Lunch is on this Hardworking TV Actress

teri-hatcherBuzzFoto – Which hardworking and talented mostly Television Actress often buys her whole cast and crew lunch, just to be nice? Not Teri Hatcher.

Actress Tried to Do a Dine and Dash

food-truck1BlindGossip – This actress gets paid plenty for her current television gig. However she apparently doesn’t always carry cash with her. She stopped by a popular food truck for some lunch recently. When her food arrived, she discovered that they wouldn’t take her debit or credit card. She actually pulled the old “Don’t you know who I am?” routine in trying to get the proprieter to let her walk away with the food with a promise to bring the money the next day. The owner refused. The actress began pouting and whining. Finally a kind stranger stepped up and paid the owner. The actress offered her autograph as payment, but the good samaritan refused. The actress simply said “OK, well, thank you!”, grabbed her food, and left. We still don’t understand why she didn’t offer to send the stranger the money, which is probably worth more than her autograph anyway.

Twilight Actor is Falling Apart

twilight-new-mooonEOnline – Twilight Blind Vice: Terry Tush-Trade’s Freaked: What a mess Terry Tush-Trade feels overwhelmed by right now, both professionally and personally. If only someone could shake Terry’s well-coiffed little head and say it’s all OK, you’ve got the world before you, fans are quivering at your gorgeous toes—you have nothing to worry about, sweet stuff! But Terry just doesn’t see it that way, not at all. Result: The good-looking Twilight franchise performer is » Continued

A Nice Catholic Girl Prepares for Sunday Mass

confession-booth-2BlindGossip – This well-known actress has talked before about her Catholic upbringing. What she hasn’t talked about is the frequency and timing of her sins. She is usually fairly well-behaved during the week. However, every Saturday night, she » Continued

Actress Does All Kinds of Body Shots

body-shots-1CDAN – This B-/C+ movie and sometime television actress was at a recent party. Not a big deal. She was drinking shots at the party. Again, not a big deal probably but it depends who you ask. She then proceeded to start taking » Continued

Hungry Actress Took Gift Certificates

woman-eating-4StyleList – Which T.V. actress and fashion spread regular used to feed herself before she made it by » Continued

This Movie Actress is Blaming the Food

woman-illCDAN – This C+ list movie actress set to launch herself into the big-time with an upcoming popcorn flick complained of food » Continued

Don’t Let This Actor Near Your Sister

sisters-2CDAN – This B+/A- movie actor had a great relationship with his C list movie actress co-star on one of his recent movies. It didn’t lead to anything romantic for them, but the actress did invite her sister to the set. Well one thing led to the other and the next thing you know » Continued

What One Actress has to do for One Oreo

oreo-cookieBlindGossip – Some actresses battle with their weight. Not this one. For her, it’s an all-out war. Our actress is a svelte size 4, but she has a little black notebook into which she records every bite of food she eats. She calculates the portion size, calories, carbs, protein and fat. She also records every minute of exercise and how many calories she burned. If her net for the day is over 1200 calories, she cuts back the next day by that exact amount. If her net for the day is under, she allows herself one Oreo cookie as a reward. One. If you’re wondering why she is so tightly wound about food, it’s likely because her ex – also an actor – used to constantly tell her she was fat compared to other actresses, and then later rather cruelly dumped her.


» Continued

These Two Acting Couples are Playing Games

two-couples-3CDAN – There is a husband who is a C list movie actor. Honestly, he may even be a D, but he has B list name recognition and is married to a permanent B list television actress with A list name recognition. Well, it turns out they like to » Continued

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