Director’s Wife Kicks Star to the Curb

rachelle-lefevre-1BuzzFoto – Which star just backed out of a recent movie role and is blaming it on conflicting work schedules, when it really has to do with the fact that » Continued

Broadway Diva Got The Smackdown


VillageVoice – Which Broadway diva who didn’t get the part in that movie musical eventually » Continued

A Little Nookie on the Set of TV Show


BuzzFoto – These cheating TV costars have been very sneaky in the past to keep their affair under wraps. One is married, one has a boyfriend, but now another costar, with connections to our source discovered their little secret rendezvous and told everyone else on set. No one is happy about it, because the cast really like this actor’s wife. No one from the Office.


Jim Parrack from True Blood. Source: BuzzFoto.

Horsey Girl has a Special Assistant

horse-3VillageVoice – Which slightly horsey yet sexy young actress is a lesbian, gamely accessorized with one of those perennial girlfriend-slash-assistants? What does that say about her boyfriend?

Actress was Fire on The Set

cigarette-burningCDAN – Fire was the nickname of this former B list movie and television actress who is best known as the movie girlfriend of this A+ list actor who only does movies. Over the course of four movies she burned down three of her trailers on set because she would leave her burning cigarettes everywhere so she could keep smoking no matter where she was.

Her Nickname is Deputy Dawg

deputy-dawgCDAN – This former A list movie actress has a nickname of Deputy Dawg. Yes, spelled like that. She got the nickname because of a movie she was in which featured police. Oh, and the » Continued

Movie Star Has Surgery Before Her Comeback

CDAN – This C- list actress with B list name recognition used to be a B or B+ movie star. She then got » Continued

The Chicken and Blueberry Diet

woman-dietBlindGossip – This TV actress put on a few pounds (six, to be exact) while her show was on hiatus, but now that they are back in production, she is desperate to lose weight quickly. She has begun a diet of 800 calories a day consisting only of the following foods: chicken, brown rice, non-fat yogurt, and blueberries. If you are assuming she eats the first two together, and the second two together, you’d be wrong.

Reality Star has an Idea for a Diet Plan

woman-dietCDAN – This B+ reality star and sometime actress has her very own diet plan. She is so pleased with it she wanted to try and market it. She actually approached her agent and said, “I have a great diet plan and I want to sell it.” “What is it?” the agent asked. “It’s this pill called Adderall. I take it and then I am not hungry for days.

Aging Actress Appreciates Tween Culture

tweens-1CDAN – Although it pains me to admit it I guess this aging television actress is B list. It is more because of her show than any real acting talent on her part. I mean it is a hit television show. Anyway, our actress has child/ren and because of that our actress found herself at a recent concert by this tweener star. » Continued

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