Barry Prefers Balls to Babes

[EOnline] Barry Wanger-Banger is a muy funny fella. ‘Tho, must fess, the tabloids haven’t been talking about Bart for any of his silly shenanigans lately. In fact, they’ve been talking about the crap he does that could kill him, which is a damn shame.

But B-man is getting his life together, so we thought we’d share a titillating tale that we definitely find LOL-worthy about Mr. Wanger and his more pleasant Vice:

You know, the fact that he’s totally into dudes!

Of course, like any H’wood hunk worth his » Continued

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Seeing British Doubles In Hollywood

PopBitch – Now the future of injunctions is up in the air, what are resourceful celebrities doing to ensure that the press don’t get wind of their extramarital exploits? Could it be true that UK celebs living in Hollywood have been able to cover up affairs by » Continued

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She Is Not Pregnant But

BlindGossip – She is not pregnant… but she really wants to be! So while she may never marry her fiance, there’s a good chance she will have his baby. Why? Because she stopped taking her birth control a couple of months ago. Without telling him. Well, at least a pregnancy will be really good for ratings!

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How To Pack A Green Lunch

BuzzFoto – This glowing TV star allegedly made a mistake most moms have never had to worry about. Her kids brown bag it at school most of the time and now they’re getting old enough to pack their own lunches. One of her children accidentally packed » Continued

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The Totally Not Blake Lively Photos – Who Was the Recipient of the Fake Blake N*des?

So those n*des from yesterday and today that appear to be Blake Lively but are totally not Blake Lively? Let’s guess the circumstances behind them. Were they taken for Totally Not Blake Lively’s own amusement? Or maybe sent to a love interest? As it turns out, there were three different men on the receiving end of UnBlake’s pic:

BG Note: NSFW after the jump! » Continued

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Swallow These Lies

BlindGossip – We’ve provided you with some juicy details about the hot, hot, hot affair between these two celebrities. Well, after our last post, their agency/agencies decided to grill a bunch of employees who had witnessed the couple’s meetings and phone conversations and sneaking away to private bedrooms. They quickly realized that there was way too much specific info out there, as well as way too many witnesses. They were going to have to get serious about putting these stories to bed. The agents decided on a strategy and held separate Come-to-Jesus meetings with each of the celebs.

The female celeb was instructed to » Continued

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Sitcom Mom Crossed The Line

BuzzFoto – Sorry! Our Blind Items were on hiatus until some new gossip came in and we have one that came in with a bang! This aging actress from an old network sitcom, who played a mother figure, is being accused behind the scenes of sleeping with » Continued

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Excited About A Love Scene


BlindGossip – Actors usually don’t have a problem staying in control during love scenes. Since romance is blocked and rehearsed and shot under the hot lights and in front of a large crew, even the most intimate scenes are usually little more than a carefully choreographed, technical exercise.

However, on the set of this one period film, things got a little out of control. During a kissing scene between a handsome, foreign-born actor and a sexy American actress, » Continued

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She’s The Female Jeremy Piven

CDAN – This out B list television and movie actress just cannot resist cheating on her significant other. At this point, she does not even care who it is, or if she gets caught. She is confident her significant other will not leave her. She is kind of turning into the female version of Jeremy Piven.

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Married News Anchor Is Having An Affair

NewYorkPost – Which married TV news anchor is having an affair with a news assistant?

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