Top Model Survives on Appearance Fees

models-2StyleList – Which former top model, still internationally famous but now out of work, now survives on $500-a-time fees to turn up to nightclubs and hang out at the bar?

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33 comments to Top Model Survives on Appearance Fees

  • Kate

    one of ty-ty’s girls? paulina? but the accompanying image reminds me of some of those photos from the 90s of cindy, naomi, linda, christy, and claudia posing together.

    • maurav

      Wasn’t that chick Jade (from season?) always going on about being an “internationally known” model…

  • lolzer

    I’m guessing a Victoria’s Secret Model/Angel? That photo is just like the ones of Tyra, Heidi, Gisele, Adriana, Alessandra, etc. posing together. But who exactly, idk, and I doubt it’s any of the ladies I listed.

  • maybe...

    janice dickenson?

  • oinc!

    Need more clues. There are a so many ex-top models. Karen Mulder, Tatjana Patitz, Yasmin Ghaury, Kristen McMenamy… Maybe the economic crash affected some of those retired tops.

  • Jules

    It’s Tyra, herself.

  • Tee

    Former top model makes it sound as if it is somebody who has won or at least competed on America’s Next Top Model. I would think that if it was a “super”model the blind would have said so. With that being said, i’m of no help because I don’t watch that show.

    • oinc!

      Nope. I doubt those ANTM’s models have some kind of sucess career outside USA to be “internationally famous”.

      • M

        Elyse Sewell did have success.
        And basically her success was almost only internatonal (China, Korea, Japan…).
        I, however, doubt she is a) famous and b) the type of person who does what the BI is about…

  • dotdotdot

    Looks like the original supermodels in that drawing. Linda, Cindy, Naomi, Eva, Christy. Of those Eva has been looking rather gaunt and less glamourous lately. So maybe it’s her.

  • db

    I was thinking Kate Moss only because I have no idea what else she is good for.

    • mizfabulous

      I agree that she’s pretty worthless. But, she’s not out of work…she’s got that collection for Top Shop and she still does a lot of print ad work. Unfortunately. I never understood why everyone thought she was so beautiful. She has hideous, lop-sided features, eyes too far apart, and a nose that looks like it’s been broken numerous times. WTF?

  • anonymously

    What a great job. Show up at a ‘club’, hang out at the bar, get paid for it! I’d require them to do something more – strip, serve drinks, dance on the bar.

  • Sundaeg1rl

    This HAS to be Naomi Campbell. Have you seen her modelling anything lately? I doubt people are clamoring to hire her given her reputation.

    • tulipmom

      Absolutely agree, gotta be Naomi…..nobody wants to work with her anymore I’m sure…b* is CRAZY !!

    • eyeroll

      Naomi still does runway and print work. She was recently on the cover of Italian Vogue’s Black Issue. She’s the only one of the original 80’s girls who never retired and has worked constantly.

      Linda Evangelista has been doing some modeling again and has a contract with a cosmetics company for their print ads (L’Oreal Regenerist?)

      Christy owns part of Nala which makes clothes for yoga. She’s the only one who went to college after retiring and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

      Eva’s going to be my guess.

  • GuyIncognito

    Sophie Anderton

  • Cimmy

    Paulina recently said she’s in L.A. because she needs a job.

  • LacesOut

    Stephanie Seymour.

  • Celeste

    What about the goofy one married to Peter Brady? Don’t know if she had international success though.

    • lolzer

      Adrienne Curry? Good guess! I doubt any of the big names would be making $500 appearances in clubs. She had some early success, I suppose, but she’s never landed anything much bigger than men’s mags and Playboy. Oh, and Christopher Knight, of course.

  • alexis

    Janice Dickenson… She was an international model and now she’s not in demand

  • kathy

    I agree with Janice Dickinson. She was a former judge on ANTM, so the “former top model” fits two ways. She seems to be out at the bars all the time. It’s gotta be her.

  • Heather

    Adrienne Curry fo sho…