The Actress And The Musician Ex

[BuzzFoto] This private person and award-winning, A-list actress is hooking up with her ex who is a musician. The two have been on and off secretly since they broke up several years ago. He is in a relationship but can’t stay away from his former flame. 604

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Desperate Couple Does Date Night Thrice

[NationalEnquirer] Which high-profile Hollywood couple’s marriage is hanging by a thread? The B-list stars are desperate to reignite their old passion, so they’ve initiated “date night” three times a week and leave the kiddies at home with the nannies.

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Notes On An Intact Couple

[BlindGossip] We know you’re hearing conflicting reports about a certain celebrity couple. So, you want to know what’s really going on? Of course you do! Here you go:

1. Saying that their marriage is “intact” is simply a fresh way of saying that they are not yet divorced. Therefore, it is a true statement.

2. Celebrities want to be in control of the timing of announcements about their personal lives. They get really irritated when information leaks out prematurely. This couple is no exception. The info was leaked and they are furious. Expect them and their publicist/s to continue to deny any rumors to maintain a modicum of control until all the pieces are in place for the divorce.

3. Whenever a couple insists on excessive PDA and statements about how manly/ womanly/ sexually active they are, you should immediately » Continued

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She May Leave Fame Behind

[BuzzFoto] This blind isn’t so scandalous, as it’s sweet but a little secretive enough we have to keep it blind and respect the actress and her future decisions. This B List actress and new mommy is enjoying her life so much, she’s heavily considering leaving fame behind permanently, moving out of LA and raising her family out of the limelight. 603


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Carson Has Moved On To Bigger Gays

[EOnline] Hildago’s B*tch Has Moved On to Bigger Gays

It wasn’t Hildago Van Buren who had most people intrigued a couple of weeks ago, but instead, the guy with all the young fans who kept rubbing himself up Hildago’s backside! Who could it have been?

Well, I think it’s time for everybody to meet Carson Ampi-Dickorous, one of Hollywood’s most charming sex add*cts… » Continued

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Bloody Brawl On The Set

[NationalEnquirer] These two female stars got into a bloody brawl on the set of their cable TV drama after one of the ladies » Continued

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Crooner Is Lonely

[NewYorkPost] Which crooner is such a sap that he begs people to spend time with him? He’s often at the gym working out alone or at home writing even more mawkish lyrics.

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BG12345: Wednesday

Hello, Blinders!

You’re getting a BG12345 today, West Coast style, starting at 1:00 pm PDT. Yes, the West Coast… where we would be shocked to have a week without an earthquake.

Hope you East Coasters are all recovering well from your little shake up yesterday. Your first one is always the scariest.

In other news, here is something to look forward to: Our last item today will provide you with answers to all your questions about a certain “intact” couple. ‘Nuff said.

Love, BG


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Everybody’s Getting Fired

SOLVED! (partially)


[BlindGossip] We’re sure that these five women will each offer up a creative excuse for not returning to their respective shows next season. “I’ve decided to devote more time to my family/ my charity work/ my other professional projects/my navel lint collection/ whatever.” But the truth is that they are all getting fired.

Woman 1 is a reality show cast member. She’s getting fired because she’s brunette and nasty and nobody likes her anymore. At least she has her husband’s money to fall back on.

Woman 2 is another reality show cast member. She’s getting fired because she’s brunette and boring and nobody has ever liked her. She’ll be fine, though, because she actually has a job to which she can return.

Woman 3 is a TV personality. She shouldn’t be too shocked, given the demonstrable lack of » Continued

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First The Mother Then The Daughter

[CDAN] This aging, but still good looking permanent B lister who has been nominated or won for almost everything has a real crisis management problem at this point. Shows the world he has a happy marriage. Been married for a very long time, but, despite all his affairs has never thought about leaving his wife. Until now. What makes this all the more bizarre is that » Continued

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