His Fake Love Life is Now Up in the Air

matt lance jakeEOnline – Poor Judas J*ck-Off. He now has it as bad as permanently closeted movie star Toothy Tile. Only, I fear Judas is not even pretending to be happy, quite unlike Toothy.

Remember, our very handsome and very unkind Judas is still trying to get » Continued

Pay Me or I'll Throw a Tantrum

girl tantrumBuzzFoto – At a recent store opening, this C/D list celeb was offended when she found out that other stars were there and being paid to do so. After several angry calls to her agent that proved fruitless, she went to one of the employees of the store and threw a giant tantrum, demanding freebies to make up for her shame. The store employee held her ground and didn’t give out anything. So our star began threatening to destroy merchandise if she wasn’t offered something. That night she went home with some coupons to neighboring businesses and a free t-shirt and a warning to never return to the store. Not Paris Hilton.

SOLVED! » Continued

Same Sex Love Match for Beverly Hills Couple

demi-moore-2EOnline – Last time we heard from evil and conniving Shafterella Shoshstein, that b* was checking out on her man, who was so famously checking out on her. Only nobody knew about the former, crafty thing she is.

Now, S.S. has moved on more openly—and how. Ms. S-squared has all the tabloid world thinking she’s just dreamy and perfectly content with her new man, only nothing could be further from the truth. » Continued

Star Does The White Powder in a Park

trees-1BuzzFoto – This ex-con and Star was recently caught by his agent doing cocaine at a public park. The two were scheduled to meet for lunch and we guess the Star couldn’t help himself while he waited.

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