Fall TV Star May Be Replaced

[CDAN] This primarily television actress was probably up to a B a few years ago, but has since dropped down to C. This happens when you disappear from the public eye. Never really catching on, she has a new series starting in the fall, but producers are thinking of replacing her as the star with someone more publicity friendly. The reason? The show is so difficult to get into they need someone who will come make people watch for a few weeks.

Actress Is Starving Her Children

[BuzzFoto] This C List Actress mostly from film and a few network TV cameos is such a health nut, her kids are starting to suffer. After years of hopping on what ever the latest fad diet is popular, she’s forcing her unhealthy habits on her children. Her daughters are underweight and school officials finally complained to the authorities about it out of concern for the girls’ health. 557

Harassment Isn’t Funny

[BuzzFoto] This C List actor on a network show thinks he’s really funny, when he’s not. Now his lawyers are grappling with a possible sexual harassment charge because one of his ‘jokes’ went awry. We thought it was common sense that putting your female costar’s underwear on the passed-out homeless man outside of the studio would be in bad taste. 556

Acting Couple Wears Disguises

[BuzzFoto] This B/C list film actress that had her start on TV is dating a film actor who had his start on television too. The two allegedly and secretly have a fun tradition that keeps the relationship strong: Each month, they come up with disguises and donate their time to a local charity together. 555

TV Sitcom Actress Plays Counselor

[NationalEnquirer] This TV sitcom actress is playing relationship counselor to two of her co-stars despite the fact that her own marriage has fallen apart. She regularly gives advice to her cast mates – one is married to one of the show’s producers and the other has a movie star for a partner.

She’s Looking For A New Girlfriend

[Downfront2] This famous Rapper/Actress is looking for love since her girlfriend left her. Her girlfriend is becoming a celebrity in her own right with her fitness training.

Bumming Cigarettes At The Greyhound Station

[BuzzFoto] This actress made several cameos on a cult children’s show in the 80′s. You can now see her at the Greyhound station in Midtown in the Big Apple bumming cigarettes off of strangers. 554

How TV Actress Pays Her Mortgage

[BuzzFoto] This B list television actress trying to break into film can’t pay her bills or her mortgage and has been sleeping with ‘fans’ for money. She can never get ahead of her bills, but perhaps her dr*g habit has something to do with it. Sad. 552 b

Oscar Moms And Dressing Rooms

[Village Voice] Which Oscar-nominated actress’s mother tried out for the part of her daughter’s character’s mother in a bomb comedy and didn’t get it? (Not convincing enough?) What did the daughter nobly say when she realized her dressing room was smaller than her blond co-star’s? (Free answer: ‘I can use the animosity for the part. We’re supposed to hate each other.’)

Bloody Breakfast

[CDAN] This B- movie actress who has dated one of the biggest stars on the planet has started a new regimen that her shaman says will be good for her. What is it? Drinking blood from a combination of animals everyday. Craaaaazy. Of course she has always been a bit kooky.

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