Actor Goes from Frown to Smile at Party

man-glum-smilingBlindGossip – There was a party last weekend, and this movie actor arrived in a glum mood. His girlfriend, who is also in the acting biz, had just broken up with him for the second or third or fourth time. After a few drinks and » Continued

Lazy Actor Didn’t Do His Own Homework

homeworkNYDailyNews – Which lazy actor hired someone to do his college homework? Learning apparently does not do a body good.

Famous TV Actor Calls on Young Actress

booty-call-1CDAN – This age inappropriate booty call relationship had another episode when our B listers hooked up again. The guy does movies and television but has made his fame on one television show. The woman does primarily television but does a movie when someone is dumb enough to pay her.

Blockbuster Movie Actor Brings Paid Date

woman-sexyCDAN – This C list movie actor in a blockbuster summer movie paid for his date to be at the premiere. As in she charged him by the hour paid. She looked it too.

He is Sneaking Off to Vegas for Excitement

rouletteEOnline – Our superfamous naughty couple today is by no means as interesting as Hard-N*pple Nick and his megastar wife. Quite the opposite, in fact. Sorry! But get this:

It’s high time everybody met Jerry Rock-Butt and Chutney Jones—an insanely gorgeous duo. The stars » Continued

Freaky Actor Likes More than Your Blue Jeans

blue-jeans-1NYDailyNews – Which freaky actor – who currently has a girlfriend – hit on a wardrobe consultant on the set of his latest film with the line, ‘I like those jeans. Can I have your number?’

Golden Globe Guy Seeks Fast Food Gig

hamburger-2CDAN – What former Golden Globe Best Actor nominee has fallen so far down the acting ladder that earlier this week he was forced to audition against 50 other actors for a fast food commercial?


» Continued

Married Actor is on The Down and The Low

man-bed-1CDAN – What barely hanging onto A list married movie actor who is always Mr. Macho was seen, umm, how can I put this, getting serviced by a male assistant director on his latest movie. The trailer for the actor was unlocked and a production assistant walked in and now everyone knows. I was shocked when I heard it because I had never heard a peep that he leaned that way. Ever.

Actor’s Magic Wand Swings the Other Way

magic-wand-1DailyMirror – Which magical actor is a hit with the ladies but keeps joking that they’re wasting his time as his wand swings the other way?

This Rumor Nearly Destroyed Their Marriage

man-woman-arguing-3CDAN – This B-/C+ movie actor is married to a B-/B+ television actress. Over the past few months there have been some rumors swirling that their marriage is in trouble. The husband even had to spend several nights away from the family home when his wife » Continued

These Two Celebrity Actors Shared One Girl


BuzzFoto – These two A/B list celebrity pals are now all grown up and have both been successful. We hear that back in the day when the two were just getting started, one actor was secretly sleeping with the sister of the other actor. The actor to this day, still doesn’t know! No one associated with Leonardo DiCaprio.


It’s » Continued

Actor is Off the Wagon and Attending Meetings

wagonNYDailyNews – Damage control! Which hard-partying actor rushed back to his local AA chapter when he was caught drinking, but is actually still on the sauce?

Transformed Actor Travels with a Friend

transformersNYDailyNews – Which actor may have transformed himself from the drinker he once was, but still travels with his sponsor to avoid a slipup?

Two Oscar Winners Spend Time with Soldiers

soldier-amputeeCDAN – This A+ list Academy Award winner/nominee actress spent some two weeks ago at a Veteran’s hospital. She did so quietly and without publicity. She spent time with every patient she could and when she left, she gave them all gift bags which included a $1000 gift certificate to Best Buy.

This A+ list Academy Award winner/nominee actor also spent time with the troops at the same hospital. He didn’t being gift bags but did stay for many hours and visited with everyone there and shared stories and listened and also didn’t want any publicity for being there.


» Continued

Actor Falls Out with Jealous Actress Girlfriend

jake-gyllenhaal-1EOnline – Nevis Devine, that crafty, good-looking charmer of a stud, is at it again. He had a falling-out with one of his former costars (because he, well, just can’t help from engaging in a certain amount of ungentlemanly behavior, once in a while), and obviously, nobody warned N.D.’s latest costar that Neddy boy likes to play. A lot.

First, let’s get something straight: Miss Costar, a sexy-enough thing who’s becoming » Continued

Magazine Cover Will Exclude Cast Members

cast-photo-1CDAN – In two weeks this magazine I love to hate is going to have a cover reuniting the cast of a popular 80’s-90’s tweener comedy. Well, almost the entire cast. It seems that the bigger stars from the show would only agree to pose for the cover if two of the members of the cast were not involved. The magazine agreed.

#1 – Magazine
#2 – Show
#3 & #4 – The two cast members excluded.

People Magazine July 2009

Screech excluded

Dim Bulb Actor Still Wasting His Money

light-bulb-1NWMagazine – Which out-of-touch TV actor spent over $600 to have someone come and change his light bulbs?


» Continued

This Actor Was Getting Some Extra Attention

couple-bed-2BlindGossip – These two over-30 actors always appeared to be pretty happy together. As far as we know, both have worked steadily throughout their careers, neither has ever been to rehab, and they seem like good parents. Why are they suddenly having problems? Seems that our actor got a little » Continued

Comic Actor Out of Control on Movie Set

clapboardCDAN – What B- list movie and television comedy actor is currently having to reshoot many scenes from a recent movie. He has been doing so many drugs on his film that he has wildly different looks from one scene to the next depending on when it was shot. It has become so bad that more scenes are being written into the movie for other actors in an attempt to create a story without using many of our comic actor’s scenes and story line.

He is Sabotaging His Brother’s Acting Career

brothersBlindGossip – These two brothers are both successful actors. However, one has always had more success than the other, as well as the financial rewards that come with that. While they act chummy when you catch them together in front of the cameras, behind the scenes, resentment has been boiling. When one brother found out the other was auditioning for a role he really wanted himself, he arranged a fake emergency so the brother wouldn’t be able to make it to the audition on time, and showed up in his place.

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