Daughter Was In A Compromising Position

CDAN – It’s true, stars are just like us. This B- television actress from a very hit network drama which I wish would just go away, came home the other night and found her daughter, in a compromising position with her boyfriend. Ooops. Said boy was sent packing quickly.

The Actress and The Paycheck

CDAN – This former B+ list movie actress has had a mess of problems over the past few years. Lets face it, she is one big dr*gged out and boozed out shell of what she used to be. Blessed with a chance to get back into the game, she is blowing it. Literally. » Continued

He Was Doing A Lot Of Pumping






BlindGossip – The breakup of this long-married Hollywood power couple may come as a surprise to some. It hasn’t just been his flip-flopping between careers in the past few years that’s put a strain on their relationship. He’s also been flip-flopping among several women.

His wife » Continued

Actress is Glowing But Not Showing

BlindGossip – There’s a good reason why this actress’ skin is glowing and she looks so happy lately. She’s pregnant! Our girl is only about eight weeks along at this point, so you probably won’t see a baby bump for a few more weeks. However, she is » Continued

Mean Girl Plays a Nasty Joke

BuzzFoto – This star is part of an ensemble cast that gets together every once in a while to hang out. Our star is not the brightest star of the bunch but she is one of the nicest. Because she is so nice, and generally well liked by everybody in the group, it’s caused some jealousy issues with one of the cattier stars. The jealousy boiled over » Continued

Lesbian Lovers for Years

CDAN – When you think of two female lovers, I am not sure these are the two who would first pop into your mind. But, for several years this foreign born Academy Award winning actress had a love affair with » Continued

Oscar Versus Grammy

BlindGossip – This Oscar winner has good reason to be worried. A Grammy-winning pop star is writing a tell-all that includes descriptions of the very passionate times they spent together. The Oscar winner is female. » Continued

Diva Has Nasty Words About Actress


BlindGossip – This legendary Diva and this Actress do not like each other. When asked recently if she was friends with the Actress (who is currently on a popular TV show), the Diva had a nasty response. “Absolutely NOT! I’ve never liked that fat c*nt!” There was stunned silence as she danced away into her limo.



Show: » Continued

Drama Queen Wants Your Sympathy

BuzzFoto – This drama queen/actress hates to make mistakes, especially if she’s not getting paid to do so. Normally, she’ll give us a good scandal if it gives her career a boost, but the scandal she’s now involved in is beyond her control. Watch for her to soon » Continued

Younger Man Leads to Younger Face

BlindGossip – People were surprised when this over-40 award-winning actress was spotted with a younger man recently. But there’s more to the story. She began feeling the age difference so acutely that she then went and got a basic face lift. If you glimpse a recent photo of her, you will see that the scars from her latest trip to the plastic surgeon’s office are still clearly visible.

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