Dramatic Series Dramatic Affair

hearts 1[Blind Gossip] The cast of a successful cable television drama series has a really dramatic love affair playing out on the set » Continued

The Heroic Habit of a Child Actor

child hero[Pop Bitch] Which largely untroubled child actor conquered the demon » Continued

The Worst Boyfriend – Part 4

boy yelling at girl[Blind Gossip] The thing that we dislike most about Slimy the Actor is the emotional blackmail that he uses to control his girlfriend, Poppy the Singer. » Continued

The Worst Boyfriend – Part 3

girl alone 2[Blind Gossip] Poppy the Singer is really trying to live a clean life.

But, as anyone who has ever been through » Continued

The Worst Boyfriend – Part 2

buffalo wings[Blind Gossip] The second thing that we really despise about Slimy the Actor is how critical he is of Poppy the Singer.

While she tries to project confidence on the outside, Poppy actually lives in a chronic state of insecurity and anxiety about how she looks. » Continued

The Worst Boyfriend – Part 1

couple in bed 16[Blind Gossip] Poppy has had her share of triumphs and trip ups in the past couple of years. While she tries to appear strong on the outside, she still struggles with a lot of issues.

Her friends and family believe that much of that inability to resolve her issues stems from her inexplicable and completely toxic relationship with one of Hollywood’s biggest jerks. » Continued

Top Actor Is Using Again

coc 10SOLVED!


[Blind Gossip] This very talented, award-winning actor is featured in one of the biggest films of the season. » Continued

Bollywood Guess Who

shahrukh[vancouver.24hrs.ca] Bollywood gossip. Guess who?

1) Why are courts threatening to ban Bollywood Ram-leela?

2) Which actor is looking for a Punjabi bride?

3) Why is Shah Rukh Khan indebted to Arbaaz Khan?




This Lion is Not a King

lion king[Fashion Pulis] Everyone knows just how ambitious Talented Actor TA is, a very passionate person when it comes to matters closest to his heart.

A real gentleman as far as his fans are concerned, TA takes the extra effort to make his fans feel appreciated. Apart from that, whether it was a personal choice or TA’s management decision, his team up with Big Star BS » Continued

This Actor Hated His Show

hate 1[Reddit] I work in TV but mostly comedy so I don’t have tons of experience with actors getting killed off.

But one example I saw was insane.

This actor HATED doing the show » Continued

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