BG12345: Monday

jessica simpson 5Good Morning, Blinders!

Welcome to a new week! And welcome to the world, Little Ace!

Jessica Simpson decided that 10 months of pregnancy was more than enough, so she birthed a little boy over the weekend. She and Eric Johnson gave their new baby the most awesome name ever: Ace Knute (pronounced “Ka-noot”) Johnson .

Let’s celebrate their new little bundle of joy with a BG12345! Say: “Little Ace!”

Love, Ace

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Precious Dinner Theater

dinner party[Blind Gossip] This comedic actor might want to think twice about how he expresses himself when it comes to imitating people. He was out to dinner with a group of friends when the discussion turned to the Trayvon Martin » Continued

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Why They Are Supporting Paula Deen

paula deen 1[Downfront 2] Paula Deen has not been completely abandoned. Some B-Listers are giving her some love and support, but do they love Paula or publicity?

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Waiting To Inhale

waiting to exhale cast[Hollywood Street King] This songstress was featured on the ‘Waiting To Exhale’ soundtrack, back in 1995. Now, it’s being suspected that she was probably really waiting to inhale while in the recording studio with Whitney. » Continued

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Her Voracious Appetite

woman eating hot dog 2[Blind Gossip] If you need a contestant for a Fourth of July hot dog eating contest, we’re going to recommend Hot Dog Girl. She just loves to eat meat!

Then again, given the rapid and public meltdown of one of her colleagues » Continued

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Comeback Girl Is Demanding Lots of Money

woman money 24[Pink Villa] Recently there has been a lot of buzz about a certain actress, about to make her second comeback, demanding pots and pots of money for her endorsement deals.

However, it has been discovered now that » Continued

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Ashanti and T.I. and Tossed Salad

ashanti 2[Hollywood Street King] Today’s “Ride Wit Me” blind item spends more time with Tiny Cottle’s husband than she does — and the streets are talking about it. Don’t believe me.. Ask Panda.

According to an insider, our mystery man dumped Jermaine Dupri » Continued

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He’s Not That Gifted Down There

[Naughty But Nice Rob] “Every grouping of people has at least one stereotype. Some can be good, while others…not so good.”

During a recent interview, a certain black comedian » Continued

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Taking Nitty Gritty Too Far

man scratching hair[The Mirror] Which celeb took the nitty-gritty of his persona a bit too far? I hear he was sent home » Continued

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Why This Singer and Screen Star Hate Each Other

women fighting 17[Allie Is Wired] These two squabbling stars are at it again!

The war began years ago, but the singer still trashes the » Continued

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BG12345: Wednesday

supreme court rainbowGood Morning, Blinders!

Today is special. It’s not just Hump Day. It’s Rainbow Supreme Hump Day!

Congratulations to all of those who will benefit from today’s two big legal rulings. The Defense of Marriage Act was struck down, and Prop 8 was dismissed. Same-sex marriage is once again legal in California!

Actually, congratulations to all of us… because we all benefit when people are allowed to love and live equally!

Let’s celebrate with a BG12345! Say “YES!” for equal rights for all!

Love, Ace

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Pregnant And Ecstatic

couple pregnant 2[Allie Is Wired] This music veteran is pregnant and ecstatic. On the other hand, her husband is wondering if » Continued

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Casting Call With A Hollywood Hunk

wine 2[Celebzter] It’s long been speculated that this leading man prefers the company of men in the bedroom as opposed to women. No wonder no woman can tame him.

But what isn’t known is » Continued

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Popstar Shocks Her New Partner

coc 8[The People] Which c*caine-snorting popstar has shocked her new partner with her huge intake of the class A dr*g?

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Her Guests Have To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

non disclosure agreement[The Morton Report]  This woman is well known in the UK, although her fame has spread beyond its shores.

Shy and retiring she is not. Forests have been felled so that she can » Continued

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Kanye Plus Two

kanye west 3[Bossip] Three’s G.O.O.D. Company: Guess Which Two Hollyweird Bangers Gave Yeezy Chop Down Action At The Same Damn Time?

Praise Yeezus! We’re » Continued

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Three Anti-Gay Congressman Are Secretly Gay

congress 1[US News and World Report] Michael Rogers, a blogger who gained fame in the early 2000s by revealing the sexual orientation of prominent politicians, has largely been dormant since President Barack Obama took office. But Rogers tells U.S. News he’s gathering evidence for what could be another big revelation. » Continued

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Her Swollen Belly

pregnant belly 8[Pop Bitch] Which Brit popstar was glad to entertain rumours that she might have been pregnant when she » Continued

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BG12345: Monday

iced coffee 3Good Morning, Blinders!

Thank you so much for all the kindness you extended last week. We read every single one of your comments and were overwhelmed by your compassion and your positive thoughts.

Are you up for a BG12345 today? Just 50 “YES!” votes and we’ll begin.

Oh, and it’s the first Monday of summer! Iced coffee for everyone!

Love, Ace

UPDATE: You got it! Let’s go!


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Why This NBA Superstar Is Distracted

nba championship 2013SOLVED!

[Downfront 2] The NBA Finals had to go to all the way to a Game 7. Is that because a Superstar is distracted? Word is, despite his » Continued

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