Warming Up for The Emmys

emmys 2009

BlindGossip - This entertainer was a presenter at the Emmy Awards. Nice person, very talented, slightly drunk. They didn't weave on stage or slur their words, but they did down three alcoholic drinks just before going on stage. Their co-presenter saw this go down and responded [More...]

The Buffet versus Soda and a Feedbag

diet coke

DailyMirror - Which dieting model shunned the LFW afterparty buffet table, instead opting for her own bespoke gourmet feast - crushed horse tranquiliser washed down with a litre of diet coke? She swears it quick fires her metabolism. Your extra clue: We wonder if her trendy [More...]

Actress Lost Her Identity

katie holmes 2

BuzzFoto - This actress has followed her husband from one thing to another. She tries really hard to be supportive, but along the way, she’s sort of lost her identity. We hear she might be rediscovering herself with the help of a bodyguard, who ‘gets her’ and doesn’t try to [More...]