From Zen To Nag

woman nagging[Blind Gossip] This famous actor thought that he was marrying a woman who was calm and modest and “very zen.” Since he tends to be the opposite » Continued

Late Night Visitors

hotel door do not disturb[Blind Gossip] This handsome actor has not been at all camera shy with the paparazzi while filming in an American city.

Know who you won’t » Continued

Under The Bus Contest

thrown under bus 2[Blind Gossip] Now that this actor/actress couple’s relationship is falling apart, a new contest is about to begin. In it, each contestant will try to throw the other under the bus! » Continued

Blanket Boy

security blanketSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This isn’t a blind item. It is sort of a blind photo. It shows an actor who usually loves being the star and the center of attention.

This actor recently » Continued

God Is Failing

god 2[Billy Masters] Could it be that a god-like guy more known for being seen and not heard is trading in tepid big screen success for » Continued

Olivia Is Hiring

olivia pope 2[TV Line] Olivia’s been Gladiating with a veritable skeleton crew on Scandal this season, but reinforcements are coming.

TVLine has learned that Liv in the near-ish future will » Continued

Whiny Whack

mafia 1[Blind Gossip] Authoritative TV producers operate a bit like Mafia dons. Casting and storylines are closely guarded secrets, to be leaked only at the producer’s discretion… and woe be it to anyone » Continued

He Is Not Shipshape

man shirt small[Blind Gossip] When he was forced to stop drinking recently, this famous film actor needed another way to relieve his stress… so he started eating.

He has » Continued

Angry Actor And The Real Girl

ryan gosling lars and the real girl[Vanity Fair] BG Note: In a recent Vanity Fair article, writer George Gurley talked to David Mills of Abyss Creations – a company that manufactures life-size, anatomically correct companion dolls – about their dolls and their clients.  » Continued

Five Difficult Talent Clients

five people 1[The Wrap] In an April 2014 email to Sony’s former co-chairman Amy Pascal, Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper… [provides] a lively list of » Continued

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