Chopper Alienation

helicopter 3

[NationalEnquirer] What two-time Oscar winner has completely alienated his Santa Barbara neighbors because he likes to take off and land his noisy helicopter in a field on his property? The still-handsome 60-something star thinks he’s untouchable and refuses to park his chopper [More...]

Somebody Really Got Hurt

men fighting

[BlindGossip] This top actor recently engaged the professional company of an effeminate boy for the night. The following night our star was out at a bar with a group of people. The boy and his p*mp showed up with a group of his own to demand payment for the services rendered. [More...]

Get The Hose

garden hose

[VillageVoice] Vintage Blind: Which movie 'throb indelicately tells people that the gal he lived with two relationships ago has bad personal hygiene and needs to hose out her private region? [More...]

Loveless Topher Is On The Down Low

ryan gosling 1

[Eonline] Isn't it funny when somebody like Strawberry Snort 'Em appears to have it all: Devoted and cute BF? Check. Cool digs? Beyond-average talent? Check. Back-stabbing besties? Check! But when the love affair busts up, Strawberry stops eating and starts snorting even more, so [More...]

Hot For Teacher

teacher sexy

[BuzzFoto] We hear that this A/B list actor who started out on television and moved to film (mostly with his buddies) had always dreamed of making love to one of his high school teachers when he was younger. He vowed that when he was famous, he would do it. Guess what? He did [More...]

Actor Slips Again

dr drew pinsky 2

[CDAN] This A+ list movie actor has been in this space before when he has slipped. This time though it is way more than a slip. He was at one point probably the most rehabbed actor in the world and now he needs it again. Desperately. He thinks he is hiding it from his wife, but [More...]

He Got Engaged Over Christmas


SOLVED! UPDATED! [BlindGossip] Everyone knows this cute actor, although you might be hard-pressed to name more than one role he played. He finally got engaged to his girlfriend right around Christmas, but there hasn’t been any announcement yet. Why not? It's because he’s [More...]