Hatemonger Needs To Shut Up

[Village Voice] Which faded-icon-turned-hatemonger should stop promoting family values, seeing as insiders remember his extramarital flings with every female flight attendant with wings?

So Rude That Airline Staff Avoid Him

[NewYorkPost] Which megastar is so notoriously rude to airline staff that American Airlines workers prefer to take breaks to avoid him?

Lemonless Diva Throws Hissy Fit

[NationalEnquirer]  Which cooking/lifestyle star threw a major hissy fit when the first-class cabin ran out of fresh lemons for her hot tea? The decorating diva berated a flight attendant for handing her a packet of lemon juice and then complained how she would demand a refund on her ticket!

Singer Asks Them to Fly and Dance

NewYorkPost – Which crooner likes to fly pr*stitutes over to join him in hotel rooms in romantic places like Paris, then asks them to dance for him while he watches in silence?