BG12345: Monday

two guysGood Morning, Blinders!

It’s still cold outside, but – lucky for you – these two cute guys have offered to go on a hot coffee run for you this morning!

Wait a minute. Perhaps you should be bringing them coffee.

Who are they and why are we featuring them today? Answer that question, and we will reward you with a BG12345!

Love, Ace » Continued

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Manager Fires Nightmare Client

nightmare elm street[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which tabloid star’s manager just fired them for » Continued

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It’s a Fugazy

engagement ring 20[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which celebrity took her diamond ring in to get it cleaned, and found out that » Continued

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Tons of Sh*t

the oscars 2[Deadline] A brief conversation between a Producer and a Reporter. » Continued

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Basketball Wife Muffs It

basketball wives cast 3[Mouth To Ears] Come on ladies… lesbihonest for a minute. We have no issue with a little girl on girl action, but these ladies are keeping things on the low. » Continued

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Her Ex Was Scary Rough

viking 2[Hollywood Street King] She may be gearing up for a trip down the isle with Dwayne Wade… but before she started cashing NBA checks she was » Continued

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A Certain Part Of His Body

[Blind Gossip] This married couple consists of two big-time celebrities who have each had problems over the past few years. » Continued

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Dating Agreement

couple date 1[Blind Gossip] This actress presented her actor boyfriend with one important rule before she would agree to date him. » Continued

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BG12345: Wednesday

camel snow 3Good Morning, Blinders!

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside… Winter Storm Janus!

Snow Camel won’t help you shovel your driveway, but he will bring the gossip as soon as you answer a simple question: How many inches did you get last night?

Fifty responses will get you a BG12345 today!

Love, Ace

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They Have Interesting Couple’s Nights

will smith jada pinkett smith[Hollywood Street King] He’s a South Side of Chi kid who didn’t only make it to Hollywood, he put a ring on one of the city’s leading » Continued

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