Betting On This Athlete’s Announcement

sports money 2[Pop Bitch] Some of the people who work with which globally famous sports star really shouldn’t be talking so loudly about » Continued

NBA Player Likes The Snow

skier 1[Hollywood Street King] Today’s blind item subject may be an NBA player, but because he’s reported to be hooked on that » Continued

Athlete And Top Model Got Better Together

rehab is for quitters 2[Blind Gossip] This famous athlete recently got out of reh*b. We found out that although he was quietly tucked away in a facility in an East Coast state… he wasn’t completely alone! » Continued

NFL Star Says No No Yes

football player 7[Blind Gossip] This very famous NFL player was sitting courtside at an NBA game the other night. » Continued

Squeaky Pretends She’s Shocked

woman surprised 3[Blind Gossip] It is amusing that this TV girl had a such a dramatic reaction to her athlete boyfriend » Continued

Ballers Going South

sports balls 4[New York Post] Which ballers have been spotted » Continued

Bisexual NFL Player Mad At Michael Sam

michael sam mizzou[TMZ Sports] We just spoke with a bisexual NFL player who’s upset with Michael Sam — telling us he was OFFENDED when Sam said other gay men » Continued

He Hands Them A Baseball Bat

baseball bats 1BONUS CLUE!

[Blind Gossip] This famous athlete should be retiring in the next few years. He has had a very successful career and most people think of him favorably. His retirement may come earlier than planned because of some injuries he sustained in some weird s*xual encounters. » Continued

Athlete Has A Surprising New Girlfriend

couple holding hands 7Please Note: This is a Blind Gossip EXCLUSIVE. You must credit Blind Gossip by name AND provide a working link to our website. It’s probably just easier to use the social media links below. Thanks!

[Blind Gossip] This VERY famous athlete brought along some surprising company while training this spring! » Continued

We Hate Each Other

mayweather pacquiao[Blind Gossip] You may have seen these two athletes going at each other on social media. It seems like they really » Continued

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