Hugging And Growing

[CDAN] This B- list movie actor, with the funny last name and made one of the best movies of the past year but did not get recognized enough for it is known as » Continued

Controlling Actor Expects Wife To Obey

[BuzzFoto] This A list actor is allegedly very controlling of his famous wife. He orders for her at restaurants, controls her finances and even picks out the clothing she wears. She tells friends she is happy to submit to him because it makes their marriage stronger. 610


Why Sweetheart And Sexy Are Just Friends

[BlindGossip] Two very popular actors. He is smoking hot, and everyone loves her. They are both good looking and at the top of their game. They’ve been spending a lot of time together and look like a sweet and happy couple.

Not so fast. » Continued

Female Director Jealous Of Lead Actress

[CDAN] Which female director not really known for directing dislikes her most recent lead actress so much that she refuses to speak with her unless forced to by the circumstance. Turns out the lead actor had a thing for the actress and not the director, and the director was and is still ticked off about it.

Go Back Home To Your Wife

[CDAN] This long time, but not old permanent B- list television actor is married. I have never heard of him even trying to cheat until now. He has always been very discreet if he has cheated. Anyway, the other night he had a few too many and made many many moves on this C+ list television actress who has been in this spot before in a good way. Our actress turned him down and told him to go back home to his wife.

Actress Can’t Leave Bad Enough Alone

[BlindGossip] Although she works hard to present herself to the world as a wonderful person, this actress has a black streak a mile wide. She wants what she wants when she wants it, and she enjoys it even more if it hurts someone she dislikes.  In this case, she is still pouring salt into the wound of the woman whose » Continued

Emerging Actor Aims For A List Actress

[BuzzFoto] This emerging actor who was recently in a summer blockbuster is caught up in his ride to fame. He told friends at a party this weekend that he’ll know he has really ‘made it’ when he sleeps with an A list actress. He named a few women who he thinks he has a chance with and told his friends he plans to meet this goal by the end of the year. 607

He Had A Meltdown Over A Cell Phone

[NationalEnquirer] Which iconic Oscar-winning actor/director may be suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s? The star recently had a meltdown at a Hollywood restaurant when he couldn’t find his cell phone to call his wife. Turns out he had accidentally tossed the cell into the men’s room toilet!

Party Of One

[CDAN] This actress is on television and movies and has an easy name, but you would be hard pressed to place her or to come up with the names of any of her projects. She is in plenty of projects which include many kinds of media. Anyway, she was recently given a party in her honor. I know, like a real one, not some guys in a frat house saying, whoo hoo, lets watch videos of so and so and put her posters up on the wall while we sacrifice beer bottles in her honor. Anyway, when the » Continued

Marriage Doesn’t Get In Her Way

[CDAN] This former B list movie actress who is now beyond lucky to have a television show spent much of a recent party hitting on this very good looking B- television actor on a fading network show. Despite the fact he kept telling her he was married, she kept on flirting and hitting on him. She told him it did not bother her that he was married and was how she had landed her most recent television show.

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