Actress Enjoys Driving Her Co-Star’s SUV

suv-1CDAN – This former B list television actress was on a hit initial show and now has said goodbye to that and has dropped to a quick C. Anyway, she is known for her love of meth and at a wrap party at the end of the season, our actress decided that she was going to drive her B- list aging comic co-star’s SUV through a garage door at the party. A closed garage door. After she had crashed through the door and dented the wall of the kitchen someone asked her why she had done it, and she said just because it was something she had always wanted to do. Nice.

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25 comments to Actress Enjoys Driving Her Co-Star’s SUV

  • GuyIncognito

    Mischa Barton

    • Dashell

      She does have a history with meth. On a show with “initials”–> The OC. Career dropped after leaving the show. Drunk driving incident. And if anyone ever had the pleasure of reading one of her interviews in the past she sounds pretty consistently dumb and/or arrogant. Just can’t think of an aging comic actor she’s starred with.

      • snarky

        my thoughts exactly. Can Peter Gallagher be considered an “aging comic”? He’s been in a few comedies, could be seen as aging (though he’s still delish)…just not sure about the B list title… anyway if that works then Mischa is totally our little garage crasher.

  • JJ

    It says that she did this “at the end of the season”. So either this happened back when the hit show was still in production or the person in question is on another series now. It’s hard to tell…

  • andy

    Okay, random thought but aging B list comic actor made me think of John Lithgow, while the dropped to c list of that Kristen gal from 3rd rock from the sun. She looks so scary skinny in the last couple of years…

  • Tracey

    I read “hit initial show” to be like a CSI or SVU or NCIS type thing. Anybody else?

    • somethingoriginal

      good pick up. although it could still be the O.C. Don’t think there’s a B list aging comic there though but there’s more of a chance that they’re referring to Peter Gallagher than any of the guys in the CSI franchise.

    • memememeee

      I took the initial to mean literally that… initials… O.C..
      Mischa Barton all the way

      It also doesn’t say that it was a recent party, just a party at the end of a season.
      I’m definitely guessing Mischa

      • Celeste

        I just read, about a week ago, that Mischa Barton was doing a show called “The Beautiful Life”. Maybe it was a wrap party for that show?
        Ot maybe we are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole 😉
        I’m going to keep thinking about this one!

  • Sandra

    jorja fox?

  • Doc

    Could the aging comic be Richard Belzer from Law and Order SVU?

  • Reign

    I was thinking someone from Heroes. Maybe that Veronica Mars girl. That show was a hit the first season (Save the Cheerleader…) but now has dropped to nothing.

    • Shelly

      Kristen Bell’s career is going up, not down. She has four or five movies lined up to star in right now. Not known for drugs at all but is known for being incredibly nice and normal.
      I guess Mischa. Over the past year there has been a lot of gossip and references to her meth use.

  • GERI


  • been there done that

    i like kristen, lithgow, 3rd rock guess

  • Kelsey

    How about . . .

    Actress: Nicollette Sheridan (she was never one of the “A-list” desperate housewives, but I’m not sure if there are meth rumors abt her)
    Aging B-list comic: Lily Tomlin

  • Steel

    Stephanie March. What has she done since she left SVU?

    SVU, SUV, Richard Belzer . . .

  • margaret

    Katherine Heigal… hello