Legends Are Clashing

older man younger man 1[Downfront 2] A Legend versus a Legend in the Making.

These two » Continued

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Jumpoff Made Madonna Purr

madonna grill[Hollywood Street King] Today’s blind item turned to a high demand industry jumpoff, following her split from one Black Skin Head. Know why? Because » Continued

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Ice Cream Game 4: I Have A Gossip Dream

ice cream 2UPDATED with WINNERS!

This is the most tasteless contest we have ever run… but there’s a tasty reward at the end!

What’s more important than equality? Gossip!

Tell us your ultimate GOSSIP dream!

Is it for Louis and Harry to get married? Is it for George Clooney to hook up with Sandra Bullock? Is it for Miley Cyrus to » Continued

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Five Day Bender

5 14[The People] Which young starlet left her family devastated when she went missing on a five-day bender recently?

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How Superstar Actor Really Got That Body

man torso 5[The Hollywood Reporter]  In 2005, a 30-something actor on the precipice of superstardom began prepping for a lead feature role that required ample spotlight on his abs.

The actor met with the film’s trainer and » Continued

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Pop Star Is Sponging

spongebob[The People] Which pop star is so broke that she is sponging off her boyfriends?

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Away From Prying Eyes

eye 6[Radar Online] This reality star demanded c*caine from strangers at a house party during a night out of town away from the prying eyes of his significant other.

Male Reality Star:

His Significant Other:

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Why One Songbird Got His Wings Clipped Last Night

two birds[Hollywood Street King] This sad excuse for a ‘music man’ is far from being in sync with Rhythm and Blues — Just ask Raphael Saadiq — yet dude is gassed up to the point where he actually believes he’s worthy of wearing the King of R&B crown!

That’s because this blue-eyed bandit » Continued

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Moody At The VMAs

vma 2013[Blind Gossip] We have two interesting stories about one very moody celebrity who was in attendance at the Video Music Awards last night. » Continued

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Unlucky Got Lucky At The Mansion

good luck[Pop Bitch] Which “unlucky in love” celebrity might not be quite as jinxed as the stories suggest?

A redtop was offered graphic footage » Continued

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BG12345: Monday

taylor swift coffeeGood Morning, Blinders!

Let’s start your week with two things that will get you going!

First, a delicious cup of iced coffee served up by Taylor Swift. Then a BG12345.

Did you watch the VMAs last night? While everybody else is talking about Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake, we’re going to talk about Taylor Swift.

Here is » Continued

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The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs – Part 5

seven dwarfs[Blind Gossip] Slimy’s cell phone just happened to contain some very personal photos.

“OMG! There are n*ked photos of Poppy on your phone!” » Continued

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The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs – Part 4

seven dwarfs[Blind Gossip] We don’t know exactly how many people heard Junkie’s comment about how Clingy lost her virginity, but the disclosure certainly surprised them! » Continued

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The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs – Part 3

seven dwarfs[Blind Gossip] There was an awards show last week, and most of the Seven Celebrity Dwarfs were there.

Before the show, everyone was saying hello to each other… and that’s where the trouble started. » Continued

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The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs – Part 2

seven dwarfs[Blind Gossip] There is a group of young Hollywood celebrities who we’ll call The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs.

What the Brat Pack was to the 1980s, the Seven Celebrity Dwarfs are to this generation. They are all good-looking » Continued

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The Seven Celebrity Dwarfs – Part 1

seven dwarfs[Blind Gossip] You probably know by now that there are some n*de photos of a young female pop singer that are being shopped around the Internet.

We have the photos. » Continued

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BG12345: Friday

friday 7Happy Friday, Blinders!

Boy, do we have a story to tell you!

It’s so interesting – and there are so many Pop Stars, Actors, Actresses and Boy Banders involved – that we’re going to run it in five parts today!

We’re still sorting through the players and the details, so bear with us for a few minutes.

In the meantime, grab the popcorn, because you are about to be entertained!

Love, Ace

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The Truth About Their Vacation

couple beach 6[Blind Gossip] This photogenic couple did a photo op in the past couple of months that their fans cheered about.

They were a fantasy couple » Continued

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Driver Dishes On Dieting Diva’s Deafness

soul cycle 2[The Wrap] I can’t tell you how many times I had seen her on TV singing the National Anthem or stepping onto a red carpet » Continued

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Why Diva Missed A Big Bucks Appearance

disco 3[Radar Online] This aging disco diva recently missed a big-bucks appearance after » Continued

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