Hollywood Legend’s Bling Bling Goes Bye Bye

necklace-2BlindGossip – This Hollywood legend had a very successful career as an actress. She also treated herself well by buying only the best: gorgeous homes, cool cars, expensive jewelry. However, her finances must be a little shaky as of late. Her assistant has been going around to pawn shops looking for loans against some of the star’s jewelry. The homes and the cars will stay for now, but we don’t know how many pieces of jewelry she has left to keep up the pretense that all is well.

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Magazine Cover Will Exclude Cast Members

cast-photo-1CDAN – In two weeks this magazine I love to hate is going to have a cover reuniting the cast of a popular 80’s-90’s tweener comedy. Well, almost the entire cast. It seems that the bigger stars from the show would only agree to pose for the cover if two of the members of the cast were not involved. The magazine agreed.

#1 – Magazine
#2 – Show
#3 & #4 – The two cast members excluded.

People Magazine July 2009

Screech excluded

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Nose Problem Results in Hair Problem

hair-extensions1BuzzFoto – This Actress, because of all her bad living, is losing her hair like crazy. Not only has she lost tons of weight, but now she is trying to cover up her bald patches with bad hair dyes and extensions. Those around her are afraid to tell her how terrible she looks, but we hope she turns things around soon, so she can restore her beauty. Cocaine doesn’t do a body good. Not Tori Spelling.

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Dim Bulb Actor Still Wasting His Money

light-bulb-1NWMagazine – Which out-of-touch TV actor spent over $600 to have someone come and change his light bulbs?


» Continued

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Reality Girl is Nearly Bald Under Hair Extensions

bald-girl-2NYDailyNews – Which hard-partying reality starlet is nearly bald after years of abusing hair extensions? The gal’s actual locks are only 2 inches long!

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Musician Going for a Fourth Day of Wearing

panties-offNWMagazine – Which newcomer musician proudly wore the same pair of knickers for three days at Glastonbury?

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Pop Star Always Says She has Already Eaten

anorexia-woman-2DailyMirror – Which pop star insists she doesn’t have an eating disorder despite her waif-like frame – but has not consumed more than 800 calories a day for the past two years, telling her husband that she’s “already eaten” whenever he asks?

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BG 12345: Five Thursday Items

jackson5BlindGossip – Anybody want a BG12345 to get you through a Thursday afternoon at work? No, there won”t be any Michael Jackson-related items, but the name of your favorite MJ song will serve as a YES vote. If we receive 100 votes by 1:00 pm EDT, we’ll do it! Love, BG

UPDATE: 5 minutes to go and we’re still short by a few votes! Quick, even if you’ve already voted, name your SECOND favorite song!

UPDATE: OK, OK! You’ve got it! Good effort, all! Here we go!

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This Actor Was Getting Some Extra Attention

couple-bed-2BlindGossip – These two over-30 actors always appeared to be pretty happy together. As far as we know, both have worked steadily throughout their careers, neither has ever been to rehab, and they seem like good parents. Why are they suddenly having problems? Seems that our actor got a little » Continued

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Train Wreck Girl Ruins Fashion Cover Shoot

fashion-magazines-1StyleList – Which celebrity train-wreck is back to her old ways? After an apparent improvement she recently ruined a cover shoot for a major fashion magazine with the erratic behavior that has become the trademark of her career.

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Comic Actor Out of Control on Movie Set

clapboardCDAN – What B- list movie and television comedy actor is currently having to reshoot many scenes from a recent movie. He has been doing so many drugs on his film that he has wildly different looks from one scene to the next depending on when it was shot. It has become so bad that more scenes are being written into the movie for other actors in an attempt to create a story without using many of our comic actor’s scenes and story line.

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This Actress Actually Sings on New Album

girl-singingBuzzFoto – This B List Television Actress is planning on coming out with an album soon. No one knows she can sing, but we hear that she is actually pretty good. Sadly, not Tina Fey.

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She’s Funny and She’s Baked

marijStarMagazine – Which funnylady is a fan of those funny-smelling cigarettes? Tongues were wagging when she showed up half-baked at an industry dinner in L.A. on June 19th.

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He is Sabotaging His Brother’s Acting Career

brothersBlindGossip – These two brothers are both successful actors. However, one has always had more success than the other, as well as the financial rewards that come with that. While they act chummy when you catch them together in front of the cameras, behind the scenes, resentment has been boiling. When one brother found out the other was auditioning for a role he really wanted himself, he arranged a fake emergency so the brother wouldn’t be able to make it to the audition on time, and showed up in his place.

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NFL Player Slips Them a Mickey

mickey-mouseCDAN – This is a great story. It is all the more so because the person involved didn’t want any credit for what he did. A former MVP winning NFL player recently paid to have 70 underprivileged children and their families flown to Walt Disney World for a vacation. He picked up the entire cost for everything with no sponsor help and no publicity for himself.

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Celebrity is Raising a Really Bratty Kid

boy-bratBuzzFoto – This A lister has a child that seems to feel as entitled as the parents. We heard rumors that the child has been irritating the neighbors by throwing rocks at windows, breaking trees and leaving toys everywhere, all on the neighbor’s property. One prized plant was already destroyed, when the child beat it to shreds with a stick and the parents don’t seem to think it’s a big deal. Not Suri.

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Glastonbury Guy Has a Four Cs Contract Rider

glastonbury-logo1HolyMoly – Which Glastonbury performing male solo artist has the following rider wherever he performs – staff call it the four C’s?





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This Actor Fools with Jewels

jewelsBlindGossip – This young couple turned a work relationship into a romance. There is lots of paparazzi evidence of the two spending their off-screen time together. So there was naturally a  considerable amount of buzz when the actor was seen shopping alone for a very beautiful and rather expensive piece of jewelry. A few weeks later, the jewelry was spied being worn… by another actress on the same production. Oops.  It looks like the couple we all think is a couple isn’t very exclusive.

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Bony Boy Bander Needs a Better Diet

alcohol-drinks1NYDailyNews – Which former boy bander looked oh-so-strung-out over the weekend? His diet of booze and nose candy certainly isn’t helping his skin-and-bones appearance.

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Celebrity Designer Exploits Michael Jackson

michael-jackson-1BuzzFoto – This Celebrity designer seems to be all about shameless self-promotion. He’s been using the death of Michael Jackson as a terrific marketing scheme, posting pictures of himself with Michael and going out of his way to show what devoted friends the two were. The problem is, instead of looking like a tribute, his billboards and public displays of sympathy are starting to look like a cheap way to cash in. Not Bobby Trendy.

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