New Real Couple Alert

[Blind Gossip] We are always alerting you to the newest fake couple. Today, we want to alert you to a new real couple!

This is all her doing. The two actors were colleagues, and remained good friends after their project ended. The truth is that they have always been attracted each other. But they were always in committed relationships with other people. The only place they were a couple was in the annals of fan fiction. Until now…

He left his wife » Continued

She’s Telling Lots Of Big Lies

[Blind Gossip] This award-winning actress is facing bad news in every direction. Her acting career is waning; she’s unable to get her body to look the way she wants it to look; and her business is failing. We’re talking about a pretty major meltdown on all fronts. Not that you’ll hear her admitting any of these things. No, she just keeps telling big lies about » Continued


[Blind Gossip] This youngish, humorous  actor is fairly modest in public, but not so modest in private. He has been bragging to his friends that he was so rich that he could “wipe my ass with twenties” and “light my joints with ones”.

At a recent informal barbecue at his home, one of his friends – who is also an actor, though not as successful – asked » Continued

Why This Actor Has Four Bodyguards

[Blind Gossip] This actor is over the age of 30 and has been starring in films for many years. Although he has become more in demand over the past year, we were really surprised to discover that this big, athletic guy he has recently been traveling with FOUR bodyguards. Even Katie Holmes – who is a female needing protection from » Continued

Franchise Star Was ThisClose

[National Enquirer] Which handsome, married star of a successful movie franchise was thisclose to sleeping with his sexy, engaged co-star? At times, the chemistry between the two A-listers was so intense during filming that they actually told producers that they shouldn’t be left alone together!



Film Franchise:

He Groped Her Husband

[National Enquirer] Which closeted male star aggressively propositioned THEN groped the hunky husband of his blonde co-star back in the mid-’80s? The now 60-something actress, who had a child with and then later divorced the actor/dancer, is finally spilling the beans about her famous co-star’s legendary, inappropriate behavior. Who are THEY?



Actress’ Hunky Actor/Dancer Husband:

Spin Struggle

[NationalEnquirer] What weight challenged Oscar nominee is taking spin classes in order to cycle his weight down for an upcoming film role? The funnyman struggled so much during a 60-minute class at a trendy West Hollywood spinning studio recently that the instructor thought he was having a heart attack!


It Wasn’t A Dine And Dash

[Hollywood Dame] This established actor in multiple franchise films was dining out with his wife in Manhattan. The two kept things as low key as possible, but snuck off to the bathroom together. The waiter feared they dined and dashed, but they returned about fifteen minutes later looking slightly disheveled, but smiling. They finished their meal and left the waiter a 50% tip.

Desperate Man Strikes A Pose

[NationalEnquirer]  What former “Desperate Housewives” hunk gets his » Continued

It’s So Tiny

[Celebzter] So many actors in Hollywood find themselves to be on the receiving end of malicious gay rumors, and for some subjects of the gossip, they are true. For others, they are not.

There has a long been speculation about the sexuality of this actor, and it’s a rumor that has dogged him throughout his career. So, can you imagine our surprise then, to discover that the said actor actually falls into the minority of those wrongly accused of being in the closet?

But while we can 100 per cent confirm that he likes women, there is a one teeny problem: » Continued

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