Cliffhanger Includes a Bun

TVLine‘Tis the season when producers begin villainously twirling mustaches as they concoct season-ending cliffhangers that they hope will torture us all summer long. And the execs at one show — an hourlong drama, and a popular one at that! — have come up with a doozie.

According to an insider, the series in question will end its season by revealing that one of its major female characters is pregnant! The news will catch everyone by surprise, no one more so than » Continued

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Co-Stars Are Feuding on the Set


BlindGossip – Several years ago, Celeb 1 was the star of a TV show. Although she never worked with Celeb 2, Celeb 2 publicly said some nasty things about her (complete with animal sounds).

The years passed. The two are now working together on the same TV show. Unfortunately, Celeb 1 never forgot those nasty comments, and is still holding a grudge. It’s creating quite a bit of tension on the set. Celeb 1 avoids talking or interacting with Celeb 2, and refuses to be photographed with her unless it is a cast photo. What is Celeb 2 doing about this? Well, she isn’t quite done talking. Celeb 2 is planning to unload a whole new barrage of mean girl gossip about Celeb 1 in the near future about Celeb 1′s questionable business dealings.

Celeb 1:

Celeb 2:

Television Show: » Continued

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Actress Lying About Volunteer Work

BuzzFotoThis aging actress who was B list in television in her time, has been going into a medical clinic to be treated for several STD’s. She tells friends she’s volunteering at a local Women’s shelter but it’s only to explain her weekly appointments.

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The Secret Baker

BuzzFotoThis B-ish television/movie star loves to bake and just bought part of an upscale bakery in New York. She keeps it secret that at least once a week when her schedule permits she goes into the bakery in the early morning hours to help bake the goods because she enjoys it so much. Based on her figure she isn’t eating any of her creations, but we hear they’re delicious. 502

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Naptime Wasn’t Very Private

BlindGossip – This relationship between an actress and athlete is over, but here are a couple of the more interesting details. Their relationship was purely » Continued

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Young Actress Used To Live in Her Car

BuzzFotoThis underage B list actress from television and film is currently not speaking to her parents because of some sort of falling out. She ran away several months ago and lived in her car for a few days until friends took her in. 499

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Andy Dick on Howard Stern

BlindGossip – Andy Dick phoned in to the Howard Stern show today. » Continued

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Hit Show May Give Diva the Boot

TVLineGadzooks, I can’t tell you how much it pains me to have to write this Blind Item. But hey, at least it is a Blind Item, so unless you’re feeling especially insightful today, you’ll be spared the angst of knowing whom it’s about.

The reason this story so bothers me is that it pertains to both a show and a performer that I really like. The show is relatively new, but a hit; the performer, also new and also a hit. Unfortunately, I’m now hearing from multiple sources that the actor/actress in question has become the kind of diva that alienates fellow cast members and the crew… to the point that a pink slip is being considered. » Continued

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Taking Credit for Secret Santa

BuzzFoto – When this A list actress told her B list costar that she wanted to do something special on Christmas for all of the cast and crew of the film they were finishing, the B lister couldn’t be bothered and made excuses so she wouldn’t have to help. The A lister did an individualized Secret Santa for everyone involved in production and tried to personalize the gifts as best as possible.

When everyone got the presents and people tried to find out who to thank, the B lister decided to start dropping hints that she was the one that gave out the gifts. It is generally known on set of the film that the B lister has a kind and generous heart, even though it was the A lister who did the giving. 498

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She-Devil and The Hot TV Guy

EOnline – Darlings, if you’re on overload from all the glitz yesterday, you’re in luck! We’ve got some nice, down-home, dirty sl*t action for ya!

She-Devil Dees (who will get an Oscar nomination about as soon as I do, the little TV tramp) has been angling her latest conquest. Girl really does climb on top of dudes better than she does television roles, but hey, that’s not so unusual in this town.

So who is She-Devil crowing loudly about this time—and what particular body part? » Continued

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