Secretly Talking Again After Painful Break Up


BuzzFoto – These two exes who recently started talking again secretly after about 6-7 years of silence, are still playing emotional games with one another.

They both have others in their lives, and their successes mirror one another’s, but because the male was hurt by the breakup, he purposely waits weeks in between responding back to her emails and phone calls. Our source says he is either scared or trying to see how much power he has over her. We think it’s just a little silly and immature.

We’re not sure what the recent contact is all about for the two, but we hope it means teaming up professionally again. The two could be unstoppable!

No one from the Jennifer Aniston situation.


It’s Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake! Source: BuzzFoto

Awww! Weren’t they the cutest couple ever? A lot has transpired since this photo was taken: Marriages, divorces, children, concert tours, albums, films, dicks in boxes, breakdowns, and comebacks.

Both are now engaged to other people. Britney is engaged to her former agent, Jason Trawick. Justin is engaged to actress Jessica Biel.

Lots of you got this one right. Cat was first!

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102 comments to Secretly Talking Again After Painful Break Up

  • Cat

    Britney & Justin?

  • Inquiring Mind

    Mel Gibson and Danny Glover?

    Just for the heck of it 😉

  • Lana

    Tom & Nicole?


    Dear God in Heaven please don’t let this be Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman!!!!!!

    • CateBlue

      Amen to that

    • Kaytee

      In response to your guess and the comment below, (they are both with “others”). Wasn’t Nic in that c* show “The Others”?? And wasn’t there a blind item about tom an katie breakin up? An doesn’t everyone seem to KNOW that Tom is on the G-A-Y-T-R-A-I-N?
      Oh god, I’m confused!

    • somethingoriginal

      considering they have kids together i’m guessing they speak to each other on a regular basis

  • guessing....

    meg ryan and dennis quaid?

  • Nart

    Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan

  • isuckatblinditems

    Ben & JLo?

  • DJ85

    I am thinking Jessica Simpson and whats his name – oh Nick Lachey.

  • IamThinking

    Britney and Justin makes a lot od sense

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Maybe Britney & Justin, but have their successes mirrored one another? Justin has been much more successful than Britney. She had a massive breakdown. Also, does she officially have another in her life?

  • craig

    how did they ever team up professionally before? I guess one opened for the other’s concerts?

  • Lila

    britney went on tour with N’sync.

  • xxgatorxx

    UMA and Ethan

  • lola

    umm “mirrors” like the ones brit was supposedly going to use in her cris angel comeback performance?

  • MK

    I can’t see Justin wanting Britney back… Too much baggage now… I like Nart’s guess with Jennifer Gardner & Michael Vartan – they broke up in ’04 and worked together on Alias…

    • annie

      I kind of doubt it (b/c there’s a lot of water under the bridge in the form of two daughters named Affleck) but she did the dumping there so it would make sense. I remember that when they were dating, he thought she was the best thing ever and had wanted to be with her since she was still married to Scott Foley. Could be…

  • SoBe

    Oh dear lord please let it be Britney and JT…pls pls pls ahhhhhh

  • Ravana

    My first thought was Britany and Justin!

  • Yea

    Brit and Justin

  • not

    Tom and Nicole co-stared in a few movies and maybe Tom thinks he needs her help getting his image back on track. Did Justin and Britney ever work together? Can you imagine a tomkat reunion? I think that might help Tommy girl.

  • Adina

    how about ben affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow. i know they broke up 10 yrs ago but they were the first to pop into my head. and the mirror thing struck a cord: they both have oscars around the same time- ben in 98 and Gwyneth in 99.

    • Little Miss

      I don’t know that Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Afflect teaming up professionally could make them unstoppable. More like non-newsworthy. I’m hoping it’s Britney and Justin. Jessica Biel needs to get her horse faced shelf ass out of the picture!

      • lolzer

        Whoa now, say what you want about Jessica’s acting skills, attitude, whatever, but do respect the delicious power that is the shelf a*. lol!

      • Kaytee

        loled my a* off!!
        mines not as good as hers tho! lol! :)

  • kg

    julia roberts and benjamin bratt

  • been there done that

    wow. yes britney and justin. it’s perfect. it fits

  • lolzer

    I always though Justin broke up with Britney, though. True enough, they’ve been silent, but it’s always seemed like they had just grown apart- and further so all these years. I doubt Nicole would be gung-ho to reunite with Tom- unless she misses the warm fuzziness that is the beard…hahaha!

  • whoknows

    JT and Brit. First couple to come to mind!

  • pcb_baby

    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
    Matt was crushed

  • Gina

    Britney & Justin

  • Lizzard

    I’m on the Brit and Justin train too! There have been rumors now for a while that they have been in contact with each other on the DL. As for the emotional games clue I thought of Justin’s songs “what Goes Around” and “Cry Me a River” and I’m sure Brit has had one about it as well but I can’t think of the name off the top of my head… Also the silly and immature part could be a clue that the couple was very young at the time of their break-up.

  • Foodporncess

    Chris Klein and Katie Holmes.

    • Dashell

      I don’t think they were ever together professionally. And they only broke up about 4 years ago. 6 or 7 years ago they were still togther engaged to be married.

  • snarky

    I disagree regarding Britney and Justin. A) Britney is single, is she not? B) If these two teamed up musically it would be an oversexed, overcostumed, overchoreographed and overproduced S*** show! I highly doubt they’d be “unstoppable.” C) Their careers are far from mirroring each others’. While they started off similarly (as mousketeers followed by bubble gum pop stars), JT was in a boy band and Cheeto was a solo artist. JT got huge when he went solo and has been consistently popular and successful as an entrepreneur and Brit had 63 meltdowns and massive issues.

