How To Get Over A Divorce

[Downfront2] Word has it that this “questionable” Actress is trying to get over her divorce by getting close to her Co-star. If fans don’t want her in the movie, they really won’t want her coupled up with this fan favorite.

Gleeful About His Dates

[NewYorkPress] What TV actor is said to get rather gleeful about his dates with another ‘straight’ actor?

BG12345: Monday

Dear Blinders,

Hooray for Monday! Let’s kick the week off with a BG12345!

Love, BG

The Party Performance

[BlindGossip] This female reality star was at a party with a number of closeted gay actors recently. What the rest of the guests didn’t know was that four people were going to be staging a little play starring the reality star and three of the actors. The objective was to get the guests to buy into the drama and feed the story to the tabloids. The “story”, approved by their publicists, was that the reality babe was » Continued

I Want Olives

[NewYorkPress] Which sister of pop royalty, an aspiring DJ herself, had to remove her auntie Janelle from the premises at a store opening where she was spinning? The DJ sis, soon to be an aunt to the world’s biggest celeb baby since Suri, noticed her aunt wobbling around after 2 martinis, causing small scenes and crying out, ‘I WANT OLIVES!’

Fit From His Head To His Toes

[BuzzFoto] This male, C-list actor has been getting a lot of work done, mostly to improve his physique so he can keep getting roles for his body type. Friends are whispering that he’s becoming addicted to the procedures after he recently scheduled a procedure to get his feet worked on. Sad! 649

Jackie Cuts It Close

[EOnline] Jackie Bouffant, still young, still beautiful, seems to have already run the Hollywood gamut in his brief career: boys, dr*gs, not to mention the requisite “beard.” As in, a red-carpet girlfriend he loves to trot out for the paparazzi and mainstream press.

But that was so yesterday.

Today, Jackie’s got some totally homo cajones on him!

Just like Toothy Tile once sported the young man he adored, it looks like Jackie’s showing off his, too! Hot! » Continued

Here’s My Business Card

[NewYorkPress] Which budding impresario gave a twentysomething girl his business card and told her via email that he’d buy her and all her friends drinks all night at his new hipster str*p joint?

Oscar Guy Married A Transsexual

[CDAN] This one is kind of old Hollywood, because of the actor involved, but it happened not that long ago. This A list actor and winner/nominee of an Academy Award was married to a man. » Continued

The Disney Girl And The Prince

[CDAN] This former tween television actress on the Mickey Mouse network has been in this space before because she is passed around like candy between hip hop artists. Now though she has been passed to » Continued

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