Screamer’s Husband was Chasing Girls

woman-screamingNYDailyNews – Which TV star will absolutely scream when she discovers her husband was chasing girls at an L.A. nightclub over the weekend?

Actress is in Love with a Non-Famous Person

kate-hudson-1BuzzFoto – This actress who can’t seem to find a stable relationship, might have just found the man of her dreams. And this time, she’s steering clear of famous people. Rumor has it, she’s snuggling up with a camera man and the two are head over heels! Not Kate Hudson.

TV Actress has Sibling with Wandering Hands

man-handsCDAN – This B list television actress on a hit network drama has some siblings. One of the siblings is an actor himself. Way down the list. D or lower. He is also very young. As in young teenage young. It didn’t stop him at a recent event though from hitting on women who were over twice his age. It would have been hilarious except for the fact he really believed his own hype and that of his sister. Oh, and he has wandering hands. He was a piece of work.

Actress Cries About Her Face

monster-1BlindGossip – This actress peaked in the 1990s. Everyone knew her name, and her beautiful face was on the cover of every magazine. Looking to make a comeback, she has approached several directors and producers about roles that are really » Continued

Girl’s Management Wants Her to Dirty It Up

dirty-girl-wash-meNWMagazine – Which upcoming starlet has been told to keep a lid on her God-fearing, clean-living lifestyle by her management team? Apparently, they think having an out-of-control client will be better for the books.

Film Star is Not as Carefree as She Appears

woman-ocdNWMagazine – Which fun-loving film star may play the part of the carefree chick on the surface, but is hiding a debilitating case of OCD behind closed doors? One of her high-profile relationships recently went caput because her man could no longer hack her obsessive ways.

Her Colleagues Consider Her All Fur Coat

fur-coat-1HolyMoly – Which actress of the moment isn’t exactly well loved by her co-stars and directors, with them getting a bit tired of the “all fur coat and no knickers” approach?

She is Begging for a Casting Couch Audition

sofa-2NWMagazine – Which has-been starlet is willing to do literally anything to get a role? Apparently she’s calling up male casting agents and giving them a heads-up about her many and varied talents.

Married Hot Tamale Juggles Four Men

hot-tamale-1NYDaily News – Which married hot tamale of an actress has three boyfriends on the side? One is rich, one is pretty and one is a rough-and-tumble Oscar nominee.

Movie Legend Rejects Girl on Girl Rumors

woman-surprisedNYPost – Which movie legend proclaims in her nightclub act, not once, but twice, “Although I love girls, I don’t sleep with them” — causing eyebrows in the room to hit the chandelier.

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