Bisexual NFL Player Mad At Michael Sam

michael sam mizzou[TMZ Sports] We just spoke with a bisexual NFL player who’s upset with Michael Sam — telling us he was OFFENDED when Sam said other gay men » Continued

He Hands Them A Baseball Bat

baseball bats 1BONUS CLUE!

[Blind Gossip] This famous athlete should be retiring in the next few years. He has had a very successful career and most people think of him favorably. His retirement may come earlier than planned because of some injuries he sustained in some weird s*xual encounters. » Continued

Athlete Has A Surprising New Girlfriend

couple holding hands 7Please Note: This is a Blind Gossip EXCLUSIVE. You must credit Blind Gossip by name AND provide a working link to our website. It’s probably just easier to use the social media links below. Thanks!

[Blind Gossip] This VERY famous athlete brought along some surprising company while training this spring! » Continued

We Hate Each Other

mayweather pacquiao[Blind Gossip] You may have seen these two athletes going at each other on social media. It seems like they really » Continued

Bible Rabbits

bunny religion[Blind Gossip] As soon as we read blurbs from these two celebrities saying opposite things about a certain film, we knew you would want to hear this story!

They are both » Continued

Bible Boy Athlete Is A Liar

man holding bible[Blind Gossip] This athlete was an important player in a very big game recently. Want to hear about the little game he’s playing off the field? » Continued

Rear View Of A Super Bowl Hunk

marky mark underwear[Naughty But Nice] Which Super Bowl hunk, who has played at a SUPER BOWL before, was caught having a » Continued

Athlete Avoids The Backlash

super bowl patriots seahawks[Blind Gossip] As you watch the Super Bowl this weekend, we want you to think about a man who is one of the most famous American athletes of the past two decades. You may have heard » Continued

From Baby Daddy to Mayday

mayday[Hollywood Street King] This femcee may claim to be a Queen but that doesn’t exactly mean she’s acting like one » Continued

Athlete Isn’t Such A Family Man

family man 3[Blind Gossip] This professional athlete pretends to be a family man. However, he is not actually living in his family home anymore!

While on a road trip a while back, he » Continued

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