Beauty Queen’s Husband Hates Your Dog

sad-puppyCDAN – This aging former list television actor hasn’t been on anything big in years. Back in the day he went from a hit drama straight into a hit comedy. Now he spends most of his days yelling obscenities at his neighbors dog. His neighbor is a b list actor who was the lead on a semi hit comedy. Our former a list actor is married to a former beauty queen who was on a hit television comedy.

1-former a list actor
2-b list actor
3-former beauty queen/actress

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Reality Guy Overshares with Teen Boys

teen-boys-1BuzzFoto – This C list Reality Celeb was volunteering for a youth group and invited a few cameras for photo ops. The pictures were taken, and the cameras went home but the Celeb stayed and » Continued

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BG Body Parts: It’s All in The Eyes

eye-3BlindGossip – It’s said that eyes are the window to the soul. We’re giving you eleven pairs of eyes. Do you know to whom they belong?

UPDATE: Yes, we will solve this one on Friday. BG just wanted to give our friends in Australia and New Zealand a chance to weigh in with their opinions!

SOLVED! » Continued

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Actor Needs to Ask His Dates for ID

teen-girl-3NY Daily News – Which infamously perverted actor should start checking his dates’ IDs? He may not realize that he recently went out with some serious jailbait!

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Tween’s First Video Was Not Rated G

teenagers-2BlindGossip – There’s a tape floating around » Continued

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Young Designer Tries to Save Label

kiefer-sutherland1StyleList – Which young designer from a struggling label is joking that he needs to get Kiefer Sutherland drunk and get a facial fracture as the only way to get enough publicity that his business might survive?

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This Actress Found Her Husband and Co-Star

woman-shocked-2BuzzFoto – Which B List Celebrity Actress went into her own trailer in between filming to find her own husband and her costar doing the nasty?

Not Jaime Pressly.

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Sexiest Man Alive Gets Religion in a Club

dominoThe Sword – Which Sexiest Man Alive got double-teamed » Continued

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Wild Wife Puts Rocker Marriage on The Rocks

rocks-1Janet Charlton – This rockin’ young couple’s marriage is in big trouble but not for the obvious reasons. The cute wife has been seen out and about with a Hollywood hipster and her husband is looking to beat the guy up. Actually the hipster is NOT fooling around with the wife – he’s just providing drugs and fun. In reality the wife is secretly cheating with someone else- specifically her lookalike female assistant! She recently decided she’s bisexual.

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Walk of Shame in a Ball Gown

ball-gownNY Daily News – Which self-branded wanna-be celeb was caught doing the walk of shame at 11 a.m. – in her ball gown – after a recent gala in D.C.?

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Short Actor Doesn’t Want to Remove His Shoes

shoe-liftsCDAN – Today is nothing juicy or earth shaking but it cracks me up so thought I would share it. I almost didn’t because there have been a lot of stories recently about actors and their lifts, but this one is too good to pass up because it’s so funny. » Continued

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Actor Hanging Out With Drag Queens

drag-queen-2StyleList – Which quietly gay young actor referred to in a previous [StyleList] item has started hanging out with a drag queen crowd? Methinks the closet door is cracking open.

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Musician Still Carrying a Torch for Old Flame


BuzzFoto – Which Star Musician is still secretly holding a candle for his old flame? The couple were very popular in the eyes of the press, and their breakup was tragic. He refuses to talk to her, doesn’t respond to her on Facebook or any other social networking sites. (He secretly stalks her private page, and apparently she has a private blog too!) The pair had a severe mental connection and though he and she have both moved on, he’s still very much in love with her. He won’t admit it for the world and thinks that his silence, friendly or not, is a good disguise for his feelings.

It’s not: Marilyn Manson. » Continued

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She has Finally Pulled the Chip Out of Her Head


BlindGossip – She has finally pulled the chip out of her head and is shedding her controlling hubby! And, boy, is he mad! Her attorneys are working on a “Dissolution of Contract,” not a “Dissolution of Marriage” – yet. That’s the next step. She will be asking for sole custody of the kid/s. She is not currently pregnant.

Her attorneys – especially one who worked with her predecessor -  think that they have been able to work around most of the restrictions in her original business agreement with her husband. She did not fulfill the terms of the contract that would maximize her payout, but she will receive a sizeable chunk of change to keep quiet about his personal life and his special relationship with another high-profile man. » Continued

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Buxom Pinup Really Cares About Charity

cleavage-pink-braNY Daily News – Which buxom B-list pinup only helps out charities that ply her with cocaine?

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TV Actor Calls Out Diva Co-Star


costarsCDAN -  We have a B-/C+ television and film actress who is currently a female lead on this network drama. It’s a new show. Popular though. Anyway, her male co-star is extremely popular on this site, but he is also probably a B-/C+ mostly television actor. Apparently our actress has been acting like a diva on the show and our actor » Continued

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Actress Will Not Have The Baby

no-babyBlindGossip – This film and television girl was devastated after her breakup. She got loaded every night and got a little crazy with more than one member of the opposite sex. Discovering she was pregnant, she went looking for solace and guidance. She confessed to one of her parents, who suggested she make money from the situation by turning the pregnancy and birth into a reality show.  Then she went crying to her ex. The ex isn’t playing. So she is not going to have the baby. A procedure is scheduled.

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Arguing Over Divorce Via Text Messaging


BuzzFoto – At the gym with a Network Television Actress from a popular show who was texting her husband back and forth. The Actress argued with her hubby through text and oddly enough, kept sharing it with our source and several other people in her group. » Continued

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Rendezvous at the White House Dinner

wanda-sykes1NY Daily News – Which married TV actor used the Correspondents Dinner as an excuse to meet up with his occasional mistress?

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Star Forgot to Lock Dressing Room Door

man-removing-beltDaily Mirror – Which star was mortified when he was caught with a hot blonde and his trousers down? He forgot to lock his dressing room door and a flunky walked in.

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