Actor Enjoys a Private Banquet

table-settingCDAN – This aging C list actor has been as high as A list and as low as a D lister. His A list status came from television and that is where he has » Continued

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Actress Gets Overly Eggsited

easter-eggsBuzzFoto – This actress is known for her comedy chops, primarily playing the ditzy blonde role (even though she’s decidedly brunette). We were sad to hear from a former employee of hers that she is in fact a raving witch in real life. She once threw an omelet (yes, the kind with eggs) at her maid, who was terrified and spoke very little English. Yikes.

It’s not Sarah Silverman.

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Fashion Designer May Regret Leather Night

leather-manStyleList – Which Euro fashion designer with an outrageous reputation and a recent contract with a major US retailer might yet regret that night out at a leather club many years ago? There’s a picture involving nipple clamps and a douche d’or that won’t play so well in Peoria.

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Fashion Editor Nominates Himself for Award

designer-dress-2StyleList – Which swarthy NYC fashion editor is the first in history to ask the Council of Fashion Designers of America if he could nominate himself for their prestigious Eugenia Shepard journalism award? The answer was “yes” … but he still didn’t get it.

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He Keeps Stringing His Boyfriend Along

two-men1EOnline – Ever since Judas J*-Off made his smarmy debut, I do think it’s fair to say Toothy Tile’s been breathing a tad easier. Of course, Toothy went so far back into the proverbial closet, I think the only heavy panting T.T. ever does anymore is when he » Continued

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They Schedule Their Beauty Time Around Her

beauty-salon-1Us Weekly – Who scores so much attention from paparazzi while she is at the beauty salon that other stars schedule their services around her?

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Singer Swears He’s Not Bisexual

two-men-2NY Daily News – Which sensual singer tells his girlfriends that although he’s straight, he still receives oral pleasure from other men – then fumes when they suggest he’s bisexual?

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British Actor has a Secret Passion

colin-firthBuzzFoto – This up and coming British actor has been mainly seen to this date in period pieces that show in America on PBS. He’s got the brooding, sexy intensity thing down pat, and we hear that that’s how he likes to portray himself in real life too. His secret passion? Rapping. He loves it, and wants to release an album. We’re not sure how that would sound, but we’re interested to hear.

It’s not Colin Firth.

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Actress Enjoys the Buzz

beeBlindGossip – This actress, who is part of an ensemble drama, created a little drama of her own last week. While out with some friends, her friend noticed a buzzing sound eminating from the large designer purse she had placed on the floor. Thinking it was the actress’s cell phone, her friend picked up the purse and handed it to her. The actress  fumbled around for a few seconds, and then set the purse back down. When her friend asked her who it was, the actress, without a trace of embarrassment, said, “Oh, that wasn’t my phone. It was my vibrator.”

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Singer Humiliates Her Celebrity Husband

man-woman-arguingCDAN – This foreign born singer who has been in this space before, doesn’t even disguise her dislike of her celebrity husband. When she is drunk, her favorite game is to put her husband on speaker phone and let everyone around her listen while she yells at him, calls him names, and humiliates him as much as possible. No matter what though, he still hasn’t left.

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Designer is on a Man Hunt

rulerStyleList – Which partnered NYC designer has a profile on the gay sex site Manhunt seeking weekday assignations? Not only is there a headshot on the ad, but he’ll also send you his cell phone number if you ask nicely. However he’s not telling the whole truth when he claims to be 5’11”.

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He’s In The Closet and In The Hangar

private-jet-3NY Daily News – Which seemingly straight married actor conducts his man-to-man hanky-panky in the hangar of the Santa Monica Airport?

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She Was an Absolut Mess at 2 am

absolut-vodkaJanet Charlton – This frantic actress has been battling her weight, but that’s not the only problem she has. Recently she screeched up to an all night Hollywood drugstore in search of a bottle of Absolut Vodka. She and her mannish girlfriend coaxed the clerk into selling it even though it was close to 2 AM. The clerk handed her the bottle and she grabbed it and took a gulp “I really needed that!” The actress generously handed the guy $50 and also tossed him a joint and a pill she described as a “muscle relaxer.”

UPDATE: It’s not Lindsay!

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The Twelve Days of Cheating

three-stoogesCDAN – This married B list actress from a longish running network drama has cheated on her celebrity husband three times in the past 12 days. Oh, and it isn’t like this was one guy she cheated with three times. Noooo. It was three guys over the past 12 days. It is definitely an interesting way to run a marriage.

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Boy Bander Thinks He’s Coming Back

nick-lacheyBuzzFoto – This former boy bander and seriously, former hottie may play like he has a sense of humor about his rather D-list situation, but those that know him know better. He’s constantly on about his ‘comeback’ and how he’s going to switch over to serious, a la Timberlake. His friends don’t have the heart to tell him that his glory days peaked in like, 2002.

It’s not Nick Lachey.


» Continued

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He Begs Paparazzi to Nix Smoking Photo

obama-smokingLainey Gosssip – Hunky, serious actor was shot by the paps the other day dragging on a ciggie after getting off a plane. But his wife doesn’t know. So he asked them, pleaded with them » Continued

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Photo Shoot Ruffled this Diva’s Feathers

woman-annoyedNYDN – Which seemingly down-to-earth starlet is actually a wicked diva? When she wasn’t featured as prominently as her other cast members in a recent photo shoot, she left the set in a huff.

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College Student Earns Extra Credit

college-studentsBlindGossip – This young actor received kudos for sacrificing a few years of earnings in order to obtain a college degree. However, their enthusiasm for academics has since waned substantially. Turns out that they are spending most of their time skipping class and partying. However, they will probably score an “A” in at least one class due to some extensive extra-credit work. They had just better hope that the professor’s spouse doesn’t find out.

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Bookworm Worms His Way to Front of Line

bookwormCDAN – Have you ever waited in line at a bookstore? You know how they have designed a way to make you feel like a rat in a cage by winding you back and forth like you are in line at an amusement park? Well, last night » Continued

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Academy Award Guy Pinches Pennies

pennyBuzzFoto – Which stodgy smoker of an Academy Award nominee makes sure to cash every single check that comes into his mailbox? Including rebate checks for 54 cents?

It’s not Jack Nicholson.

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