Big and Little Mouths

Close-up of a woman eating a hot dog[Blind Gossip] Little always seems to have her mouth open, which has both made her a success and has gotten her into a lot of trouble.

But what Little doesn’t know is that Big also can’t keep his big mouth closed!

As we told you earlier, Big and Little hooked up during awards season this year.

Big is young and hot. He was nominated for a major award this year, » Continued

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BG12345: Wednesday

camel 19Good Morning, Blinders!

Why is this camel different from every other camel?

Because it’s the third night of Passover, that’s why!

Happy Passover to all of our Jewish readers! You may not have invited us to your seder, but we were there in spirit with you to drink 4 glasses of wine and sing 14 verses of Dayenu!

The rest of you will just have to get drunk on Hump Day gossip.

In the mood for a BG12345? We’ll start as soon as 100 of you say “Yes!”

Love, Ace

UPDATE: You got it! Let’s go!

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Gay Football Player May Come Out

nfl teamsUPDATED!

[Blind Gossip] A professional football player is thinking of coming out of the closet. If it happens, this would be the first time that an active player in a major American sport has acknowledged that he is gay.

According to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports – who was the first to break the story – the » Continued

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Newscaster Is Flinging

news 1[The People] Which newscaster is having a fling with a member of production staff half their age?

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Big and Little Hints

big man little woman 2[Blind Gossip] Big and Little did not start out working in the same field.

Big and Little are more than ten years apart in age.

Little is married. Big is not.

One of them » Continued

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Beef With Brandy’s Baby Brother

brandy ray j[Hollywood Street King] Today’s “Bad” blind item is a rapper who not only rumbled against Ray J, but who also received a beatdown from Suge Knight’s goons.

His run-in with the Death Row Records crew happened back in 2002, the same year that the goon squad reportedly » Continued

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Slow Down On The Commitment

[Downfront 2] This Dude tried the marriage thing but wasn’t good at it. After getting beat up over it, he’s trying commitment again. But, is he talking too much about it? Slow down, cause I’m worried about you!

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Celeb Marriage Left Her $4M in Debt

divorce 15BG Note: This is a very long article.

[MSN Money] I will never forget the moment that my soon-to-be ex-husband and I sat in our mediator’s office as he illustrated our finances on a chalkboard.

“There really aren’t any assets,” he told us. But there was $4 million of debt — from bad investments, lawsuits and failed business deals that I knew nothing about.

I left the room sobbing, feeling like I’d been punched in the stomach. How could I not have known that we owed so much? How — over the 14 years that we’d been together, and through the birth of two sons — had I been so unaware?

I met my ex-husband when I was just 25 years old. He walked into » Continued

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Big and Little

big man little woman 1[Blind Gossip] This is the most unlikely – and shocking – celebrity pairing of the year! We’ll call them Big and Little.

Big supposedly has a steady girlfriend. He used to be good, but he is definitely behaving badly now.

Little is married. She wants everyone to think she is a very good girl, but she is definitely a very bad girl.

Big and Little » Continued

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Model’s Ex Is Obsessed With Slandering Her

model 11[The Fashion Spot] Today I’m proud to bring you The Fashion Spot’s first-ever Blind Item — that is, a story that’s too juicy to pass up, but too quasi-libelous to run on the site in full.

Let’s see, typically blind items present themselves as a question, so let’s try: Which well-known high fashion model has an ex-boyfriend and (sorry but this is the best way to put it) “baby daddy” who’s obsessed with slandering her for dubious personal reasons?

For the purposes of this post, I’m going to call the ex-boyfriend Texas and refer to the model as Zelda.

Yesterday, Texas » Continued

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Regular Royal Rows

royal couple[The Morton Report] Which Royal Couple Had Regular Stand-Up Fights? Flashback to over twenty years ago…

Imagine the scene: one of the most opulent buildings in the world. It’s a royal palace, » Continued

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BG12345: Monday

coffee blueberry muffinGood Morning, Blinders!

Are you awake yet?

Here is your morning coffee and a muffin. We have blueberry muffins for you this morning, still warm from the oven, with that crumbly top you like.

Feeling better? Good. Ready for a BG12345? Even better. Say “Yes!”

Just 100 “Yes!” responses and we’ll get started.

Love, Ace

UPDATE: You got it! Let’s get started!

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Stop Shagging Around

infidelity 3[Pop Bitch] Which married singer with a new album due out has been told by his team to stop shagging around as it might jeopardize the release? They’re keeping an eye on him from now on.

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Her Family Drama Is Worth Less Than She Thinks

family 7[Celebzter] She is used to seeing the drama of her family’s life played out in the tabloids, but those stories are also a little money earner for her.

She is  » Continued

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Caught With His Shorts Down

man butt 3[Bossip] This basketball star has been caught with his shorts down on more than one occasion, but when his wife finally filed “them papers” he seemed to get his act together.

However, it seems the reformed cheat has » Continued

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Their Upcoming Elopement

wedding sunsetSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] We read a lot of gossip reports. The most interesting one we read recently was that these two actors are planning to elope.

Allow us to fill you in on all of the details… » Continued

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Ratchet Rapper Probably Isn’t A CHiPs Fan

chips 3[Hollywood Street King] His recent arrest blew the whistle on this lyrical poser of a pimp, exposing the Oakland rapper as a middle-aged dr*g add*ct. But that’s not our blind item’s first run-in with the law. He’s got four DUI’s — two in L.A. and two in Vegas.

We’re told his drug of choice is crystal m*th and Mollys. Our blind item could be self-medicating himself over the financial turmoil he’s reported to be facing, from tricking » Continued

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BG12345: Friday

ball gag 2Good Morning, Blinders!

A couple of notes:

It’s apparently called a “ball gag”, not a “gag ball”. Sorry that we didn’t know the proper BDSM terminology. BTW, the one they were using looks smaller than the one on the left. That one just looks uncomfortable.

Some of you have asked about the dr*gs they were doing at the beginning of the tape. It wasn’t c*caine or h*roin. It was marij*ana. They weren’t using a bong or a pipe. They were smoking what’s called a “blunt”. It looks like a small cigar.

Spin, little Jonai, spin!

Yesterday was a busy day, and we really appreciate how cooperative you all were with the browser issue.

Actually, we know a better way to say thank you! How about a BG12345?  That’s five new blind items, one per hour, starting as soon as we get 100 “Yes!” votes!

Love, Ace

UPDATE: You got it! Welcome to all the newbies! Let’s go!

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thursday 7Good Morning, Blinders!

It’s going to be an interesting Thursday!

There will be one blind item this morning, and an update to that same item later today.

We are anticipating very heavy traffic to the site today. While our server allows for several thousand concurrent connections, we want to do everything possible to ensure that the site loads quickly for everyone.

Here’s how you can help: After you have finished reading (and sharing!) the post, please make sure to log out of BG and to close the BG tab on your browser. Thanks!

BTW, is there any particular blind you would like to see SOLVED today?

Love, Ace

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Their Breakup Is Permanent

[Lainey Gossip] We were all a little sad, I think, when it was confirmed that they’d broken up. No one sadder than him.

But she left him because of » Continued

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