Naked Airplane

airplane 5[MidDay] Now, who doesn’t like to get cosy on a cold flight with a good book to catch up on? But this senior Bollywood actor decided to go a step ahead on his recent trip back from Kolkata to Mumbai.

Apparently the actor, who is set to » Continued

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There’s Another Woman In The Picture

woman in bed 6[Sunday Mirror] This A-list couple are not all what they seem.

They may constantly get snapped looking loved up but in reality » Continued

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The Real Reason Behind This Wedding Delay

bride waiting[Mouth To Ears] She’s head over heels, but he’s just trying to get ahead.

This R&B singer almost gave up on love, then she met him. Now they’re engaged, but » Continued

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Backstage With Sniffy

dilated pupilsUPDATED!

[Blind Gossip] We’ve talked before about how some young musicians indulge in excessive partying activity while on the road. Lots of you chalked it up to the musician lifestyle, youthful energy, or kids just having some fun.

Well, one young singer has apparently now wandered even a little deeper into the powder. » Continued

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The Shooter at Kanye’s Party Is Spilling Other Secrets

kim kardashian kanye west 3[Hollywood Street King] The notorious New Yorker may be serving a 25-year prison sentence, but he escaped lethal injection. Know how? Sources say he snitched on just about everybody he could think of. » Continued

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BG12345: Monday

renee zellweger coffeeGood Morning, Blinders!

Your Monday morning coffee or tea is being brought to you today by the newly round-eyed Renee Zellweger.

If you want to know what we’re talking about, check out the pic at the bottom of this post.

Yes, RZ has succumbed to the pressure to “improve” herself through plastic surgery. It appears that she had an upper blepharoplasty to open her eyes and to make them look more round.

Personally, we miss Squinty Z.

In our opinion, the look that made Renee Zellweger unique was also the look that made her interesting! She didn’t look like anyone else in Hollywood.

With her newly-opened eyes, she just looks… generic. Not ugly, not better, not worse. Just… generic. Another pretty, blonde Hollywood actress.

We’re going to squeeze a little lemon into our tea today in honor of the late, great Squinty Z.

Oh, and yes, you are getting a BG12345 today!


Love, Ace » Continued

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Tell Me About Your Sister

teen girl 16[Blind Gossip] Love or hate this young pop star, you have to give her props for consistently treating her fans well.

A few nights ago, she went out to the theater in Los Angeles. There were the usual crowds of people » Continued

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The Real Reason She Has Turned Down Some Great Roles

girl thumbs down[Blind Gossip] This young (under 30) actress is very hot right now!

However, she has made some » Continued

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These Two Female Celebrities Are Cheating On Their Husbands

affair 1SOLVED! (partially)

[Lainey Gossip] The FIRST WIFE is still trying to figure out if she wants to be one.

She and her husband have » Continued

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Beard Already Got Shaved

man shaving 4[Blind Gossip] This beardy couple came and went so quickly that they never even got around to signing the contract. But we’re going to talk about them anyway… because they » Continued

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