Negotiating Liars

money discussionSOLVED! (partially)

[Blind Gossip] When it comes to negotiating television contracts with the talent, you should heed the words of Dr. Gregory House: Everybody lies!

Want to know who is lying in several sets of negotiations? It’s everybody! Let’s give you a little insiders peek at what is really » Continued

Coked Up And Passed Out

girls happy[Blind Gossip] She was the sweet and pretty star of  very popular ensemble TV series, so it isn’t surprising that a major company tapped her to represent their brand a year or so ago.

They shot a TV commercial. » Continued

Come On In On Saturday

[Media Bistro] We received a somewhat interesting memo from a spy over the weekend that perhaps sheds a bit more light on how Hurricane Sandy has affected the agency world here in the tri-state area, especially in New York. » Continued

Three Skinny Girls At The Upfronts


[BlindGossip] At an upfronts luncheon, three young television series stars – all female and all thin – were seated with various advertisers and executives.

Star 1 was very friendly and down to earth. She talked about how lucky she was to be a working actress, and made sure to take photos with anyone who asked. She ate her entire lunch, including dessert. Advertisers commented on how healthy and gorgeous she was, and how nice it was to see a girl who would eat and who made everyone at the table so comfortable.

Star 2 initially sat at her table, but » Continued

Housewife Refuses To Promote Show

[NationalEnquirer] Which wacky “Real Housewife” has Bravo executives furious because she refuses to do any promotion for the popular franchise? But the blonde reality star has nothing to worry about – fans love her crazy ways.

Sponsor Says She’s No Longer Worth It

[PopBitch] Which well-known face could find themselves dropped from a rather lucrative ad campaign if rumours turn out to be true that they turned up to a sponsor’s event dr*nk off their t*ts, and consequently proceeded to offend pretty much everyone there? Perhaps they are no longer worth it.

Diva Chiquita Is Sooo Much Better Than Everybody Else

[EOnline] Oh Chiquita, how we missed your crazy ass!

You remember our fave psycho TV starlet, right? She’s the batty babe who slept her way to the top on her hit boob tube series, all while failing to get her former flame written into small screen oblivion.

Well, these days it’s Chicky’s big head rather than her man-trapping nether regions that has everyone whispering:

‘Cause Chiquita is copping some » Continued

Dirty Mouth Overseas

BuzzFoto – Which C list celebrity who just starred in a commercial overseas made so many racial slurs during the taping of the bit that the manager waived their fee out of embarrassment? 517

Rich Europeans Keep Supermodel Company

european flagsPopBitch – After a fantastic ad campaign, which supermodel was rumoured to have worked through her fortune so fast that she was discreetly letting it be known in the circles of Europe’s super-rich that she could be “accompanied” for $100,000 a night?

Network Guy Booted Off the Greens

golfNYPost – Which network advertising exec is no longer welcome at upstate North Salem golf club? It’s about to sue him for nonpayment of fees.

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