Actress Can’t Afford To Buy Clothes For Her Child

[Fashionista] Celebrity Divorcee Credit Card Catastrophe: Which recently-divorced actress/designer with a stylish daughter recently had her credit card declined in New York at a popular national high street retail chain?

Apparently, the actress/designer, who » Continued

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Married Actor Tried To Reheat Affair

[Hollywood Dame] This married actor tried to reheat an affair with a former costar. The costar – who was a rising starlet when they worked together – had originally seduced him on set. But now she is attached to a younger, hotter star, and wants nothing to do with the married actor. When she turned him down, he » Continued

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Triple Threat Heartbreak

[Downfront2] This mega Superstar sings, dances and acts. She recently left her husband and is seeing a much younger man. A lot of people are urging her to be careful about her new romance. Her young beau may be after her money. Meanwhile, the mega Superstar husband is having the last laugh cause he knows this guy will break her heart.

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She Screamed At The Pretend Brother

[National Enquirer] Which single, aging blonde actress – the baby-mama to a respected Oscar-winner – bumped into her baby-daddy’s famous co-star from a classic ’70s film trilogy and read him the riot act? The has-been party girl was so delusional she began screaming about » Continued

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She’s There To Thwart Temptation

[National Enquirer] This actress – who became famous for playing a hip city girl on a popular cable series – is helping her Oscar-winning beau stay on a clean and sober path. The new mom makes it a point to be at most of her busy partner’s Hollywood events just in case he’s tempted to take a drink and relapse! Who are they?

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Drooping Peepers

[National Enquirer] Which B-list beauty, who’s not even 40 yet, is about to go under the knife to get her upper and lower eyelids smoothed out? The actress is dating one of Hollywood’s hunkiest A-listers, but she’s worried she may lose her young lover if her peepers keep drooping!

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She Is A Nightmare And Her Show Is A Disaster

[National Enquirer] This actress-turned-talk-show host has become a nightmare to work with because her new chat fest, which hasn’t even aired yet, is already a complete disaster. She’s yelling and screaming at her writers and producers, she hates the set, and she’s been accusing some of her staff of setting her up for failure. Who is she?

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New Real Couple Alert

[Blind Gossip] We are always alerting you to the newest fake couple. Today, we want to alert you to a new real couple!

This is all her doing. The two actors were colleagues, and remained good friends after their project ended. The truth is that they have always been attracted each other. But they were always in committed relationships with other people. The only place they were a couple was in the annals of fan fiction. Until now…

He left his wife » Continued

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Actress Rolls Over Little Man

[Blind Gossip] Little Man 1 set up an elaborate production that was supposed to be fronted by Little Man 2. But Little Man 2 lost control of his personal life.

So Little Man 1 approached a very controlling Actress. Would she be interested in stepping up? This presented a dilemma for » Continued

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She’s Telling Lots Of Big Lies

[Blind Gossip] This award-winning actress is facing bad news in every direction. Her acting career is waning; she’s unable to get her body to look the way she wants it to look; and her business is failing. We’re talking about a pretty major meltdown on all fronts. Not that you’ll hear her admitting any of these things. No, she just keeps telling big lies about » Continued

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