Get Out The Paddle

[CDAN] This actress is B list for now. When her cr*p show goes off the air on that almost network, then I fully expect to see her at a comfortable D. She is the star of the show. Well, at least has the most name recognition. Reason? Shrewd. So shrewd. Dated a B list gay movie actor when he was scorching hot and in a huge couple of movies so got in a lot of pap photos. Although they tried to have sex once or twice, it never really worked out, but what she did learn was » Continued

Gorgeous Chuck Has A Taste

[EOnline] Charlotte “Chuck” Finger-Dingle is young, über-gorge and has H’wood by the family jewels (metaphorically speakin’, at least).

See, Chuck is still relatively fresh to the scene but she’s managed to nab some of the splashiest flicks served up by the biggest studios and has certainly caught the eye of Tinseltown—and all the eligible bachelors in it too.

But all that steamy hetero chemistry Chuck has onscreen stay strictly in celluloid, ‘cause Chuck has a taste for… » Continued

A Very Weird My Fair Lady

[LaineyGossip] This director doesn’t have a reputation for engaging in tomfoolery on his sets, and this starlet has no reputation at all, yet they’ve been raising eyebrows with their vaguely off-putting relationship, which is inching into “professionally inappropriate” territory. » Continued

Golden Girls Go Gangsta

[NationalEnquirer] Which A-list actress was bombarded with angry calls and hate mail by her sick mother’s elderly girlfriends? The “Golden Girls” mob learned that the filthy rich star wasn’t paying for any of her mom’s medical care, so they shamed her into shelling out some cash!

Why This Film Star Has Been Lying Low

[CDAN] This A+ list movie actress has not really filmed much in the past year or two. The reason? Turns out that when she was younger she did a lot of dr*gs and there were a lot of » Continued

Somebody’s Getting Whacked

[TVLine] A hit drama series will whack a major character in shocking fashion in a few weeks. I just watched the ep and I’m inconsolable.

Disney Heartthrob Is Secretly Into Boys

[NationalEnquirer] Which former Disney teen heartthrob still makes all the little girls go gaga, but he’s secretly into boys? The singer/actor was spotted at Hollywood’s Bar Marmont carrying on – hugging and kissing on his gay posse!

Housewife Husband Suspects A Filthy Rich Affair

[NationalEnquirer] This Bravo “Housewife’s” husband thinks that his spouse is having an affair with his filthy rich best friend! The untrusting hubby is so suspicious that he’s had secret surveillance monitors installed in and around their huge home! Who is he?

BG12345: Wednesday

Dear Blinders,

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving! Whether you are stuck in an airport, doing some last-minute grocery shopping, brining a fresh turkey, baking a pumpkin pie, or prepping the guest room for your gossipy sibling, you deserve a break.

We have just what you need. It’s called a BG12345! That’s five delicious new blind items, one per hour, starting at 1:00 pm EST.

Enjoy! (And be sure to tell your gossipy sibling about BG!)

Love, BG


Action Star Becomes A Life Coach

[NationalEnquirer] What former Hollywood action star has turned into a life coach – for his ex-wife’s new hubby!? The former A-lister has been counseling the much younger actor about his rocky marriage and recent over-the-top public blunders!

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