Republican Shades Obama In Person

barack obama 3[Vanity Fair]  Blind item from Senator Dick Durbin’s Facebook page, the “Page Six of Illinois” » Continued

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BG12345: Wednesday

camel hump day 6Good Morning, Blinders!

Happy Hump Day to all of you!

We have so much gossip for you today! And, as usual, we are going to be the FIRST to tell you about things that the mainstream media will only report to you much later on!

Today’s BG12345 will consist of both new and SOLVED items.

When we will start spilling all of this delicious, exclusive gossip? As soon as 50 of you say, “Hump me!”

Love, Ace

UPDATE: You got it! Let’s get this humping started!

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He Is Blackmailing Barneys

[Hollywood Street King] “He keeps them blue pills on deck to let the younger chicks have it.” – Anonymous

James Brown told our blind item subject to get his first perm. Know why? Because The Godfather of Soul recognized a real playa when he met our mystery man. » Continued

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Guitarist Dropped A Dookie

baby ruth pool[PopBitch] While most people know this rock guitarist for being married to a society beauty, which of his New York-based school friends remember him chiefly as the boy who shat in her swimming pool when they were kids?

Rock Guitarist:

His Wife:

His School Friend:

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Plastic Catfight

cat fight 3[Blind Gossip] She is sweet and pretty on the outside, but don’t let this actress’ docile appearance fool you!

She spent years being dragged through the tabloids » Continued

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A Thin Line For This Singer

love hate[Hollywood Street King] Got Rocks? ‘Cause that’s where all this Motown singer’s love lies.

But as the saying goes, ‘there’s a thin line between love and hate.’ » Continued

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The Woe Is Me Phony

woman upset[Blind Gossip] This woman wants you to believe that she is a really honest person and that her marriage  is great.

Ha! That’s not even close to the truth!

Despite her manipulative ways, she just couldn’t » Continued

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Three and Juice

orange juice[Lainey Gossip] What young stud recently had a threes*me with a mother and her daughter?

Hopefully » Continued

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BG12345: Monday

olivia wilde and jason sudeikisGood Morning, Blinders!

Here’s your Monday morning coffee, served up to you by Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.

Did you know that this fun and attractive couple is expecting their first child together? Congratulations O and J!

We have a BG12345 for your today. That’s five blind items, one per hour, starting at 1:00 pm EDT.


Love, Ace


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She Is Selling Out The Jackson Family

The Jackson Family[Hollywood Street King] She’s said to be getting ready for a third trip down the isle — while pulling a Meagan ‘I’m Celibate Till Wed’ Good — but sources reveal » Continued

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