Plastic Surgery For American Idol Favorite

What popular “American Idol” finalist has a major complex over his acne-scarred complexion? The flamboyant singer, who regularly undergoes hour-long makeup overhauls, is currently consulting with plastic surgeons to cover up his facial flaws.

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She Volunteers Hours Every Day

[CDAN] Back in the day this actress was not A list, but she was the lead actress on a very popular network show designed for a younger audience. Really popular. She was young at the time and probably thought she would be on television forever. A big crush for a lot of people. Now, she does not do much, but looks for roles here and there. She is still young with lots of time and makes a living doing promotional appearances. One thing she also does is spend several hours each day at a community center where she tutors children, organizes activities and field trips and lots of other things and has been doing this for almost ten years. Back when she started her show was just ending and everyone thought she was doing it for publicity. 10 years later and they know she is there for the long haul. Oh, and she does it all for free.

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Actress Connects With Michael Jackson

[BuzzFoto] After doing a recent round of promotions for her new movie, this B List actress had the chance to meet a Michael Jackson impersonator. She believed him to be the real deal. Apparently she doesn’t read or watch the news because she met up with all of her friends and told them she had met Michael. They thought she was » Continued

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Best Friends Share A Dark Habit

[CDAN] These two foreign born actors seem to have always been the best of friends. Whether just hanging out or co-starring together, it just seems like where one goes the other follows. Both are critically acclaimed actors and are beloved in art houses. Both of them even look similar to each other. Friends of he pair think they are also going to » Continued

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Chutney Jones Gets the Last Laugh

[EOnline] You ready for a game of six degrees of Blind Vice separation?

Poor vanilla Chutney Jones never has any fun, right?

Right. Except that she did, for like one second there after sl*tty Jerry Rock-Butt dumped her snooze-worthy (but expertly toned) tush to bed a more sexually adventurous T-town chick—Kiki Doheny, of course. So what did old Chut do? » Continued

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BG12345: Wednesday

Dear Blinders,

Off the beach. Back into the office. Out of the pool. Back to school.

But, wait! The waning days of summer don’t have to mark the end of fun! BG wants to extend your sunny, carefree, vacation Self just a wee bit longer by offering up a Wednesday BG12345.

Come sit in our hammock at the beach. Feel the warm sun on your face. Let your hand trail in the clear blue water. We’ll bring the margaritas. Enjoy!

Love, BG

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Germaphobic Rock Star

[NationalEnquirer] Which iconic ’70s rock star is driving his band mates and family crazy with his newly developed germ phobia? The Lysol-spraying, antibacterial-wiping musician won’t even kiss his wife until she first gargles with Listerine!

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Beverly Hills Marriage In Poor Shape

[CDAN] Which Real Housewives Beverly Hills couple, despite giving off the appearance of being the most in love actually have the most marital issues and none of it began until the show did, which is ironic considering…. Half the time the couple does not even sleep in the same bed together.

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The Poo Spreader Hates Being Ignored

[BuzzFoto] C List musician who likes to show up at Red Carpet events. Had a recent breakup. Had a recent secret meltdown. Allegedly went to his ex-girlfriend’s house while she wasn’t home and broke in. He took » Continued

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He’s Peeking Out Of His Foxhole


[BlindGossip] Not all celebrities burst out of the closet. Some just peek out to see if it’s OK to tell the truth. Such is the case of this gay news personality. Even though he’s not an atheist, he has reported from plenty of foxholes. On his new show, he will actually » Continued

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