The Unprofessional Jerk

[BlindGossip] Lots of stars currently filming this weird movie. We’ll focus on two of them. She is a young – but very experienced – actress. He is at least ten years older than her, and is starring in several films this year. They are doing a scene together. He enters the scene wearing nothing but » Continued

Buffy Doesn’t Care Who Sees Her

[NationalEnquirer] Which Oscar-winning actress has infuriated her fiance because she skinny » Continued

She Will Key You

[BuzzFoto] Which C list actress from a network sitcom recently keyed the car of her television husband after she overheard him telling the crew that he was “glad she wasn’t” his “wife in real life?” 778

Diva Friendships Tested

[Downfront2] Is there a crack in these friendships? First, this Diva has got to put up with the publicity hungry girlfriend of her hubby’s collaborator in her inner circle. Now, the Diva’s Actress friend is getting a little loose with her language and is catching pushback because of it. Will the Diva be able to sit this out, or will she have to speak on it?


Publicity-Hungry Girlfriend:

Diva’s Actress Friend:

Tales Of Hubby’s Philandering

[NationalEnquirer] This Academy Award-winning actress – she’s the widow of an iconic screen legend and Oscar winner – is sadly showing signs of » Continued

Bond Girl Gets In A Screaming Match

[NationalEnquirer] Which still-gorgeous, 60-something star – a former Bond girl – got into a huge screaming match over the phone with her husband at a recent Washington, DC, political function? The actress, who’s on hubby no. 4, was so loud that other guests at the event stopped and stared before she stormed off!

Her Party Behavior Is Bananas

[EOnline] Have we mentioned that Chiquita is, well, bananas?

If her using her man-trapping nether regions to sleep her way to the top (or at least to primetime) or that outrageous diva ‘tude (seriously, who does this broad think she is?) wasn’t enough to convince you, well, maybe you’re just as kooky as Chicky is!

Which means you’ll love her latest party trick:

Not only does Chiquita make it a habit to hook up with at least one costar per party, » Continued

Too Stoned To Throw Stones

[BuzzFoto] This very clean-cut and religious television actress might be highly opinionated about morality, but we shouldn’t judge her too harshly. She has a terrible pain-killer add*ction she is struggling with. 770

Not A Good Time For A Visit

[NationalEnquirer] This A-list star was having a boys-only gay bash in the late ’90s at his Hollywood Hills home when his then-wife (she’s now his ex) unexpectedly showed up at the front door. The actor’s bodyguard turned the Oscar-winning actress away because her hubby was busy hosting a slew of sexy young men!

Brat Fish

[Crushable] She’s not a brat, she just plays one on TV. Can you figure out who this blind item is about?

This star of a popular TV show has a reputation for being particularly…ahem…difficult (both on-screen and off), and it’s clear that that reputation is entirely deserved. Crushable has just gotten word that this celebrity was out to dinner with her parents recently and didn’t feel that the laws of physics that govern the speed at which food can be cooked should necessarily apply to her. » Continued

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