Steamy Seduction on the Twilight Set

robstenEOnline – The funny thing about the uproar over whether or not Robsten exists (they “so” do, as sources from Summit have even told us) is this: There’s an equally sex-a-licious member of the Twilight team who’s making tongues wiggle, wag and gossip in overdrive!

Meet Terry Tush-Trade, who likes both boys and girls. I mean, why limit yourself to just one sex, isn’t that every bisexual’s mantra? It certainly is that of Triple-T, who’s as smooth about hooking up with members of both sexes as Ashley Greene is about finagling photo ops.

One question, though: Does Terry’s also-famous partner know about Tush-Trade’s predilection for both sexes?


That’s precisely why they work so well together. See, Terry’s other half also likes to swing both ways. Uh, are you getting absolutely dingbat dizzy at this point?

Well, hang on, because it’s just begun: Terry, so slim, so hot, so breathtakingly badass, and said partner were brought together in the first place because somebody else who possesses major power in the Twilight franchise also likes to get it on, bisexual-style. And there’s even more!

Terry’s gotten it on up in Vancouver, and elsewhere, with somebody besides the significant other everybody’s always photographing TTT with. And it’s created a messy, sticky sitch within the cast. So much so, the upcoming filming of Eclipse is going to make The Hills seem like a Golden Girls rerun.

Cannot wait.

And It Ain’t: Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Reaser, Chris Weitz

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  1. Ego says

    Bisexual couple: Demi Lovato & Taylor Lautner. Don’t know who the third party would be.

    • Ego says

      Ya, this is what happens when I’m too old to pay much attention to this particular crowd, but too obsessed with celebrity gossip in general. my mistake, Selena Gomez.

  2. Cat says

    I think that TTT is Kellan Lutz. He’s been friends with Ashley Greene for a long time and he’s supposedly dating that AnnaLynn girl from 90210.

    Maybe the other person is Nikki Reed? There were rumors she hooked up with RPatz on both Twilight movies, she is friends with KStew and her “boyfriend” (even went on safari with them over Christmas) and has known Catherine Hardwicke since she was a kid. She’d said in interviews that she was going over to Italy when New Moon was shooting there even though she had no scenes and then suddenly didn’t go.

    Now that I think about it, that girl AnnaLynn had said she was going to be backpacking in Europe this summer too when she didn’t get the New Moon part but she has been in NYC & LA all summer, and I read 90210 starts shooting again in 2 weeks.

  3. not says

    ted is an idiot and he’s just feeding his twatlight fanbase which is his MAIN fanbase now. lmao this probably ain’t even a real blind.

  4. lolzer says

    AHAHA I always though Kellan Lutz had a touch of *gayface*! And I’m going with Nikki Reed as well. I’d say Taylor, but he just bulked up for New Moon, so he wouldn’t be slim; also, his character’s the badass, not him. He and Selena hooked up b/c Taylor still has that Disney crowd reach- though I kinda want it to be him b/c then undoubtedly Selena would be getting it on with Demi on the side, and that is all a little lesbian could ask for. LOL!

  5. R.R says

    I know for a fact that Nikki Reed is bisexual. But Ted’s stupid writing style is too much for me to bother and say a guess on the other people

    • CateBlue says

      I <3 you R.R. I was thinking the same thing. Ted is such a turn-off I get nauseated halfway through reading the B.I. and stop caring. Agree 100% about Nikki I am going to throw Jackson Rathbone out there as well, dude is slender.

  6. M.A. says

    Doubt it’s Nikki. Who’s the “significant other everybody‚Äôs always photographing [her] with”? It’s more likely to be Kristen Stewart, who is sleeping with Nikki.

    • lolzer says

      True except, how many people have heard of Michael Arangano? I could just be me, I guess but to be honest I know nothing of him. She does fit the description, but Terry Tush Trade sounds like a hint at a gay/bisexual male.

  7. charlotte says

    which two are photographed together often?
    kristen is twyla babe-sucker
    rob nevis devine= bisexual)
    ashley is julie bonethumper
    i am thinking kellan but i would nt call him slim hes so bulky
    dakota and chris weitz make me think new moon maybe its a newby?

  8. bhi says

    TTT ??? roberT paTTinson ?

    power ..person.. could be the author or someone who is part of this franchise..not really the actors..

    • kristie says

      what about krisTin sTewarT..she has 3 ts as all we need is the other person..hmmm

  9. charlotte says

    ted said he/she has fabulously big hair so rachel lefevre
    shes goes out with that guy from the tudors!