Open Professional

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[Lainey Gossip] The key to her illustrious career? Talent, of course. But also, she’s always been a professional. She’s never been difficult, she’s never been a drama queen, she always works hard, she’s always prepared. That’s also been the secret to [More...]

BG12345: Monday

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Good Morning, Blinders! Your Monday morning coffee is being served by Benedict Cumberbatch because he just has the best name ever and because Marvel just cast him as Dr. Strange. You're also getting a BG12345 today. That's five new blind items in five hours. Lots of [More...]

Man Magnet

man magnet

[Blind Gossip] This actress recently scored a gig that will have her portray the kind of quintessentially sexy woman who drives men wild. There is just one little issue. [More...]

Another Straw


[Blind Gossip] This reality star is now grasping at straws to try to delay the inevitable. Her latest grasp is to blame her financial troubles on [More...]