Wrong Line

[New York Post] Which star was written out of a hot television show because he or she was doing way more c*caine lines than script lines?

Actor or Actress:

TV Show:

Star’s Wife Almost Ended Surrogacy

[Blind Gossip] This award-winning film actor is Hollywood royalty. He and his wife, who have been married for more than 5 years, decided that they wanted a baby to complete their family.

They chose the surrogacy route. Because they are celebrities, they » Continued

TV Star Goes To Cathouse

[The People] Which TV star was caught indulging in some worrying sexual behaviour in a brothel recently?

No More Baby Steps

[Blind Gossip] Lately, this young star has been making more headlines for his personal life than for his talent. Well, his handlers are desperate to deflect your attention and give you something else to talk about. So, believe it or not, his next big project will be… » Continued

He Used To Be The Good Brother

[Blind Gossip] He used to be the “good brother”. While his siblings were getting lost in fake relationships and excessive partying, he was focusing on expanding his skill set to acting.

He has definitely taken a wrong turn, though. » Continued

So Close

[Blind Gossip] He’s been through so many relationships (always with notable women) that it may be hard to picture this famous actor settling down. However, he was ready. He was about to propose to his girlfriend. He liked the fact that she was a little » Continued

False Teeth And Fiji Bottles

[Hollywood Street King] Our blind item is a man who’s back to his infamous ways of snorting » Continued

Hot Light Hissy Fit

[National Enquirer] What TV host got a little too hot under the collar and threw a major hissy-fit in front of a live audience? The former child actor-turned-television personality blamed his crew for purposely keeping the hot lights pointed at him when the cameras weren’t rolling!

He Is Ignoring Her Cries For Help

[National Enquirer] This hunky A-lister is getting calls from his desperate C-list actress ex-wife – she was famous when he was struggling – because » Continued


[Blind Gossip] These two actors had a dating arrangement. Even though they didn’t like each other very much, they played nice and stuck it out for several months. It’s over now, but she got a nice payday » Continued

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