Actor Calls Ahead to Protect Daughter

telephone-1CDAN – This intense B list movie and sometime television actor takes parenting very seriously. He knows the reputation of bars and clubs in Hollywood to serve underage celebrities. So, to make sure his B list actress daughter doesn’t drink he calls ahead to wherever she is going and makes sure they know they will be in for a world of hurt if they serve her booze.

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26 comments to Actor Calls Ahead to Protect Daughter

  • tulipmom

    Bruce Willis and his daughter ?

  • sean

    I would think Bruce Willis is way higher than “B” list. And I doubt her would care if Tater Head drank.

  • ironman

    Eric Roberts. He is scary and his movies are terrible, so, therefore, he is on the B-list.

    • plum

      i agree with your idea!

    • Nowaynohow

      Actually, I think that is awesome. It’s got to be horrifying to be a Hollywood parent – especially if you actually KNOW exactly what is out there. Emma is only 17 and she should not be drinking – Bravo to Dad is what I say. We need more active Hollywood Parents and less Dina Lohan’s out there.

    • Cimmy

      Ooh, he is scary, yes.

    • onesizefitsmost

      eric roberts is hot! it’s unfortunate he’s in bad movies ):

      agree with nowaynohow. i’d rather have a parent like eric roberts than dina lohan running with kids around hollywood.

  • stinkweed

    Even more I doubt Tater is a B lister!

  • Lynn

    Eric Roberts and his daughter Emma Roberts?

  • joe

    I second the Eric Roberts guess! He’s generally in movies where he plays the villain…or connected to the villain somehow. Plus, he did Heroes (hence the “sometimes”)

    I’m glad that he does that for his daughter…she might not appreciate it but it’s probably better for her in the long run.

    • My Cat Loves TV

      Eric Roberts also has done Law & Order – another “sometimes” television appearance.

  • Tabby

    He was on that show with Sara La Rue as well. I’m glad he is trying to keep his daughter from being Lohan 2.0 .

  • maurav

    Alec Baldwin and his vile little pig, Ireland.

  • lolzer

    Okay, I like the Eric guess too, I had to check, but Emma is 17 now, so she’s probably be out and about. Though, Hollywood or not, a 17 year old really shouldn’t be clubbing at bars anyway.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    The Eric Roberts guess is interesting, but is he really B list? I’d say a distant C at this point. Other than that, it’s a good guess.

  • Catherine

    Whoever this is, GOOD JOB! More parents in Hollywood need to be doing this.

  • Ash

    Forget trying to guess! Good for him!

  • Yeppers

    Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley

  • Blah

    I first thought of Jamie Spears but then I realised the ‘underage’ clue. So I have no idea.