She’s Not Just High On Her Success

[Downfront 2] This leading lady is on top of the world. Not because of her string of hits, it’s because she keeps getting high. When will she slow it down so she can just be high on her success?


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Let Everyone Believe It’s His

pregnancy test[Blind Gossip] This female celebrity found in the past month or so that she is having a baby . Congratulations!

Sort of. » Continued

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She Thought Denzel Would Dump His Wife For Her

denzel washington[Hollywood Street King] She’s a 41-year-old bisexual actress who was once known for using a str*p-on d*ldo » Continued

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Model Spiral

woman spiral[Sunday People] Which model is increasingly worrying her family after spending weeks in a spiral of dr*gs and b*oze?


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F*ggots Don’t Make It In This Town

man pink shirt[Reddit] BG Note: This was posted on Reddit confessions. We do not know the author and can not attest to its validity.

I’m a well-known American film actor and I’m a closeted homosexual. » Continued

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BG12345: Monday

jennifer aniston coffeeGood Morning, Blinders!

Happy Monday to you!

We have a BG12345 for you today!

Plus, this morning you are getting a big cup of hot coffee served to you by none other than the lovely Jennifer Aniston!

Congratulations to you for having such a big star bringing you your coffee!

And congratulations to Jennifer… for her new film We’re The Millers, which opens this week! Jen, hope you’re staying swaddled up during this unusually chilly summer!

Love, Ace

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Fire Her To Save Him

man checking out woman[New York Post] What TV show let go an attractive young production assistant because she » Continued

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Reality Star Thinks She’s A Journalist

woman newspaper[New York Post] Which reality TV star e-mailed us yesterday offering to fill in for New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser during her leave of absence?

““I read that Andrea is » Continued

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Pregnant Miscalculation

wedding[Blind Gossip] This celebrity has tons of ex-girlfriends. Have you ever noticed, though, that not a single one of them has ever said anything negative about him? » Continued

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Rock Star Was Gandolfini’s Coach

james gandolfini[New York Post] Which raging rock star was the late James Gandolfini’’s s*briety coach?

Rock Star:

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A Dark Secret From Early In His Career

dark secret[New York Post] Which TV star hired top lawyers to keep a r*pe allegation from his early career secret?

The accusation was later mysteriously dropped.


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BG12345: Friday

quickie 6Good Morning, Blinders!

Fancy a quickie?

How about five of them?

We’ll start promptly at 1:00 pm EDT.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Love, Ace

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Trading Up

woman bikini[Blind Gossip] This celebrity has a long history of bedding beautiful (and sometimes famous) women.

The women have all been single, pretty, fit, and have some talent or career in their own right.

He had the same set of relationship rules for » Continued

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Oscar Girl Totally Baked During Filming

woman smoking[Allie Is Wired] She’s an Oscar winner.

She’s A-list. » Continued

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Engaged Doesn’t Mean Committed

engagement ringSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This young celebrity couple’s status is not what it appears to be. A recent event indicates that, despite a very nice engagement ring, they are not » Continued

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Hump Happy Hubby

infidelity[Blind Gossip] While we talk a lot about the female half of this music superstar couple, today we’re going to focus on her husband. Yes, he is as big a celebrity as his wife. » Continued

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Fascinating Facts About The Judge’s Baby Mama

woman pregnant 2[Blind Gossip] We have LOTS of fascinating information for you about the married pregnant socialite who has recently been thrust into the headlines!

She has a long and » Continued

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Pop Star Was Signed By Their Secret Daddy

pop star[New York Post] Which top married record exec had an ’80s affair with » Continued

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BG12345: Wednesday

camelGood Morning, Blinders!

We do have a mixed BG12345 (new and SOLVED blind items) for you today, starting a bit later than usual. The wait will be worth it.

Happy Hump Day from us and this handsome fellow!

Love, Ace


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Smarty Pants Steams Up The Windows

hand window[New York Post] Which Hollywood star who lives in New York was caught in a compromising position at performance venue » Continued

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