The Oil Painting

oil painting man[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which SNL cast member has a naked oil painting of » Continued

Three Women At The $7 Million Table

painting 3 women red table[Naughty But Nice Rob] This celebrity-owned French painting, done by Fernand Leger, was auctioned off in New York City. According to Billboard, the painting » Continued

Private Photos Are Being Passed Around

couple 10[Blind Gossip] The 1% love to date each other. Actors, singers, dancers, directors, business people, and athletes, all play musical partners with each other. There is a case of one couple, though, that is about to get ugly, and one will certainly want revenge on the other.

She is a top film actress. He is a » Continued

His First Boyfriend

[Village Voice] Which married star’s first boyfriend, pre-fame, was a cute Mexican guy he shared a place with in California? (The Mexican now owns a gallery way out west, where he’s enjoying his anonymity.)

Avengers Actor Is His Own Biggest Fan

[BuzzFoto] One of the main actors from the latest “Avengers” film is so in to his character right now, he’s been buying up fan art online. He doesn’t display it in house, but keeps it in a room and shows it to close friends. He seems to be proud of his growing collection, and we do mean growing! 764

A Banksy Weekend

[BuzzFoto] Which A/B list, married actor with children was influenced by Banksy after watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and spent an entire weekend a few months ago, in LA with street artists tagging up the city? 757

The Drunken Harmonica Scuffle

[NewYorkPost] Which too-cool-for-school magazine editor got into a drunken scuffle while playing the harmonica onstage at Art Basel and was embarrassingly bounced by security in front of gobsmacked guests?

Oscar Girl Sells Paintings To Make Ends Meet

Which Oscar winner is selling off a few of her Andy Warhol paintings to make ends meet? The wacky actress/singer, who lost a good amount of money during a messy public divorce, can’t seem to get her boozing under control long enough to book a decent paying gig.

Socialite And Hubby Are Star Students

[NewYorkPost] Which socialite and her artsy husband are the star students in a New York s*x guru’s outrageous extended-org*sm classes?

Actor Defaces a Sculpture

CDANThis, I guess B list television actor on a hit show for an almost network has been kind of quiet as of late. Still good looking, but staying out of the news as much as possible. He has also been quietly going to » Continued

Rich Couple is Flinging and Splitting

NewYorkPost – Which art-collecting philanthropist got a face-lift, threw her professor husband out, and is now having a fling with her chauffeur? But don’t cry for the professor — he’s been hitting on his students for years.

Heiress Believes Husband is Plotting Against Her

thurston howellNYPost – Which heiress who married a mob-connected artist years ago is now claiming to old friends that her husband is conspiring with shady lawyers and doctors to declare her insane and seize all her money?

This Wacky Celeb is No Angel with Gal Pals

angel-11NYDailyNews – Which wacky celeb is certainly no angel when it comes to her hobbies? This hostess holds » Continued

Actress Lies to Her Insurance Company

picasso-seated-womanCDAN – This former A list always movie actress still considers herself A list even though in reality she is about D. She does have A list name recognition and was the star of one of the most famous movies of all time. Not highest grossing, just one of the most famous. » Continued