    I think the professional team-up refers to actors, as 2 actors are capable of having amazing chemistry on set that makes a successful movie. I agree that it can’t really be Gwyn and Ben as they’re both kinda bland (as are their careers.) The only reason why it could possibly be them (or at least Gwyn and one of her exes) is because of the Jenny hint: Brad is one of Gwyn’s famous exes. But I am most fond of the Tommy Gurrrl and Botox Barbie guesses– I thought they were pretty great in Eyes Wide Shut. Not sure about the “chemistry” but they’re both known to be decent actors. I doubt Tommy was “hurt” by the breakup on an emotional level, considering the copious gay rumors, but I’m sure his ego was severely bruised as he is a control freak, and he was furious that Nic defied him by walking away (and breaching the marriage contract). The “control” hint could DEFINITELY apply to him. Based on the salacious divorce rumors and the comments that Stepford Katie will have Nic testify in support of her case, one could posit that it would be in Tommy’s interest to befriend Nic and to spin his web of influence over her (kind of like he did when they divorced– it was rumored that Nic let Tommy take the kids in exchange for him NOT sabotaging her acting career). So, this little (literally) egomaniacal powertripping dbag is flexing his muscles and trying to maintain his status quo while backhandedly seeking the allegiance of (and testing the waters with) poor, sweet Nic. This really seems to make a bit of sense, no?

    • AKchic

      totally agree with you on the britney/justin take. he seems to have matured while she still acts like a w*.

      although, i do agree with the reese and ryan guess.

  • Cindy B

    Tom cheated on Nicole… so I don’t think he is the one devastated by the break up.

    I don’t think Jennifer Aniston is any sort of clue. It’s just canceling the first thing we would all think — Brad/Jennifer or Vince/Jennifer or Angie’s Exes/Angelina.

    If JT and Britney got back together, it would be huge… I think both their careers would soar because of it.

    But, as for any other guesses, I have none. Dang it all. I got nothin’!

  • Catherine

    I think Ben and Gwyneth is a good guess.

  • JustWondering

    How about Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon?

  • tropical

    Janet Jackson and her ex husband. He used to write and produce her songs. He even directed some of her videos.

  • Nathalie

    britney & justin is my two cents.
    she’s dating her manager, he’s with jassica biel.

  • DC

    How about Gwen and Brad? They were engaged.

  • RocketQueen

    Just to throw another guess out there: Madonna and Sean Penn

    • dreamyvelvet

      Wow. That would be a real mind blower. Penn has always been Madonnas weak link. Not sure he can get behind all the kabbalah stuff and crypt keeper hands though. Penn publically apologized to his loooonnnnng suffering wife recently, Robin and withdrew divorce papers. Not likely but I like the way you think 😉

      • RocketQueen*

        Thanks :) Not likely them since I’m not sure what kind of “collaboration” they would have.
        Did you hear that when they saw each other recently he pointed at her boy-toy Jesus and said “Another kid already?” He’s a d* but I thought that was hilarious.

  • lilnez

    yea im going with the Brit and Jt guess..

  • Ginger

    Reece and Ryan?

  • Shelby

    What about P-Diddy and JLo?

    • mook

      wow, never thought about that one (two egos the size of jupiter)

    • iLoveMichaelK

      Good guess, I’ll go with that!

    • lolzer

      ooh! I love this guess. Diddy has said many times in the period after their breakup that he was still in love with JLo. JLo left because of all the drama that surrounded him at the time, so it fits the blind that she’s calling and he’s stalling.

      I don’t think Diddy was quite the “more refined” man we know now- he was still carrying carrying guns and assaulting record execs (lol)- so I could see JLo seeing the change in him and wanting to get back with him. They’re both successful, have their kids, are businesspeople in their own right- so why not?

    • Michelle

      Ooo this is a good guess too! She was larger than life when she was with him and it doesn’t seem like he ever really got over her.

    • lisa

      Good guess!!!!

    • tropical

      Best guess so far. It fits perfectly. I’m surprised I didn’t think about this one knowing that I used to be a JLo’s fan until all the Ben Affleck thing.

      • pammy6

        Yeah, best guess. Their success “mirrors” each others because both have been less about music and more about branding (clothes, purfume etc)

  • I Know

    Bruce Willis & Demi

  • zmnx

    Nicole and Tom eh ? Well thats my head totally efed up for the day !!!

  • GuyIncognito

    Salma Hayak & Edward Norton

  • biggybigyadigg

    Britney and Justin.. no doubt (in my mind at least)

  • lisa

    Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow?

  • lisa

    Natalie Portman and Jude Law?

  • lisa

    Or Jude Law and Sienna Miller

  • lisa

    Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Coletti

  • lisa

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst

  • sinji

    Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan????
    He was hurt by her affair with Russell

    • skatko

      Meg Ryan isnt with anyone. I agree with the KG Julia Roberts-Benjamin Bratt guess. Just popped into my head.

  • jc

    j. lo and diddy.

  • butterfly

    ren and stimpy

  • millymollymandy

    I don’t think in Nicole’s eyes they do have kids together

  • millymollymandy

    “considering they have kids together i’m guessing they speak to each other on a regular basis”

    Oops – not sure how to paste in a sub-section!!!!!

  • shouldbestudying

    Madonna and Sean Penn…

  • Vicki

    Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie

  • Gitano

    I know that this couple would never get this kind of attention, but part of me hopes it is Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. Those two were amazing together in all the movies they did jointly. And I’m pretty sure they are both remarried, or at least with a significant other. But I suspect they’re too under the radar for this kind of blind item. I’m just saying, would it hurt them to do Shakespeare together one more time?