TV Girl Freaks Out If You Stare at Her

people-staringVillage Voice – Which TV starlet has freaked out from her (mid-level) success and doesn’t want people on the street to even look in when she’s doing a photo shoot in an establishment? Wouldn’t she freak out even more if they didn’t look in?

Lead Actress Almost in Tears on Red Carpet

woman-black-eyeCDAN – This C list almost exclusively movie actress who has been in some important movies thought she had found true love. It sounds like true terror. In what should be her coming out party for her first real big lead role, she instead has to deal with her new B list writer/director boyfriend who loves nothing more than hitting her. Very careful not to leave a mark on her face, she nevertheless was almost in tears on the red carpet from the pain he inflicted on her the night before her big premiere this week. Despite this, she still held his hand as they walked the red carpet. Sick I know.

Two Actress Plus One Actor Plus Jack Daniels

jack-danielsEOnline – Finally! Somebody’s actually having some heterosexual sex in Hollywood — love it! But it was some messy nooky, I’ll tell ya that much: » Continued

The TV Actress and The Gawky Guy

gawkyNY Daily News – Which newly attached TV actress got it on with a gawky star from the same network?

Gwyneth is Sad When She Can’t Control You

gwyneth-paltrow-2Sydney Morning Herald – “When I was much younger I was involved with somebody where they weren’t married but were into drugs and alcohol … I was obsessed with why this person wasn’t showing up.

I was raised by people … who made me feel really good about myself. I still got caught up in this thing of, What’s wrong with me? Why isn’t this turning out the way I want?”

He Doesn’t Want Her to Become More Successful

woman-sitting-backwards-chairBlindGossip – She is a movie actress who has nearly eclipsed her husband in fame and noteriety. Outwardly, he seems to have no reservations in watching her succeed. In reality, though, his big ego has led him to  doing some quiet things to sabotage her behind her back. He recently made a call to a director with whom he has a good relationship, asking him to forgo casting his wife for a particular upcoming role that she really wanted.

We smell trouble coming. This actress takes her work seriously, and there are bound to be reprecussions for her husband and marriage if she finds out he is underming her.

Raid Girl is a Paid Girl

women-three-2CDAN – I hope you read the post from yesterday because today involves the very same actress. Our actress is involved with a much older man who likes to have a variety from which to choose each night. At the present time he has two women he pays for and our actress. The two women are both considerably older than our actress and are much more experienced. One of the two women who is bought enjoys pain but our actress does not get involved in anything but watching it be administered. In addition to taking care of her benefactor, our actress is also expected to spend some, umm alone time with the other bought woman. It is amazing what a drug habit will do to once very strong morals. I smell rehab very, very soon.

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She Will Use a Friend and a Turkey Baster

turkey-2BillyMasters – Could it be that a former sitcom siren is desperately seeking a baby? After a number of failed relationships, she’s decided not to wait for Mr. Right and is instead turning to the turkey baster. To fill it, she’s trying to enlist the aid of one of her many gay friends, some to whom she’s been romantically linked. Her most recent breakup led her to forget about chemistry and focus on muddling through solo.

Actress’ Hotel Room Raided at Cannes

german-shepherdCDAN – This B list television actress on a very hit network drama is in Cannes. Hey, at least I narrowed it down for you. I mean how many could there be? Well, it seems our actress got VERY lucky. How lucky? Well our actress was apparently spotted receiving a large quantity of white powder from a male acquaintance. The person who spotted this reported it to the police, who decided to raid our actresses’ hotel room. All this for coke? Anyway, after a 30 minute search with a drug sniffing dog, nothing was found. Yeah, well they should have come the night before. Unfortunately our actress is like a Hoover vacuum cleaner and had finished what she had been provided. When she finally gets busted her world is going to come crashing down.

This Actress Found Her Husband and Co-Star

woman-shocked-2BuzzFoto – Which B List Celebrity Actress went into her own trailer in between filming to find her own husband and her costar doing the nasty?

Not Jaime Pressly.

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