BG12345: Double Scoop Ice Cream Social

ben and jerrysWe’ve finally solved the problem that slowed down our server, and we are now rebuilding the site. All the basic functions are up and working, so now it’s time to get you caught up on your blind item gossip!

To reward you for your patience this week we’ve got TWO treats for you today:

First, we’re thinking of doing a double scoop BG12345 today of all the latest items. We’ll post items at 1:00 AND 1:30, 2:00 AND 2:30, etc. Ten items total!

Second, we’re thinking of celebrating the waning days of summer by picking out some of the best comments over the next four days and sending out some free pints of Ben and Jerry’s to those people! It’s still OK to be Anonymous, but please use a real email address when you leave your comment so we can notify you about your win. We’ll post the screen names of all the winners on Monday morning.

100 “YES” votes by 1:00 pm EDT will get everyone a double scoop of BG12345. BTW, have you ever consumed an entire pint of B&J in one sitting?

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Her Plastic Surgeon Should Be A Humanitarian

face liftBlindGossip – A few years ago, it seemed that this acclaimed actress was in every other film being made. Then she seemed to just fade into obscurity. Well, she’s readying herself for a big comeback. First, though, a little freshening up… at the plastic surgeons office. Her body is still in good shape, but she just had some work done on her face and neck. Her friendly warning to the surgeon before the procedure: “Just don’t pull a Melanie or Meg or Nicole on me. I want to look human after this.”

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Bikini Girl Held Her Own Private Parade

yoga bikiniBlindGossip – This over-30 TV actress spent the weekend in a popular beach town. While it is unknown if she spent much time in the water, she did spend plenty of time walking up and down the sandy shores in her bikini. She wasn’t really walking at a speed that would be considered exercise. She would just stroll approximately 100 feet, stop, stretch in yoga-type pose, and then continue walking. When she hit a certain point on the shoreline, she would turn around and repeat. Very odd. It was as if she desperately wanted to make sure that every person on that specific stretch of beach to know she was there. Perhaps she was trying to get the attention of one certain guy on the beach. Yes, her ex was there… with someone else. And he never even looked at her. Or perhaps she wanted someone in the business to notice her and offer her a job?

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NBA Star Enjoys His Time in Atlanta

basketballMediaTakeOut – Here’s a report sent in by one of’s faithful readers:

Its gay pride weekend in Atlanta right now and Lenox mall has unofficially been turned into a » Continued

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Tennis Star Liked Triples More Than Doubles

tennis doublesVillageVoice – Which hunky ’70s tennis star used to like » Continued

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Book Author is Actually Straight as an Arrow

books 3VillageVoice – Which married nonfiction book writer who everyone thinks is gay actually isn’t? (In fact, he’s quite the hetero horndog. What’s the world coming to, people?)

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Actress Lives Up to Her TV Image

bathroom stallVillageVoice – Which actress was just caught doing drugs with a friend in the bathroom of an East Village bar, an act that makes perfect sense if you consider her TV show?

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One-Named Star Used to Eat Rabbit

playboy bunnyVillageVoice – And this one will surely become the intelligentsia’s favorite for some time to come: What one-named star used to » Continued

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Hop Hop Star Has That Plastic Look

plastic surgeon 1Downfront2 – This Hip Hop Star looks different. Now that he is a TV Star, did he have plastic surgery?

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Fashion Mag Experiences Twitter Interruptus

twitterStyleList – Which prestigious fashion magazine had its Twitter feed temporarily hacked into by a por nographic web site, because its password was “password?”

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They Finally Quit the Soap – What cast is mourning the fact that after months of threats, this actor and/or actress ultimately resigned after all? And yes, this could apply to three shows!

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He Stays Anonymous Under Fine Bed Linens

chris pine 1EOnline – Get ready for a » Continued

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Festival Singer Stiffed Working Girls

alcohol 2PopBitch – Which hard-drinking bluesy singer asked the promoters of the festival he was playing to direct him to the nearest brothel the night before the gig? He left without paying, leaving his security guards to fight it out with the brothel’s bouncers.

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Actor Not Sorry About Icing the Kitty

kitten 3CDAN – This former B list movie actor with A list name recognition who now goes from tv show to tv show on a fairly regular basis was leaving for work the other day when he » Continued

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They Are Milking the Relationship for More PR

megan fox 1BuzzFoto – Last week, this star couple was on the verge of a breakup and there were even rumblings of it online. Now, we hear the PR between the two have come up with some sort of agreement to let the two stay together until the relationship can be milked for a little more. Once it hits it’s peak then the couple will have a very public breakup and hopefully more publicity and maybe even more high profile roles. Too bad for the couple though, who really can’t stand one another. The couple is not married btw. Not Megan Fox’s mess of a relationship.


» Continued

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Actress Replaces More than Laptop Screen

computer broken screenBlindGossip – Except for one TV series, this lovely actress has done all her work in films. However, she wasn’t quite able to act her way out of an awkward encounter with a computer repair specialist. The actress told him that the screen broke when she dropped her laptop. The service tech took a look at it and then remarked that » Continued

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Soap Star Wanted Another Actor Straight Up – Which gay star tried unsuccessfully to convince this hot, drunk, straight actor from another show to have a threesome with him and his boyfriend?

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Sponsor Has to Watch Out for This Musician

wrist watch 2StyleList – Which internationally famous solo musician, who is paid a small fortune to be a face of a luxury watch manufacturer, actually prefers to wear one made by the competition? His endorsement contract includes a handler whose sole job it is to stop him before he goes on stage to replace his wristwatch with one made by the sponsor.

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Former Womanizing Hunk Switches Teams

mario lopezEOnline – One Tongue-Shoving Blind Vice: Another weekend, another hidden Hollywood homo to uncover! This week we’re offering up a treat from Team Awful—a fabulous bonus Blind too scandalously dee-lish to keep to ourselves! » Continued

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BG 12345: Today?

5 1It seems like everyone is on vacation. Are there enough of you hard-working souls out there who would like a BG 12345 today? If we get 50 YES votes by 1 pm EDT, we’ll do it!

UPDATE: Great job, everyone! It’s a go! Love, BG

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