Buxom Star Ready to Pop

NationalEnquirer – Which sexy, buxom, B-list star – known for breaking up a director’s marriage – is now trying to become a pop star? Even though the former TV actress was dropped by a UK  record label, she’s still trying to charm US music producers with catchy demo tracks.

Snorting Star Is A Magnet

NationalEnquirer – This A-List movie star is snorting mountains of c*caine. And although his dr*g problem is common knowledge in Hollywood, top actresses are drawn to the handsome hunk like a magnet and he continues to put notches on his own bed post.

Before and After Had A Little Help

BlindGossip – Wow, she’s looking good, isn’t she? This award-winning actress has lost quite a bit of weight over the past year. Too bad you can’t chalk it all up to the exercise and/or diet methods she’s claiming. You can, however, credit » Continued

Actress Is In a Sad Relationship

Buzzfoto – This very depressed C list actress is doing her best to find a way to survive her crushing mental illness. She’s engaged in very self destructive behaviors in the past as a coping mechanism, but her new dr*g is diving into one relationship after another. We recently heard about her breakup and now we’ve heard about her new relationship. We hear the relationship is not a good thing, because it’s abusive. On both ends. 547

Movie Star Getting Some On The Side

CDAN – This A list movie actor who is supposedly involved with an almost A list movie actress sure was not showing signs of it at a recent party. When asked how he had met his date for the night, our actor said he had called a guy who called a guy, and was not quite sure what her name was, but that she was really good in bed.

Sassy Girl Needs to Shut Up

NewYorkPost – Which sassy sitcom star, who is just as brazen off-screen, horrified patrons of a civilized downtown restaurant who gawked and shushed her for her loud, over-the-top outbursts as she dined with pals?

The Fall of a Former Fantasy Girl

CDAN – This former B list movie and television actress has seen her career stall since leaving a franchise. While she has been dabbling in c*ke quite frequently lately, this past week it got out of hand. She basically » Continued

Her Mom Is Selling Her Out

CDAN – This B list television actress who does movie sometimes has an interesting family history. Anyway, her mom does whatever she can to make a buck off her daughter. Selling stories is easy money. Selling free swag on eBay, and now she has tried selling some half naked photos of her daughter that were taken when her daughter was trying on clothes for a fitting. She thinks she can blame it on one of the designer’s staff.

TV Divas Fighting On The Set

Downfront2 – Trouble on the set.  Is the real source of conflict between these two TV Divas jealousy? Word has it they’re really fighting over the attention and affections of their female producer. Can you say career boost?

Brunette Beauty’s Bad Rep

This TV-star-turned-film-star dumped her husband. Now she is trying to sleep her way to the top. The brunette beauty is getting a bad rep for her one night stands with some of Hollywood’s sexiest men.

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