Only A Handful Of Times

[CDAN] How would you like to be married to someone for a few years and have s*x only a handful of times. Well, that is exactly the type of marriage a former A list movie actress and Academy Award winner/nominee has with her celebrity husband. They do always seem a little strained. Maybe a quickie would help.

Actress Gets Grabby With A Teen

[CDAN] This actress is probably a B-. You would all know her, but whenever she gets a lead in something it always fails. In supporting roles though it seems like she is in every movie and television show. She is everywhere. She is also getting a little bit older. That does not mean she is not still gorgeous, because she is. Apparently though, she » Continued

Better Than A Tupperware Party

[BuzzFoto] A big trend in Hollywood right now are celebrity » Continued

Smoky Girl Collects The Digits

[CDAN] This smoky voiced actress who used to be B list when she was on a hit show is now a struggling C with some issues. One of her issues seems to be that even though she went to an event with a date, it did not stop her from hitting on almost every guy she saw or who came up to her. Every five seconds she would excuse herself from her date, go get a number, and then come back and cozy up to the guy like nothing was going on.

What Happened In The MTV Closet

[CDAN] When this couple was married, he was an almost A list television actor who was just ending a really long run on a hit show. She was a B- list actress who was more famous for her face than her acting. Anyway, even though reports have always suggested they had an open marriage, the wife did take exception to her husband » Continued

Two Actresses Bond Over One Actor’s Shortcomings

Which recently split actress is dishing about her “horrible” ex-boyfriend with his Oscar-winning ex-wife? The two women recently met at a Hollywood function and bonded over the B-list star’s shortcomings as a lover!

Recently split actress:

Oscar-winning ex-wife:

B-list guy:

The Married Studio Chief And The Actress

[CDAN] This studio chief is lucky to even have a wife. The crap she puts up with daily is extraordinary. Even she would draw the line at his cheating on her though with an actress in one of the studio’s latest movies.

On-Screen Couple Is A Secret Off-Screen Couple

[BuzzFoto] This on screen couple, both with families, are sleeping together. They’ve tried to keep it under the radar but all their coworkers have been suspicious for a while. And the actor’s wife has a baby on the way. 573


Dragged Into A Black Widow Conspiracy

[NationalEnquirer] Which late Hollywood star’s actress wife is being dragged into a black widow conspiracy theory? Turns out the widow » Continued

Emmy Girl Embraces No On H8

[NationalEnquirer] Which ’70s Emmy winner from a classic TV comedy who is now in her 80s has embraced California’s anti-Prop Eight movement? Turns out the actress jumped on the marriage-equality bandwagon after her adult daughter came out of the closet recently?!

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