She Needs to Prove that She is Professional

woman-serious-1BlindGossip – Which actress has publicly mentioned a certain role she wants, hoping that it will improve her chances of being cast for an upcoming film? Unfortunately, one of the  film’s producer is not a big fan of hers. He is close friends with the director of one of her past movies, where they had nothing but trouble keeping our actress under control. She needs to get a clue that fame does not excuse unprofessional behavior.

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49 comments to She Needs to Prove that She is Professional

  • tulipmom

    Is Lindsay Lohan too obvious ??

  • Aninha

    Liv Tyler?

  • ams

    i thought lohan too but some people working on the film actually admitted they hired her…has anyone else been begging for work lately?

  • Christina

    Hey Aninha,

    Why Liv Tyler, I may be naive but she always seemed to me to be a pretty solid and down to earth actress, is there something you’ve heard or is this just a random guess? Spill Dude :)

  • goldfish swirling

    I see Sean Young is back. Good times.

  • Chuck Deez

    Dame Judie Dench. She’s everything that’s wrong with young Hollywood!!!

  • Kaytee

    Jessica Biel was interviewed the other day in a mag sayin that she doesn’t get offered roles coz she’s considered too pretty. No?

  • Daria

    Are they making a movie about Wonder Woman? Megan Fox recently said something about that character.

    • Alex

      I thought of Megan for some reason. If she was willing to have a fake break up with Brian Auston Green, then maybe these little public outbursts are ways to stay relevant/in the public.

      • Magee

        No – she said she did not want to be wonder woman.

      • oinc!

        It’s Jessica Biel who said that she wants to be Wonder Woman. She refused the role of WW in the now dead Justice League movie two or three years ago. It looks like some flops can make a girl change her mind.

    • I think this blind item is about Beyonce as she said she wanted to be the new Superwoman but I hear she is a bit of a diva on the set.

  • Louise

    Lindsay Lohan has proclaimed how she would love to play Stevie Nicks in the upcoming bio pic.

  • cop

    Paris Hilton maybe??

  • i suck at blind items

    I just read this story, maybe it’s Kate (i cut some out to keep it short).
    Kate Beckinsale is set to be dropped from the forthcoming ‘Barbarella’ remake….
    A source said: “It seemed Kate had got the part but nothing was signed and sealed. Now the word is she’s going to lose out to Rose.”
    Beckinsale, 35, reportedly had her heart set on playing the title character – originally portrayed by Jane Fonda in the 1968 cult classic – and can’t believe the role is going to someone else.

    • Shelly

      Really? Since Rose McGowan’s boyfriend is the one re-making that movie I actually thought the part was always hers.

      And I can’t imagine Kate Beckinsale having a bad reputation on set that loses her jobs. She certainly gets a lot of work.

    • Jane Doe

      I heard Barbarella was no longer being directed by Robert Rodriguez, and that Rose already lost the part. The movie may not happen at all, in fact. Still hanging, but only by a thread.

  • yaya

    There has always been talk about a movie on the life of Janis Joplin. At one time many actresses publicly stated their desire to do that role. Could this be what the blind is referring to? Hmmmm.

  • ChrystalLily

    It is definetly Lindsay Lohan, most of the time, Jessica and Megan are very proffesional actresses but Lindsay was always giving every director a headache because she can’t stay out of a nightclub or away from the booze so no one takes her serious anymore.

  • Lila

    its not going to happen at all. execs do not want rose to play barbarella

  • Danielle

    It’s definitely Lindsay. The person needs to “get a clue” that fame doesn’t excuse unprofessional behavior. She was in a Disney movie called “get a clue” so I think that’s a hint

  • Barry

    this is obv cokehan. she was the one acting up on set. the Fox only does things like directors. she shows up on time. as wonderwoman, her bracelets would cover the tattoos. but i think she would be miscast anyhow.

  • Paul

    Natalie Portman. She was in The Professional and she has been said to misbehave on all sets but gets away with it.

  • not

    Speaking of Liv Tyler… what happened to her career?

  • nonymous

    the photo looks a lot like Kate Bosworth so she gets my vote

  • dreamyvelvet

    Drew Barrymore

  • maurav

    C’mon folks! BG is great about weaving some clues in there, let’s find them.

    Paul: Good work with “The Professional” but I would guess Natalie is A-list and she wouldn’t have to mention wanting to do them, to get the roles. Plus, I’ve only heard good things about her on set.

    I’m guessing that the “Nothing but Trouble” references that fantastic 80’s movie with Chevy Chase and Demi Moore. While I understand that Demi is probably still A-list, if not high B, it’s harder for an “older” woman in Hollywood to get roles. She’s got to scrap against more talented (and younger?) women out there and her looks can’t just get her roles any more. Sorry, Demi.

    • maurav

      From an article in 2003, “Drew Barrymore has blamed her Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle co-star Demi Moore for “overshadowing” the movie. The action sequel failed to match the success of the 2000 original, despite being Moore’s much-vaunted return to the big screen – and Barrymore believes the publicity the Striptease actress attracted adversely affected the film. She says, “You could say there is a bit of irony in all that. In the film, Demi’s character Madison Lee wanted to overshadow the new Angels and that’s what happened in reality.” However, Barrymore – who also produces the films – is still keen to make a third Angels movie. She explains, “I refuse to feel bad and wouldn’t even if the film had only made back its costs. I’ve had a wonderful experience these past six years working on the Angel movies with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, who are two of my best friends. If a dynamite third script surfaces, I’m pretty certain we’d all come back for more.”

      In 2000, a tell-all book was coming out. It said this, “Demi Moore asked film company Castle Rock to send a larger jet to fly her from Montana to New York so her luggage could be loaded side-by-side, instead of on top of each other.”

      I’m also going to say that the “close friends” reference is a hint at Demi & Bruce still being quite chummy.

  • ez

    paris hilton wanted to be in twilight

  • Origami

    Damn that Angela Landsbury and her lack of self control. Michael Bay put out a restraining order on her too.