Go Back Home To Your Wife

[CDAN] This long time, but not old permanent B- list television actor is married. I have never heard of him even trying to cheat until now. He has always been very discreet if he has cheated. Anyway, the other night he had a few too many and made many many moves on this C+ list television actress who has been in this spot before in a good way. Our actress turned him down and told him to go back home to his wife.

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Her Amazingly Bogus Weight Loss

[CDAN] What celebrity who lost a bunch of weight supposedly off her diet program and never stops talking about it actually had surgery to achieve her amazing results.

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BG12345: Thursday

Hello, Blinders!

How about a beachy keen BG12345 today? We’ll be starting a little late… but better late than never!

Love, BG

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Couple Is Ready To Pull The Plug

[StarMagazine] Which Hollywood power couple is ready to pull the plug on their marriage? A hint: The union is only three years old — and produced a daughter.

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Bigger Girls To Find A Guy

[CDAN] What former just about A list tweener singer who now makes her living being a party girl wants new breasts. She already has fake ones but wants to go bigger, because as she said it, “Lets face it. My breasts are the only reason I get hired for anything and I need to find a guy before the rest of me goes.”

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LPGA Player Uses Clubs And Knives

[CDAN] What top LPGA player went after her girlfriend with a knife last night after a party because the girlfriend was spotted talking to another woman. Yep, just talking.

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Beauty And The Beast Had A Secret Baby


[BlindGossip] Which very famous actress and music icon had a secret love child together approximately a decade ago? Both of these parents are extremely well-known in their fields. At the time, Beauty and The Beast were each married to other celebrities, but had an affair while working on a project together.

Beauty was just becoming well-known at the time, and having a baby with a famous and married music icon while each was married to someone else would have hurt everyone’s careers. So, when they discovered she was pregnant, » Continued

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Housewife Is Begging For Another Show

[CDAN] What former Housewife crashed a premiere party for another show and begged producers to put her on their show?

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Actress Can’t Leave Bad Enough Alone

[BlindGossip] Although she works hard to present herself to the world as a wonderful person, this actress has a black streak a mile wide. She wants what she wants when she wants it, and she enjoys it even more if it hurts someone she dislikes.  In this case, she is still pouring salt into the wound of the woman whose » Continued

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Emerging Actor Aims For A List Actress

[BuzzFoto] This emerging actor who was recently in a summer blockbuster is caught up in his ride to fame. He told friends at a party this weekend that he’ll know he has really ‘made it’ when he sleeps with an A list actress. He named a few women who he thinks he has a chance with and told his friends he plans to meet this goal by the end of the year. 607

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