My Maybach is More Important than Your Life


LaineyGossip – She trumps Life or Death: Classic story of celebrity entitlement. And she’s supposed to be so professional and sweet, not nearly as many diva stories about her than about her peers, though if you’re getting in the way of her meal, and her Maybach, you better » Continued

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Co-Star Actors Surprise a Group of Golfers

golfer-happyCDAN – These two actors were once co-stars in television and at least one movie. One is now A list and only does movies, while the other has dropped from an A list movie star to a B- list will take anything actor. Anyway, the two were at a » Continued

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Superstar Couple has a Secret Child

girl-hiding-2Downfront2 – This Superstar Couple has everything you could ever imagine: fame, riches, success and a mystery child. The Superstar Wife has finally accepted the fact that she married a man with a hidden child. She really doesn’t mind because she isn’t trying to have a child anytime soon.


» Continued

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Sunday 7: Let’s Surf the Gossip Wave

7-6BlindGossip – On the seventh day, everyone usually rests. Well, everyone except BG, that is! Want some cool gossip on a hot day? We’re thinking of serving up a cold, gnarly wave of gossip very hour on the hour starting at 7:00 am PDT/10:00 am EDT.

If we get a vote of  “Dude!” from 100 of you by 10:00 am EDT, we’ll do it!

UPDATE: Dudes! You did it! Slather on some sunscreen, and grab your board, because here we go! Love, BG

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Actress Loses Job Because She Can’t Stay Clean

jessica-biel-3EOnline – Emma Uh-Oh was such the hot, writhing babe for a while not all that long ago really. All supersexy, superskinny, superglossy gal power, mainly on the small screen, Ms. U-O was indeed a major player on some of the boob tube’s hottest shows (and she had the hot curves to match). We could totally see her » Continued

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Maid in Manhattan Discovers Rocker’s Secret

housekeeperNewYorkPost – Which rocker is back on drugs? Although she claims to be clean, when she checked out of a Manhattan hotel recently, the maid found the room littered with dirty needles.

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Movie Actress Acts Like Her Marriage is Perfect

barbie-kenCDAN – This former A list and now a B- always movie actress always likes to pretend she has the perfect marriage. Whenever she does press for a new movie like she is now she always talks about how she and her husband do everything together and seems to forget they spend about two months a year together and those are the most miserable two months of the year. Oh, her husband is an A list writer.

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Hottie Adds One Person to His Entourage

entourageStarMagazine – Which globe-trotting young hottie has been hiding a big secret in his entourage? No matter where he goes, the actor always makes sure to have his AA sponsor by his side.

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Already Fighting Over the Kid/s and Money

kids-1BlindGossip – There are many things about this celebrity family that have surprised people. This won’t be one of them. There are already exes, lovers, friends, enemies and family (especially one whose involvement is coming out of nowhere and will shock you) weighing in about what should happen to the kid/s. They perceive that control over the kid/s will automatically mean control over the money and they each want their piece. Which one of them really cares about the child/ren instead of the money? Can a child in this position ever ever grow up to have a normal life? This is going to be a mess.

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Actress Refused to Get Horizontal for Director

woman-lying-downNYDailyNews – Which sultry screen siren slept with several of the leading men in her new big-budget flick, but refused to get horizontal with the director? He’s so peeved, he’s threatening to ban the gal from his future films.

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Movie Star Brings His Flame to The Set

fire-1HolyMoly – Which young movie star is not only a flaming homosexual but also has his latest boyfriend on set with him and is under such a spell he canoodles with him between takes?

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Your Daddy is Having an Affair

baby-surpisedInTouchWeekly – Which actor just had a baby with his girlfriend, but behind her back is having an affair with his fellow actor friend?

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This Pop Tart Likes to Try Different Flavors

pop-tarts-brown-sugarBlindGossip – This pop tart just can’t seem to make up her mind about which flavor she likes better! Sometimes it’s vanilla, sometimes it’s chocolate, and sometimes it’s brown sugar cinnamon. Sometimes she keeps all of them handy when she travels just so she can pick a different one each day.

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Teen Star Gets a Cold and Gets Mean

girl-blowing-nose-2BlindGossip – Which normally sickly sweet teen star showed her true colors on set yesterday? Having come down with a minor cold, she demanded production be shut down until she recovered, then proceeded to treat all of her assistants like trash.

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Designer Thinks His Cosmetics Firm Stinks

perfume-bottlesStyleList – Which niche designer who first hit big 20 years ago looks like he might be about to break ties with the powerhouse cosmetics firm which makes his incredibly profitable fragrance? As the playwright said, “Attention must be paid.”

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Actress Pretends She Can’t See or Hear Fans

woman-fingers-earsCDAN – While shooting on the set of their latest movie, these two stars have a completely different way of interacting with their fans. Well, I should say one interacts with fans, and one pretends » Continued

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Troubled Celebrity is Riding the White Horse

horse-whiteNWMagazine – Which celebrity model is on the verge of losing all of her big campaigns? It appears she’s channelling the » Continued

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Her Husband is Struggling with His Bisexuality

christina-aguilera-2BuzzFoto – This Hollywood Couple, both famous in their own way, are struggling just like any married couple. The thing that sets them apart is that the husband has always struggled with his bisexuality. He knew when he got married he would say goodbye to his old ways and commit to his wife only. The couple are both aware of his temptations and are seeking counseling to try and save their marriage. Not Christina Aguilera or her beau.

SOLVED! » Continued

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Actress Sends Private Video in Mass EMail

email-2NYDailyNews – Which mean-spirited starlet e-mailed a co-star’s sex tape to a lengthy list of mutual friends?

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Diva Needs Two Hours in the Makeup Chair

makeup-3CDAN – She is a celebrity. Not an actress, but a C+/B- television host and former reality star. Anyway as a host of her program she has a few provisions that she needs followed at all times. No one can » Continued

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