BG12345: Stay Alert Wednesday

map-stay-alertBlindGossip – Tropical Storm Danny is closing in on the East Coast. The brilliant advice from the Weather Channel: Stay Alert! Gee, thanks Weather Channel!

If you would like a Wednesday BG12345 to help you stay alert, vote YES! 100 YES votes before 1:00 pm EDT will get you a BG12345 today!

UPDATE: Sorry, but the tally was 20 shy. Perhaps everyone is busy practicing their swimming strokes or trying to remember the number for 911. We’ll try again tomorrow!

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Mommy and Daddy Avoid School Scandal

school-houseBlindGossip – This celebrity couple is stressing out over one of their kids. Despite their best efforts at parenting, the child was almost » Continued

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Oscar Girl is on The White Horse Diet

horse-whiteCDAN – This well respected Academy Award winner/nominee actress has had a dramatic weight loss recently thanks to » Continued

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Director’s Wife Kicks Star to the Curb

rachelle-lefevre-1BuzzFoto – Which star just backed out of a recent movie role and is blaming it on conflicting work schedules, when it really has to do with the fact that » Continued

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Broadway Diva Got The Smackdown


VillageVoice – Which Broadway diva who didn’t get the part in that movie musical eventually » Continued

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This Actor Wants the Fan Experience

applause-1BlindGossip – This under-40 primarily film actor is unmarried, so he certainly can date whoever he wants. However, the kind of girl he prefers » Continued

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Action Star Steps Way Out of the Closet

men-hugging-1CDAN – This would certainly confirm some long term rumors. This bald, male, former A list » Continued

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A Little Nookie on the Set of TV Show


BuzzFoto – These cheating TV costars have been very sneaky in the past to keep their affair under wraps. One is married, one has a boyfriend, but now another costar, with connections to our source discovered their little secret rendezvous and told everyone else on set. No one is happy about it, because the cast really like this actor’s wife. No one from the Office.


Jim Parrack from True Blood. Source: BuzzFoto.

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Reality Women are Really Too Tired

woman-sleeping-3NewYorkPost – Which reality TV women party so hard every night that reporters gripe the ladies don’t get out of bed to do phone interviews in the day?

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Food Guy Serves Up Bad Taste

man-holding-noseNewYorkPost – Which restaurateur held a disastrous tasting for friends and family at his new downtown eatery? After gagging on inedible dishes, the truthful tasters told the owner he shouldn’t even open.

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Photographer is a Free Loader in St. Tropez

sttropezNewYorkPost – Which aging photographer used to evade taxes by having his clients write out checks to his favorite hangout in St. Tropez to cover his tab there? With business down, now he’s ordering half-portions and free-loading the booze — “There’s even a designated ‘surveillance’ person to keep check that his drinks are ultimately paid for,” says our spy.

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He is a Good Husband and Parent on Film

dad-childBlindGossip – This actor effortlessly plays the role of good husband or good father when the cameras roll. In real life, though, he’s not very nice. He spends little time with his long-suffering wife, probably because he has a piece on the side. His own kids feel so distant from him that they usually just call him by his first name rather than “Dad”.

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Horsey Girl has a Special Assistant

horse-3VillageVoice – Which slightly horsey yet sexy young actress is a lesbian, gamely accessorized with one of those perennial girlfriend-slash-assistants? What does that say about her boyfriend?

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Actress was Fire on The Set

cigarette-burningCDAN – Fire was the nickname of this former B list movie and television actress who is best known as the movie girlfriend of this A+ list actor who only does movies. Over the course of four movies she burned down three of her trailers on set because she would leave her burning cigarettes everywhere so she could keep smoking no matter where she was.

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His Nickname is Flash

boxer-shorts-2CDAN – This very large, former A list television actor and now movie actor got his nickname Flash because he likes nothing more than to wear boxers around the set and makes sure his fly always stays open.

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Her Nickname is Deputy Dawg

deputy-dawgCDAN – This former A list movie actress has a nickname of Deputy Dawg. Yes, spelled like that. She got the nickname because of a movie she was in which featured police. Oh, and the » Continued

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He is The King of Hollywood

kings-crownCDAN – This B+ director is known around Hollywood as King P*. The nickname comes from one of his movies and also because he has what has been judged to be the » Continued

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TV Actor Simply Goes In and Parks It

man-sleepingEOnline – OMG, two heterosexual Blind Vices in a row! What’s the world coming to? And guess what? This installment, just like last week’s horror, is also about a supposed lady-killer who just somehow finds himself not really able to follow through—in every sense of the word. Here’s what went down, or rather, didn’t: » Continued

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Actor has a Few Health Conscious Quirks

lysolBlindGossip – This TV-turned-movie actor is almost phobic about germs. Whenever he stays in a hotel when traveling for a shoot, the first thing he does in his room is » Continued

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Celebrity is Obsessed with CSI

csi-logoBuzzFoto – This Celebrity has a TV obsession. Although this well-known actor has been in plenty of blockbusters, he’s obsessed with the show he once made a cameo in. CSI. He can’t get enough of it and has seen every single episode. We also hear he reads crime novels on the side too. Not Danny Bonaduce.

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