Actress Enjoys Driving Her Co-Star’s SUV

suv-1CDAN – This former B list television actress was on a hit initial show and now has said goodbye to that and has dropped to a quick C. Anyway, she is known for her love of » Continued

A Night of Lesbian Lust and Tequila

tequilaStarMagazine – Which singer/actress has pretty much given up playing it straight? She and a galpal openly sucked face after splitting a bottle of tequila at NYC’s Cain Luxe on May 26.

Two Actresses Fighting Over One Talk Show

women-fightingBlindGossip – Actress A and Actress B each wanted their own talk show. Not surprising, since each is known for being pretty funny – as well as very vocal about their individual causes. » Continued

She Will Get Revenge for The Casting Couch

sofa-1NWMagazine – Which top Hollywood agent is shaking in his boots now that the young star he took advantage of sexually at the beginning of her career is now an A-list actress? She’s let it be known she’s coming for her revenge.

This Actor Performs in All Types of Films

liev-schreiber-naomi-watts1BuzzFoto – What B list Actor and sometimes director who is married with children (to a Hollywood Actress) has a s*x tape floating around? The woman in the tape is someone other than his wife and the word is, the tape is very risque. We’re told it would definitely change your image of him, and not in a good way. The rumor is, this tape could be appearing on your computer screens soon, but we hear the actor is doing all he can to stop it. Not Liev Schreiber. 142


» Continued

Dreamy Actor Embarrassed to Admit Fling

dreamy-1NYDailyNews – Which dreamy-eyed actor is embarrassed to admit he’s hooking up with a hard-partying starlet?

Eating Her Way Through Her Marriage Problems

woman-eating-1NW Magazine – Which A-list actress currently undergoing marital problems of the highest order has turned to comfort eating? The normally pin-thin actress has surprised the wardrobe department on her latest film with her expanding waistline.

Teen Star Thinks Her Trailer is a Bar

alcohol-drinksNW Magazine – Which teen star is secretly running off the rails? She’s been drinking so much in her trailer that producers on her hit show are at their wits end — she’s gearing up to be bigger and badder than Lindsay and co.

Her Lips Have Wessonality

lips-3NW Magazine – Which aging actress has stayed away from the spotlight of late because she tried to inject her own lips with vegetable oil during a drunken night?

Actress is Tracking Her Kids on GPS

gps-tracking-1CDAN – She might not always be the best role model as a mother, but this former B list movie actress with A list name recognition is extremely controlling when it comes to the location of her kids. Not only does she have GPS trackers on the cell phones of her kids, she also doesn’t allow them to go out at night unless she or a parent is with them. She knows what kind of mistakes she made as a teenager and doesn’t want her kids to make the same mistakes.

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