TV Actor Asks Women to Dance on Tables

women-dancingCDAN – This actor is C list, and has done 90% television. At one time in the not too distant past he was B list and decided to roll the dice for A list and came up empty. Since that roll of the dice it has been all downhill at a very fast rate. Even though our actor barely works, he was on a very big hit show for several years. People recognize him. He doesn’t have a problem picking up women to take home. The other night he had four competing for his attention at a nightclub. A very crowded club. Instead of being a gentleman about his potential one night stand for that night, our actor said the one who took off the most clothes and got the most dirty while standing on the table would get to go home with him. All four ended up getting completely naked. This resulted in the actor and the women being asked to leave the club. When they got outside, our actor was asked who he had chosen and he replied, “None of you. I just wanted to see what you would do to f* me.”

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53 comments to TV Actor Asks Women to Dance on Tables

  • Jane Doe

    Jesse Metclaf, of Depserate Housewives. Was in one movie…tucker must die. Think he’s also known for his gambling (roll the dice)…

  • Christina

    Okay I am sorry but I am so not feeling sorry for these women, they obviously had no self respect…and as far as the guy goes it must be an actor from a big series years ago who doesn’t act much I am thinking Matthew Perry or maybe even one of the other guys.

    • My Cat Loves TV

      I totally agree with you, Christina. These kinds of women (I include the Girls Gone Wild crowd, too) give the rest of us a bad name. My first thought was Matthew Perry as well but I hope it is not.

  • mook

    Stephen Baldwin? His whole holier than thou image is a fraud…

  • GuyIncognito

    First one I thought of was David Caruso.

  • Flyinfingerz

    Wilmer Valderrama?

  • not

    the guy that played the older version of Zac Efron in 17 again

  • LL

    Matt LeBlanc

  • Roxy

    Others have mentioned Matthew Perry, but the first one that came to my mind was Matt LeBlanc.

  • HM

    My first thought is Jesse Metcalfe.

  • zmnx

    I’m feeling Matthew Perry too. Shame tho’,always thought he came accross as a nice bloke.

  • Bran

    I’m thinking Wilmer Valderrama on this one.

    1. I can’t imagine Matthew Perry slumming it in nightclubs like this.

    2. Wilmer’s been known to hang out in Vegas quite a bit “roll of the dice clue”.

  • lolzer

    Hmm. I’m thinking Wilmer Valderrama. 90%TV- That 70’s Show, Yo Momma, He’s doing voiceover work for a couple of children’s shows. Definitely B-list around the time he was with Lindsay, but never became A-list. Very C-list now, but still an A/B-list player, so I can see this very clearly being him.

  • tulipmom

    Thought of Matthew Perry right away.

  • Daria

    Doesn’t Wilmer have a rep for treating women like c*? Matt Perry/LeBlanc might fit, but I just cannot for the life of me see either one of them saying that. Perry if he’s drunk, maybe. But Wilmer I can totally see. He’s still young (Perry and LeBlanc almost seem too old for this behavior) and he probably still thinks he’s hot s*. He gets my vote.

  • Lipstick Librarian

    It’s got Chevy Chase written all over it….

  • Big Bill

    Can’t be Matt Perry. If you look at his IMDB bio, he’s had steady work, even if it’s been in television. Possibly Matt LeBlanc. 90% television, 10% movies/bombs. No longer married…His last “job” was in 2006, doing “Joey” the “Friends” spin-off. The clue may be in the episode of “Friends” when Joey got a job in Las Vegas at Caesar’s, and of course Monica and Chandler playing craps to decide if they were going to get married. Incidentally, David Schwimmer is a gambling fiend…Intermittent work, 90/10 formula, not too long in the tooth. Not married, I think.

  • Jesse Metcalf. Perry and LeBlanc aren’t on the party scene at all.

  • Newbie

    Matt Le Blanc – he decided to roll the dice for A list by agreeing to be in that horrible Friends spin off Joey. His career & personal life have been in the toilet ever since. I believe his wife left him because he cheated on her with a stripper.

  • Danielle

    I don’t think it can be any of the “friends” guys because it says this actor was on a very hit show for “several years.” Friends was on four about 10 years, which in my opinion is much more than “several.” I don’t know though, i guess that term could be more flexible than i’m reading it. Anyway, i’m all for the Jesse Metcalf guess

  • AKchic

    james van der beek?

  • Chuck Deez

    Zack Braff??….

  • rh

    Matthew Perry quit drinking several yrs ago. He had to because it was either quit or end up dead.

  • dreamyvelvet

    Going way out in left field on this one peeps.. Carlton from Fresh Prince..Alfonso Ribeiro. Who doesn’t want to see the Carlton dance LOL…those women though, wow, time for a serious personal inventory. Dance naked in private *um* got pawned but hard LOL

    • lolzer

      really good guess- all he’s done are tv shows, really, but what would have been the gamble that cost him A-list?

      • dreamyvelvet

        Maybe he ticked off his Fresh Prince buddy Will Smith, definitely an A lister? Will seems like a pretty loyal guy, why do you not see the two together personally or professionally? Alfonso likes to get his party on, he clubs quite a bit. Wild guess, but hey, the dude does the CARLTON…sa-weet 😉

  • Jojo

    I like Jesse or Wilmer for this blind

  • skatko

    How about the pivert? Roll the dice might be a nod to the movie smoking aces that he headlined in? Just sounds like something he would do

  • hey hey

    def Wilmer or Jesse, Perry and LaBlanc are too old, you never really see them out in the club, however bc it says “several years” my guess is Jesse bc that 70s show was on for longer than several years.

  • Barry

    schwimmer? he bombed in all his movies.

  • i suck at blind items

    Wow – what a bunch of effing sluts.

  • Magee

    Must Jesse he seems like the tyoe of A** that would do this!

  • Doc

    How about Eric LaSalle from ER?

  • Shoptimist

    How about Jason Lewis, the actor who played Samantha’s younger love interest in Sex in the City? He has done tonnes of TV work until he starred in the B-list movie ‘The Messengers’ a few years ago… he seems to have a chauvinistic attitude and is always smiling with a cocky smirk. I hear that recently he got some really awful plastic surgery and maybe he’s feeling insecure…

  • mrflorian

    Think this might be Josh Duhamel…he rolled the dice on Las vega$ Then got top billing in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton not too good aslo Turistas same result…then Transformers but not the star…

    • LacesOut

      Didn’t he just marry that old man? Doubt he would be picking up chicks with that beauty at home. 😉

  • deetrie

    My first thought was matt lablanc

  • Catherine

    I don’t think it’s Matthew Perry, he gave up drinking many years ago.

  • slekker

    Seth Green

  • Gitano

    If it weren’t for the suggestion that the actor is no longer working I would have guessed David Duchovny. He was the first one who came to mind. However, he’s currently on a show on cable I think. As for the other guesses, I suppose LeBlanc might be it. But I can’t see it being Jesse Metcalfe. I don’t think a small supporting intermittant role on Desperate Housewives makes you B list.

    • Gitano

      Also, forgot to say, that Duchovny quit X Files to do movies, but tanked (so he rolled the dice trying to become A list) and I can’t think of anything Metcalfe did that would fit that description.