TV Actor has an Expensive New Obsession

obsession 1

BuzzFoto - Before we get to this Blind, we have to say this- we like this guy, we really do, so it was hard for us to hear of him behaving so badly last year. This actor was in a hit network show, that is now off the air. The man has been doing a little work here and there, [More...]

Actress is Busy Between Interviews


Defamer - Which A-list actress has a habit of politely excusing herself for c*caine binges between interviews at press junkets? The actress, with lustrous blonde hair extensions, indulged so much at one recent event, the rest of the day had to be canceled because her extensions [More...]

BG12345: Saturday or Sunday or Monday?

5 8 red

Hi All! It's Academy Awards weekend, and we have a few items available, most relating to Oscar nominees and winners. Would you prefer to have them on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday? Let us know your day preference, along with your pick for any category. The day with the most [More...]

Activist Cougar Mouths MTV Cub

cougar and cub

BuzzFoto - This blind involves two celebs. This aging celebrity, known for being an activist, and usually thought to be intelligent did something we think is a little stupid this last weekend. She was at a club (we’re not sure why!) and allegedly had a hot and heavy make-out [More...]