Their Director Liked To Watch

[CDAN] All three of these people are foreign born. So, what happens when you take a B- list movie actor who is known for wanting to have sex with anyone despite his not really good looks with a B-/C+ actress who is from a well known family and has done a mix of movies which tend to be foreign and television which tends to be American? You get some wild » Continued

Either She Goes Or I Go

[CDAN] So, I was reading an article the other day about this actor and I love how he just ignores the part of his life that was wild and crazy. Just because there was no TMZ to capture a moment, does not mean no one remembers. People were there. Like me. Back in the day, there was a very popular sitcom on the air. It was on one of the big 3, although the 4th network did exist at the time. It was also long running. Anyway, the star (A- list then and now probably a C+)of the show was kind of coming into his own and testing the dating market. He had not done much previous to the show and was enjoying all the female attention. One person he was interested in was a co-star on the show » Continued

Former Child Actor Hooked Up With A Sibling

[BuzzFoto] This D list actor, who is most well known for being a son on a sitcom that was on during the late 80′s and early 90′s, once acted in a family movie that was made for television. He told a source that several years later, he met up with a child actor that played his sibling on the movie and hooked up with him, only once. The D list actor is straight. 634

A New Baby And A Condo

[BuzzFoto] This actor recently had a baby with his non-famous wife and is loving life as a new father. The recent change has him sweating and feeling extremely guilty over the » Continued

His Celebrity Wife Is Bumping Another Movie Star

[CDAN] While this B- list actor, who has the acting ability of an F lister and the body of an A has been busy filming his latest movie, his celebrity wife has been spending her time » Continued

Funnyman Lures A Bombshell Boost

[NationalEnquirer] What male TV star is trying to get his former flame—cur­rently starring on a hit sitcom on the same network—to guest-star on his new comedy series? The funnyman—who’s almost 60—thinks his new show could use a boost…and this bombshell would definitely do the trick!


This Is Going To Be Quick And Dirty

[CDAN] It is not like this should be surprising, but it is kind of sad. This actress is probably C list. She has really only had one big role. It was a huge movie. Not necessarily dollar wise, but awards and publicity wise. She also models and has been in a long term relationship with another C list actor and former co-star. Apparently though he has been getting the lies and excuses lately about why they cannot spend more time together even though publicly she says all the right things about how great their relationship is. She tells the boyfriend that » Continued

It’s Not Cheating If He Pays For It

[CDAN] This C+ list television actor who does not do much, but was on a modest network hit and has just about A list name recognition is encouraged by his wife to hire esc*rts as much as he wants just as long as he does not cheat on her again. Apparently she does not consider anything strictly sexual to be cheating.

Actress Breaks Up A Family

[LaineyGossip] A marriage is over. A one year old baby will now grow up in a broken home. Because the d*ckhead of a father couldn’t resist the action star. He’s a crew member on her show, no one famous. She is the star of the show. And a major b*tch. Was hated before she decided to f*ck up a family. Is even more hated now. Because she decided she had to have him, that’s it, never mind that he’s married and his wife had a baby not too long ago. » Continued

Company For Halloween

[BuzzFoto] Last Halloween this B list, male television actor spent the night in the arms of his wife and children. This year, (since he was kicked out of his home two weeks ago) his friends plan to help him spend it with several pr*stitutes. 632

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