparent relationship woes are constant fodder for the tabloids. But while the drama may shift magazine sales, the public at large has never really bought the idea that the relationship is in trouble. But they should.

How else can you explain a partner staying in a hotel » Continued

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Busted Baller And Brawling Baller

man fist fight[Downfront2] Certain Professional Ballers need to learn from history.

In this corner, one engaged Baller decided to run some game on Twitter to a now famous woman, who is also involved with someone else. Busted!

In the other corner, » Continued

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She Slept Her Way Into Her Marriage

woman and man standing[Hollywood Street King] She headed for Hollywood in the 90′s, with big dreams of becoming a star. After touching down in Tinseltown, she began her trek of sleeping her way to the top — first, with Wesley Snipes. She later moved on to a successful rapper-turned actor, before landing a few television cameos beside him. Don’t believe me.. Ask LL Cool J.

It wasn’t long before she secured a spot beside » Continued

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Together On New Year’s Eve

new years eve couple 1[Mouth To Ears] Football player reunites with his reality love?

They will be ringing in 2013 together.

This pair is far from over. Although they have secretly been living together while she is taping her new season, the pair is HOT AND HEAVY. Since getting the » Continued

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The Pit Stop Pet

[The Morton Report] With the high octane glamour of Grand Prix circuits, it’s no surprise that ‘pit stop pets’—as the girls who follow Formula 1 stars are nicknamed—aim to end up as wags of racy racing drivers.

However, one driver » Continued

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Baller Is Cheating On His Celeb Wife

[Hollywood Street King] This pro-baller may make his marriage — to one very insecure E! sister — appear to be solid, but that doesn’t mean he’s staying faithful to his wife, and, with our blind item’s made-for-TV Mrs. occupied as the new co-host of » Continued

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