That’s Not Evian In His Bottle

evian[Daily Mirror] Which Hollywood actor is due to check himself into rehab in the new year?

The silver screen legend cannot go a week without his drug of choice (c*caine) and regularly sups vodka from an Evian bottle…


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BG12345: Monday

Claire Danes walks her Schnoodle, Weegee to a coffee shop in Soho, NYCGood Morning, Blinders!

Two things to keep you warm on this chilly Monday morning:

Claire Danes is going to bring you a hot cup of coffee, brewed right here in the Homeland.

We are going to provide the gossip.


Love, Ace


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This Singer Is Now Bisexual

women 4[Sandra Rose] A certain glorified studio singer is rumored to be bisexual.

According to a well-connected source who is familiar with the singer’s sexual proclivities » Continued

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Internal Sprint Will Start Next Year

human body[Blind Gossip] Each change in this celebrity’s appearance has been widely documented over the past few years. Their multiple plastic surgeries have been so obvious that we have nothing new to add there.

But we do have some additional information for you that isn’t public yet! » Continued

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Superstar Fate

superstar 2[Blind Gossip] You know that this award-winning superstar seems to have it all. Good looks, some talent » Continued

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update 1Good Morning, Blinders!

Gossip tends to run a little slow this time of year, but we have something that will keep you entertained today!

We’re going to SOLVE and UPDATE some items, and provide ADDITIONAL HINTS for some other items on Twitter! It won’t be the usual BG12345, but we think you’ll find it interesting!


Love, Ace

P.S. Like the SOLVED items? Find more by selecting the SOLVED tab at the top of the page or by clicking here!

P.P.S. Follow us on Twitter! Our handle is @BlindGossipCom

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TV Actors Kept The Party Going

party 6[Blind Gossip] A director recently checked into rehab. While the reports do not say » Continued

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Athlete Is Using This Performer

heartbreak 1BONUS HINT!

[Blind Gossip] This professional Athlete and this Performer appear to be in a sweet and committed relationship.

Oh, no! Not even close!

Athlete is NOT a nice guy. He » Continued

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London TP Calling

toilet paper 2[Blind Gossip] Bonnie Low-Kramen – co-founder of New York Celebrity Assistants – told the New York Post that a PA based in the Big Apple once received an “urgent” phone call from her boss, an unnamed actor, at 4am. » Continued

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Supergroup Is Beefing

beef 1[Downfront 2] This supergroup hit number one on the charts, but can they keep from hitting each other?

Rumors of disharmony floated around before. Now, thanks to some loose talk and a no-show, there’s fuel to the rumors again. Keep the beefs off of twitter y’all!


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