Country Singer Profits from More Than Music

CDAN – This isn’t so much of an example as bad drug behavior but it is drug related. This A list country music singer with a sterling reputation is also a » Continued

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Line at Convenience Store is Inconvenient

CDAN – This very good looking C+ list movie actor who doesn’t work as much as you would think was in a convenience store. There were two people in line in front of him and after waiting patiently for about two seconds pushed them out of the way and said he needed to go first. When the clerk told him he would have to wait his turn, our actor screamed and yelled and then walked out. He opened the door so hard that it broke off its hinges.

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Director Passes Out at Movie Premier

CDAN – This A list director passed out during a premiere of his latest movie. When people tried to help him out of the theatre they noticed he had wet himself and his seat. Nice.

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Ice Cream Social Prize Winners

coldstone-ice-cream3BlindGossip – BG was in a generous mood and decided to award treats to more than one person!

BG is going to send MaggieMay a $20 gift card to Coldstone Creamery! Maggie, you did a really nice job with your analysis in the “Defame” thread. Although your answer wasn’t entirely correct, you did pick out four of the six key words to solve it. If you had found the other two, we’re confident you would have figured out the answer!

ghirardelli-ice-cream-sundaeBG is also going to send MauraV gift certificates for two ice cream sundaes at Ghirardelli! Maura, we loved your description in the “Ice Cream” thread about what you were willing to go through to get just one of their hot fudge sundaes. Now you’ve got two!

Maggie and Maura: Please contact BG with your home address, and we’ll have Coldstone and Ghirardelli send out your prizes to you today!

Congratulations to MaggieMay and MauraV and thanks to everyone for your comments!

Love, BG

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Reality Star has an Idea for a Diet Plan

woman-dietCDAN – This B+ reality star and sometime actress has her very own diet plan. She is so pleased with it she wanted to try and market it. She actually approached her agent and said, “I have a great diet plan and I want to sell it.” “What is it?” the agent asked. “It’s this pill called Adderall. I take it and then I am not hungry for days.

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Handsome Guy Needs a Little Extra Help

bradley-cooper-2EOnline – Handsome enough, Fruzzy Tuna-Stench has never really had much of a problem with the ladies—that’s because they usually don’t tip each other off! Take a recent conquest of Fruzzy’s, a babe who was so delighted to have found herself in Mr. Tuna-Stench’s Hollywood Hills home, she wanted to » Continued

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She Enjoyed Some Hip Hop on The Side

woman-crossing-fingersNYDailyNews – Which recently single celeb wasn’t so faithful to her last boyfriend? She’d been sleeping with a big-name hip-hop artist for the last four months of her relationship.

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Footballer Meets Big Brother Contestant

big-brother-uk-davidDailyMirror – A Premiership footballer took which ex-Big Brother contestant to the toilets of the Hammersmith Apollo at a gig where, » Continued

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At The Gym with a Rude Nude Dude

gym-1BlindGossip – Unless you are using a private trainer, most people in California belong to one of just a couple of gym chains. Since the gyms primarily service locals, it’s not unusual at all to look around the room and see some famous faces. Nobody really makes a fuss about it. Except when this certain male star » Continued

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Celebrity Couple Dissed by Everyone

nicky-hilton-2BuzzFoto – At a party last night, this Celebrity couple was completely » Continued

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Aging Actress Appreciates Tween Culture

tweens-1CDAN – Although it pains me to admit it I guess this aging television actress is B list. It is more because of her show than any real acting talent on her part. I mean it is a hit television show. Anyway, our actress has child/ren and because of that our actress found herself at a recent concert by this tweener star. » Continued

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Former Singer Doesn’t Pay for Designer Wear

marc-jacobs-1StyleList – Which wealthy, » Continued

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Oscar Winner in Search of Powder

oscar-trophy-redPerezHilton – What two-time Oscar-winning actor was looking around to buy » Continued

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It Girl Cares About Lineage and Lines

coc1StyleList – Which it girl with a prominent lineage, famous for her friendship with a gay designer, is infamous for sitting down with that designer and three friends and being offered » Continued

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A Tale of Two Cherries

two-cherriesEOnline – Darlings, you have no idea how much we wish we didn’t have to make this hot little gem a Blind » Continued

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Reality Star May Fake It with a Singer

fake-1NYDailyNews – Which scorned reality star is in talks with a major R&B singer to have a faux relationship – just to improve her image?

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Actor Doesn’t Want Us to Defame Him

cease-and-desist-1BlindGossip –

Dear Mr. RollUp,

We are in receipt of the delightful Cease and Desist order sent to us by your attorney. What a thoughtful gesture it was for you to notify us of your » Continued

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BG12345: Thursday Ice Cream Social

hot-fudge-sundaeDear BlindGossipers,

You have been so patient during our upgrade! To say thank you, we’ve got TWO rewards for you!

First of all, would you like a BG12345 on Thursday? To vote YES, answer this question: If you could go to Cold Stone Creamery, Baskin Robbins, or Ghirardelli, 1) Which one would you go to AND 2) What would you order?

Second, we’re going to pick our favorite comment of the day on Thursday, and send that person a $20 gift certificate/ gift card for ICE CREAM! You’ll have your choice of Cold Stone Creamery, Baskin Robbins, or Ghirardelli. (BTW, although it’s still OK to be Anonymous for comments, please make sure you use a REAL email address so that we can notify you of your win!)

Gossip and Ice cream. Mmmmmm! Love, BG

UPDATE: It’s a go! We’ll be reading all comments submitted for any of today’s posts to determine a winner.  Our “favorite” post might be funny, insightful, controversial or creative. We’ll announce the winner on Friday. Go for it!

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The Peas Can’t Touch The Meatloaf

man-smelling-foodBlindGossip – This quirky curly-haired actor has some odd eating habits when he goes out to a restaurant. He will only drink bottled water from which he can personally removed the cap. He also picks up his plate of food and » Continued

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Giddy About Meeting Another Famous Person

reese-witherspoonBuzzFoto – Which two A Listers were giddy the other night after meeting another famous actor. Our source says that after the meeting, the two couldn’t stop talking about it. Not Reese Witherspoon.

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