BG12345: Wednesday

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Happy Wednesday, Blinders! It wouldn't be Hump Day without a BG12345, so of course you are getting one today. Enjoy! Love, Ace [More...]

Fat Tuesday

mardi gras beads

Good Morning, Blinders! It's a rather quiet day for new blind gossip items, but since it's Fat Tuesday - the start of Mardi Gras - we want to do something to keep you entertained. No, we're not taking our shirts off! How about a few SOLVED items instead? Just 100 YES votes [More...]

They May Call Off The Family

couple angry in bed

[BlindGossip] Just last year this entertaining couple was talking about starting a family. Those plans may not pan out though. She is unhappy with the fact that he is a little too convincing when kissing other girls (even if it’s just for the sake of the camera). Her imagination [More...]

The Celebrity And The Fan Club

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[CDAN] Back in the day there used to be fan club presidents. This late 70's A list tweener singer and fan club favorite would change his fan club president every six months to a year. No other celebrity got so involved with his fan club. He would go to meetings and communicate [More...]

She’s Exploring Her Lesbian Side

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[BuzzFoto] Which B/C list singer/musician who writes her own songs, recently came to the conclusion that because she has never really experienced a healthy relationship with a man, she might actually be gay? She’s always had really close women friends who she bonds well with, but [More...]

Slipping Back Into Bad Habits

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[BlindGossip] Is this award-winning actor is slipping back into bad habits? Even though this is the same behavior that got him condemned by the public and got him fired from a cushy gig and got his kids taken away, there are fears that he’s back at it. Well, we have [More...]

Hothead Actor Flaunts Fists

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[EOnline] Just in case you were wondering if Sock-It-To-You Sleazewad likes to get his fists up for somebody other than his partner, we have the first-hand answer for you: Yes. That sure is a shocker! What really is a surprise is the public venue Sock-It chose for his latest [More...]