Recoupling Thwarted By Baby

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[BuzzFoto] Last year, this celebrity couple were completely in love and all over the news. After their split, things have not gone well for either of them. They decided to get back together and see if they could make it work. Unfortunately for them, his current girlfriend [More...]

BG12345: Wednesday

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Good Morning, Blinders! Happy Hump Day to you all! Feel like celebrating the halfway point of the week? If just 100 of you get up and do The Humpty Hump today, we will reward you with a BG12345! Reply: "DONE" Crazy, whack, funky. Love, Ace UPDATE: You got it! [More...]

Why He Was At Coachella

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[BlindGossip] If you are old enough to remember Woodstock, you might be a tad long in the tooth for Coachella. This older celebrity was so out of place at the music festival last weekend that he was getting stares from the twenty-something crowd. So why was he there? To soak [More...]